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Hawkins Gap



ALPHA (1/4) - 21.08.3270

Damn we've come a long way. I really should have looked at the galactic map before I signed up for this. Weeks of endless travel and hyperspace jumps just to get into the vicinity of the place, and that's before we get down to the work.

ALPHA (2/4) - 29.08.3270

Cargo hold is rammed full of strange tech. Looks like a bunch of satellites to me, but it's all hush hush. Normal crew like me ain't allowed anywhere near them. Don't know what they're for, other than we have to drop them off in very specific locations. Weird, eh?

BETA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

Strange mission this, though the pay is good. Nobody seems to know who's footing the bill, but Sirius Corp is favourite. Whatever this trip is, it's expensive. It's also hush hush. Even the captain doesn't know what we're carrying and he's not happy about it.

BETA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

Big bust up today. Apparently this ship is flying without shields and without guns! We had an escort for the first few hundred light years, but then they peeled off and we're on our own out here in the void! If we do come across anything nasty we're going to have to hope we can run...

ALPHA (3/4) - 15.09.3270

Bored rigid now, can't wait to turn around and go home. I don't care how good the money is, nothing is worth this tedium. We haven't even started the return journey yet... Randomius Factoria - save me!

ALPHA (4/4) - 13.10.3270

Still, it could be worse! I could have pulled the Formidine Rift gig. Rumour is they're having to double up on ships for that one as the crews are going void-mad and ejecting themselves into space becuase they've seen ghosts. Word is there's something out there.

BETA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

Not a happy ship. Crew is grumbling. Captain hasn't been seen for weeks. Cargo bay is guarded by these very unfriendly types. Don't know what they're protecting, but it's enough to get a man killed over, that's for sure.

BETA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

Cargo dropped. Turned about and on our way back to civilisation. What it was, nobody knows and nobody is asking. It's a bit more relaxed now, whatever that cargo was it was something important. Can't see what use it would be this far out, but maybe someone knows something we don't...





GAMMA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

Beautiful part ofthe galaxy this, really dense clusters of stars, pretty much halfway to the core. Been one long trip though. We're out here dropping off a series of beacons. Randomius knows what for, but they're paying, so no questions asked!

GAMMA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

Arrived on site today. Bunch of guys had to go EVA to drop off the beacons. We're jumping around a bunch of systems here in the gap. One of the Beacons activated all on its own, started squawking some weird code before it got switched off. We were told we hadn't heard anything.

DELTA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

This is a bigger operation than I thought it was. A massive fleet of Anacondas all prepped for long endurance travel out to the edge of beyond. No ships have markings, no emblems, no political affiliation. Somebody with deep pockets must be paying for this, but who?

DELTA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

Our little armada split up today, so we're on our own now. Just us and the void. Still a lot of speculations as to what we're doing. Cargo hold is full, that I don't know. My guess is some kind of deep space survey, but I can't figure out why we'd need to be so far out...

GAMMA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

Funny Thing is, I've asked a few of the other hands about this mission and no one seems to know who's behind it. We all picked up bulletin board adverts promising big credits for a long haul and kind of just ended up on board. Not sure it it's the Feds, the Imps or the Alliance. Still, credits are credits!

GAMMA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

I'm logging this, but I shouldn't be. Bunch of guys were talking about the beacons yesterday and then there was a mysterious accident in the airlock - they're all dead! Feeling aboard is mutinous. Just want to get back home. I ain't doing no top secret missions again, that's for sure.

DELTA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

Judging by the way the fleet deployed I would say there were three main destinations, all a long way outside of the core worlds. We got our orders today, we're making for a zone called "Hawkin's Gap". It's a seriously long way, not even the explorers have been out this way before. Strange mission.

DELTA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

Cargo is being deployed. A series of artefacts of some kind. The handling bods aren't part of the ship's crew, so we don't know what they're doing. Captain has told us to turn a blind eye and wait for them to be done.






ALPHA (1/4) - 21.08.3270

So we've hauled ass right out into unexplored territory. Heading corewards, doubt anyone has been this far befor. Star density is rising fast, the galaxy looks pretty amazing from this vantage point.

ALPHA (2/4) - 30.08.3270

We've been tasked with dropping off these beacons. New tech it would seem. Looks like long range comms stuff to me, butI'm no expert. Cant't see why anyone would want a beacon this far out.

BETA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

Signed on for this one as I had the exploration bug, but we're just jumping and jumping. We're not staying in systems to survey, just refuelling as fast as we can and then it's back into witch-space. We're spending more time there than in real space. Someone is in a hurry.

BETA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

Reminds me of what my father told me about witch-space. it's haunted. There's weird lights, shifting clouds, who knows what they are. Makes you wonder whether we should be out here at all. So much stuff we just don't understand.

ALPHA (3/4) - 17.09.3270

Reckon I have it figured. We're dropping these beacons around Earth-like worlds. Can't be a coincidence. I guess it's ome kind of long term planning by someone. Not sure who's paying for this gig. Best not to ask too many questions. They're paying a proper wedge.

ALPHA (4/4) - 14.10.3270

Well, we're done. Dropped off the last beacon today. It's going to be a long old trip back to the core worlds. We're thousands of lightyears out. Kind of wish we could keep going all the way to the core. Guess someone else will have that little bit of glory.

BETA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

Witch-space is different out here, there's something odd, those lights we were seeing are less frequent now, but they seem to be hanging around, almost as if they're following us. Maybe I'm going nuts.

BETA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

Witch-space once again. We're almost to our destination in the Conflux area now. That's odd... looks like... can't be! You can't be interdicted in witch-space... that's impossible! We're back in normal space. Systems off-line, no power, what in Randomius is that...





GAMMA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

I'm just the navigator onboard this ship. Never flown an Anaconda before, but it's quite a beast. This one is stripped right down, just cargo space and jump capability. Nothing else. We had an escort to the edge of inhabited space, but our destination is right out there...

GAMMA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

Thousands of light years! Fortunately the ship has behaved itself. We've passed countless systems, but we're not stopping to survey anything. I've just been asked to plot on as fast as we can go. We're aiming for a zone known as the Conflux. It's sure a long way out. Can't help wondering why we're doing this.

DELTA (1/4) - 30.08.3270

I'm just the engineer on this particular jaunt. I was advised to prep the ship for a seriously long haul into the void, so I'm loaded up with as many hyperdrive spares as I can cram in. When I asked why, the captain just responded with 'Don't ask'.

DELTA (2/4) - 12.09.3270

It's putting a strain on the ship, that I can tell you. I've asked for some downtime so I can run some maintenance, but the captain says we have to hit a schedule. What can be quite so important a thousand light years from the nearest inhabited planet I can't say, but we're in a mighty rush.

GAMMA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

So, we're here now. Took us five months to reach this part of the galaxy. A team of hired spacers are out there now, dropping off some kind of cargo. Looks like beacons from what I can see, but some guy in uniform came and switched off the scanner. Best not ask too many questions. Might not be wise to be logging this to be honest...

GAMMA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

On our way back home again. Just dropped off whatever it was, turned about and started back. Five months out... probably five months back again. Managed a quick scan of the site when no one was looking. Definitely beacons. Why would anybody want a beacon right out here in the void is beyond me. Not my problem though!

DELTA (3/4) - 18.09.3270

I warned 'em. We blew the hyperdrive initiator coil jumping in today. Caused a right mess down here. Lots of collateral damage. Scanners are offline and the main generator is running hot. Can't figure out why, looks like we're in empty space, but the heat is fierce!

DELTA (4/4) - 01.10.3270

We figured it out. Gravity. We've dropped out near a neutron star. Can't see it, but we can feel it. The ship is cooking around us. No way we can jump out before it gets us. We're being pulled in. Odds are even as to whether the heat, gravity or magnetism kills us first. We're jettisoning the logs, if anyone ever finds this... save yourselves! Beware the neutron star.



Formidine Rift



ALPHA (1/6) - 21.08.3270

Why the hell are we out here? No one seems to know. It's taken months and still we're not there. Wherever 'there' is. We're dropping these beacons. Supposedly nobody knows what they're for. If they do they ain't telling. Makes no sense, there's nothing out there... and who would come all this way anyway?

ALPHA (2/6) - 28.08.3270

We're still travelling. Jump drive malfunctioned today, that made an interesting diversion. It's going to take a while to fix. This area of space is g me out. Could have I heard some weird voices in the last jump. We are a long way from home. We're struggling to plot a course now, we're leaving the galactic arm and the jumps are getting longer.

BETA (1/6) - 30.08.3270

Been travelling for weeks. Passed this amazing twin nebula just recently, about the only interesting sight on this whole trip. We are a long way out now. I don't think anyone else has been this far. Still, pay is good!

BETA (2/6) - 12.09.3270

Stars have thinned out and we've started dropping our cargo. Looks like some kind of long-range beacon to me. It's all hush-hush, no questions asked stuff. Heard some of the senior bods talking about a Dynasty project. Careless talk and all that...

ALPHA (3/6) - 07.09.3270

Finally fixed the drive, more monotony. Can't believe it's nearly six months sice we set out from Riedquat. Did I say Riedquat? I meant Reorte. It's getting to me, this endless emptiness. The guys are showing the strain. Three more months before we can turn and head back. The stars are thinning out, you can the whole galaxy just hanging there...

ALPHA (4/6) - 22.09.3270

The darkness grows. The galaxy is faint and dim behind us. I'm told this place has been nicknamed the Formidine Rift. Apparently that means fear in some old Earth language. It's an apt name, some of the guys are going space crazy out here in the void. We had to sedate one guy, he went completely doolally. We've not seen another soul for weeks. Just us and this ship... alone... in the darkness...

BETA (3/6) - 18.09.3270

Nothing prepared me for the boredom. It's very dark out here. Really dark... darker than normal space. There's hardly any stars ahead of us, it's just blackness... the void.

BETA (4/6) - 01.10.3270

Picked up some kind of signal yesterday and it looks like the crew weren't expecting it. Got them proper rattled. There's definitely something very strange about this area of space. Won't be sad to turn around and head home.

ALPHA (5/6) - 07.10.3270

I'm scared... help me someone... I can't bear another jump. The lights in witch-space are coming for me. The lights... always the lights... they're calling to me... a siren song... I must join them...

ALPHA (6/6) - 08.10.3270


BETA (5/6) - 11.11.3270

Last batch of cargo due today, but the hyperdrive has malfunctioned. We tried jumping and got yanked straight back out. So we're stuck here, Randomius know where...

BETA (6/6) - 29.11.3270

We can't fix it. Hyperdrive is dead. Lucky we're in a system with a habitable world. We've sent a distress call but who knows if anyone will hear it. We're going to abandon ship. If anyone finds this, we're in..."





GAMMA (1/6) - 30.08.3270

Looks like I drew a short straw somewhere along the line. These long range missions pay well, but it's a year out in the void. A year ! We're out far beyond the frontier. The boys call this place the "Formidine Rift". Apparently that means "terror" in some old earth language. Nice. Just looks like more space to me.

GAMMA (2/6) - 12.09.3270

Finally arrived in place after five months of hyperspace travel. Now we have two months of laying a bunch of beacons before another five months travel back home. At least I'll have enough credits to retire by then.

DELTA (1/6) - 30.08.3270

I should have paid a bit more attention to the mission description. I just saw the credit count and signed up there and then. More money than I've ever earned and all in one go, just for taking a year out. What's a poor girlgot to do? A bit of jaunt into the void, how bad could it be? Didn't read the bit about several thousand light years. I've been past Leesti before! Get rich scheme - let's go!

DELTA (2/6) - 12.09.3270

It's pretty out there, we've seen a gorgeous double nebula called Heart and Soul. You should see it, lots of bright blue stars nearby, wish we could divert to have a closer look, but our mission is beyond apparently. Really brings back how big the galaxy is. Make you feel real small and insignificant.

GAMMA (3/6) - 18.09.3270

Supposedly there are a bunch of other ships out here doing the same job as us, but no comms allowed. All a bit strange. it's vast and lonely out here, pretty much the whole galaxy is behind us. It's getting to some of the crew.

GAMMA (4/6) - 01.10.3270

We picked up some kind of bizarre signal yesterday. Whatever it was wasn't human. At least, that's the scuttlebutt going around the decks. Everyone is looking out of the canopies now. We're seeing some strange lights during hyperspace transits. Terror ? Yeah, we got some of that ...

DELTA (3/6) - 18.09.3270

My job is the EVA. Taking out one of out two Sidewinders and dropping beacons out in the void and then making sure they are activated. Not sure what these things are for. Who needs a beacon this far out anyway? Weird, they all have this code in their BIOS - 'Exodus'. Still, at least I now have something to do. The journey was so dull! Months of travel to get here.

DELTA (4/6) - 01.10.3270

Something weird happened today. Unloaded another beacon and set it up, then everything went offline - and I mean everything! Life support too! No comms, nothing. Stayed that way for about two minutes. Then everything was back to normal. Affected our support ship too. No idea what caused it. Going to need new underwear when I get back. Rumours are there is something odd about this area of space.

GAMMA (5/6) - 11.11.3270

More strange lights. We've got equipment malfunctions, scanners dropping in and out, systems restarting. Ship is limping on. Everyone wants to turn about, but if we don't complete the mission we don't get paid. No one wants to give up those credits either. You expect to turn around and see...

GAMMA (6/6) - 29.11.3270

We're done and we're heading home. We picked up some heat signature in the last system. Definitely something there and it wasn't any profile I had seen before. Something was watching us. There's something evil out here, and it doesn't like company!

DELTA (5/6) - 11.11.3270

Oh my God... someone help me. Where are they... please... this can't be happening.

DELTA (6/6) - 29.11.3270

I've had time to accept it now. I went out as normal with one of the beacons, set it up. Had that weird power loss again. I waited and it all came back online like before. Signalled my support ship - no response. Flew back and it was gone, just debris. No survivors. Don't know what happened. It's just me and this crappy Sidewinder a zillion miles from home. Should have known it wasn't going to work out. If it's too good to be true.... There's an Earth-like world here, going to try and reach it... you never know.



The Zurara (SYREADIAE JX-F C0)

01.10.3270  - Ship Log Entry #1


We managed to overpower the invaders. but not before they took out the main reactor. We're dead in space. with twenty minutes of life support left. Didn't get nothing out of them before they died, but clearly it was all planned. They took a drug which killed them. Doc says it's nicknamed 'Hexedit'. First it kills your memories, then it kills you. Neat and tidy.

So we're dead, just waiting for the end. This will be the last log from the Zurara. Some of the crew have already killed themselves. Others are praying to whatever deity they believe might help them. A few are drinking themselves into oblivion. I don't know what will get us first the lack of oxygen or the cold. Battery power is about to die.


01.10.3270  -  Ship Log Entry #2


Me? I'm leaving this log. This far out I doubt anyone will ever hear it, but well, what the hell?

We all signed up for the promise of big payouts, a year of your life in exchange for enough to retire on. I guess I should have looked closer at it, but you would have probably done the same, right? No need to work again. What's clear now is whoever was behind this mission never intended for any of us to come back.

Damn, it's cold in here now.


01.10.3270  -  Ship Log Entry #3


The folks managing the cargo, jees, they were all psychos. The moment we completed the mission they just 'snapped'. Killed the ship and killed themselves. Some kind Of mental conditioning. Doc said. We tried to get word out to the other vessels when we found out. We got a signal out. but I don't know if anyone received it. It will probably freak them out. I don't think they know we're here.

We dropped a series of beacons out here, all targeted around Earth-like or terraformable worlds We prepped some of the terraform candidates with seeders and biofilters. No one can figure out why it was necessary. but that was the mission. Just as we were turning back... boom, those cargo-handlers went nuts.


01.10.3270  -  Ship Log Entry #4


So that's it. We don't even know why we've been killed. But someone out there knows. someone out there has blood on their hands, a lot of it. If you figure it out. give them a message from us. You know what I mean.

Funny. We were told there was something bad out here, that it was haunted by ghosts...

I just never figured it would be us doing the haunting...


21.08.3273  -  Additional Log Entry #1


So this is what they were hiding. I'm leaving the old logs for reference. I might need to come back this way again and re-educate myself. Chances are my memory will get zapped again. If I don't make it I'll have to leave clues for others to follow. So, if you're reading this and you're not me, here's the deal...


21.08.3273  -  Additional Log Entry #2


Found this ship. Took me years. This is the evidence. Nothing inside but void-frozen cadavers, perfectly preserved, some with drinks still in their hands. But the log. They sent these poor souls out here because they needed waypoints. all prepped for every eventuality. Three different zones it would seem.


21.08.3273  -  Additional Log Entry #3


There's a conspiracy. Guess you figured that out already, but it goes way up, way beyond the Feds, the Imps and the Alliance. Something is coming, don't know what it is. but it's bad and it's all being hidden. All this weird stuff far out in the void? It's some kind of contineency plan. The answer to why and who is back in the core, not out here. That's where I'm going next Wish me luck.





RAGAZZA Logs (Teorge)



"If you just stumbled across this message, nothing of what I am going to relate will make any sense. My advice? Don't read on, kill this holofac now, don't go looking. You really don't want to be involved, trust me. Just fly on like nothing happened. People will kill you for knowing.

If you found this because you were led here... congratulations, you must be reasonably smart.

I don't know what you were expecting, but this probably isn't it. There's no payoff my friend, there's no money to be made. You haven't won. You may have just made things much worse for yourself. If there is any fame to be had it is what you make of it, maybe some chronicler will immortalise you in the future."




"I put this message in this system for a reason, the old lore will tell you why. I'm not the first and I'm not the last. I'm old now and it will soon be time for another to take my place. Maybe it's her who has led you here. If she's anything like me she'll be one feisty little lady, hope you had fun.

By now you'll have been to the hind-end of space looking for... well... something. Guessing you found it. I make no apology for all your trouble, you decided to go out there, same as me. I don't know what tech you have in the future to make that voyage a little easier, but I spent years following this, trying to unravel it all and so did many others before me.

You weren't alone, suffering that boredom and loneliness in the void. Don't expect any sympathy, no one told you to go. Decide for yourself if you think it was worth it."




"But I figure I owe you some kind of explanation. So here it is.

They've known. They've known for decades, maybe centuries. There's something out there and it's heading this way. Everything you've seen, all the wars, all the investigations, all the abductions, it's their way of getting stuff done, getting things ready, keeping things quiet.

You don't build a fleet of warships for no reason - too many questions get asked. So you manufacture a threat, you start a phony war. You keep the populace amused with any diversion you can think of. You play powers against each other, you boom and bust the markets to tilt the economy. Anything to stop people looking at the real issues."




"Who are they? Don't go thinking this is the Feds or the Imps or even the Alliance, it's way beyond all that. Most of what you think you know isn't true, it's all a fabrication, woven by those who have appointed themselves the protectors of humanity. They've been keeping us all in the dark, hiding the truth, secretly prepping for a confrontation.

If you're unlucky enough to stumble upon a part of it, they simply remove you. A shadowy revolution that decides what to reveal and when."




"But that's not all they've done. They had all manner of contingency plans drawn up over the years. Maybe they had a premonition of failure. If you've got this far you'll have read the old lore, you know there was a conflict with an alien race. Yes them. You know what they were capable of in the past. Who's to say what they could do now?

Our so called protectors thought the core worlds might be overrun. Maybe we might need somewhere else to go. That's what they were looking for out there in the void. Somewhere to flee to, somewhere to run and hide. And Exodus, the Dynasty plan."




"So they sent out ships, lots of ships, looking for earth-like worlds in the far reaches of the galaxy. You know where, you've been there. When they had that data they planned to kill the crews and bury the missions. Some kind of suicide pact. No one was supposed to know. Some of those poor souls managed to survive for a few years it seems,
marooned in the blackness, but none of them made it home. If you're here you've probably found what was left.

But they didn't tell us plebs about this. No, not a word. They claimed it would cause riots, panic, and confusion if the truth ever came out. Maybe they were right. So they lied, time and time again.

But you can't lie for ever, truth is a dangerous thing."




"I figured someone should know the facts one day. So now you have it. What you do with it is your business. Could be they have let you find this message, maybe the time is right at last. Maybe there is nothing left to hide anymore. I don't know if I've played them, or they've played me.

There's probably one last question burning in your mind. I know I'd be asking it. How do I know all this?

That's simple. My memory has been shot to pieces, edited by them and by me over the years. But I finally put it back together, most of it anyway. Turns out I was one of them. I was part of it. I helped them do it. Somewhere along the line I had an attack of conscience.

Guess they didn't take too kindly to that. Here's hoping I made a difference...