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Bill TurnerBill Turner

Bill Turner



Broo Tarquin




Colonel Bris DekkerColonel Bris Dekker

Colonel Bris Dekker




Bill Turner claims to be the son of the famous but elusive late Mic Turner, and despite his young age he's reputed to be a wizard with utilities and plasma accelerators.


Broo Tarquin was the founder of Dead-Eye Defence Systems, now part of the Thule Industries. Since he retired from his role as chief designer, he spends his days tinkering in his workshop and drinking exotic tea. Since then, others have joined him in his work and his workshop has expanded into a wider operation, making components from their own smelted alloys.


Colonel Bris Dekker retired with full honours a decade ago. He served as a Federal Navy officer as part of an elite recon squadron and has an almost natural affinity for frame shift technology. Even though he is retired, the navy call on him to evaluate any changes or upgrades. His facility has recently been vastly upgraded to support the training courses that he provides as well as his regular workshops.



Didi VatermannDidi Vatermann

Didi Vatermann



Elvira MartuukElvira Martuuk

Elvira Martuuk



Felicity FarseerFelicity Farseer

Felicity Farseer




Didi's father died several decades ago as a result of a shield-booster malfunction. Since then, Didi has dedicated her life to making shield boosters safer. In recent years her success has been such that she now lives in luxury and has a team of dedicated mechanics helping to implement her designs.


Elvira Martuuk is a well known explorer although she is rumoured to have once been a deadly assassin before heading out into the black. Some have claimed she needed to 'cool off' after a particularly high profile case, so went exploring, but Elvira denies it. She is fascinated by all things alien, and has become expert at spotting human fakes. Her reputation is such that her base is rarely troubled by freebooters. She believes in being self-sufficient, and her tight-knit group grows all their own food.


Felicity Farseer is a legendary explorer, who engineered her own improvements to her Asp Explorer early in her career. She is willing to share some of that knowledge with fellow explorers and also operates an extensive training programme for technicians and mechanics heading out into the black. She based herself here at her father's mining and refinery facility, though in fact her operation is separate.








Hera Tani



Juri IshmaakJuri Ishmaak

Juri Ishmaak



Lei CheungLei Cheung

Lei Cheung




Hera Tani's talent with power-management systems was evident from an early age. She grew up with the Jet Rats gang, keeping in close communication with them at all times, but she will also help those who are friendly with the gang. In turn they have responded to her talents by assigning anyone with sufficient technical ability to work and learn from her. Since their demise she has found favour with a mysterious imperial benefactor.


Juri Ishmaak is an ambitious combat specialist whose father was a pilot in a mercenary wing. He followed in his father's footsteps operating with the wing. He believes in careful preparation before any combat. After retiring from combat he set up a base of operations to focus on his passion for engineering.


Lei Cheung grew up in a trade clan of tramp traders. He learned engineering on the job and discovered that he posessed an affinity for shield technology. Even though he receives regular offers, he won't leave his family. He is willing to help fellow traders though and has built a large operation over the years from this work, with other family members running a scrapping and rebuilding business on the same site.



Liz RyderLiz Ryder

Liz Ryder



Lori JamesonLori Jameson

Lori Jameson

Shinrarta Dhezra


Marco QwentMarco Qwent

Marco Qwent




Liz Ryder is a demolitions expert who used to work for Devastator and Sons, but left to work for a crime syndicate known as the Blue Mafia. Some claim she had a personal relationship with a member of the syndicate and was forced to leave Devastator and Sons when the connection was discovered, starting Demolition Unlimited. The crime organisation quickly saw the merits of her ability and have helped her developed her team into something much bigger.


Lori Jameson is one of the great granddaughters of John Jameson, the most famous Pilots Federation member ever. She is an accomplished explorer in her own right and has developed various techniques for improved automated systems. Her facility is popular with those seeking to prepare their ships for extended operations in deep space, and she makes sure they have pleasant surroundings while they await their upgrades.


Marco Qwent is an ex-Sirius Corp tech guru. Such is his technical talent he's allowed some latitude with what he works on and who he works with, as long as Sirius Corp receive the appropriate reognition. They support his efforts by maintaining a significant base for him to operate from.



Professor PalinProfessor Palin

Professor Palin



Ram TahRam Tah

Ram Tah



Selene JeanSelene Jean

Selene Jean




For most of his career Professor Palin worked for the Federation, but when his research programme was abruptly terminated, he decided to establish an independent team dedicated to studying the Unknown Artefacts, meta-alloys, and all things alien, especially if there is a suggestion it relates to Thargoids. After receiving a generous donation from an anonymous benefactor, he set up a permanent research base in Maia, far outside human space and its regulations, focused on the development of new defence technologies.


Ram Tah has traveled as far as it is possible to go in the galaxy. Over the years he has collected many strange and unusual items, and he's always eager to acquire something new and unknown from the black. On his travels he learned the value of limpets and various defense mechanisms, and so spent many years perfecting his craft in improving them.


A former miner, Selene has a talent for improving a ship's hull defence, although she only offers her services to fellow prospectors. She's rumoured to be the daughter of a rock hermit, but she rarely talks about her childhood. As almost a counterpoint to her secluded upbringing she has gathered a robust and trusted team, mostly fellow ex-prospectors, who work alongside her. Her eccentricity extends to her diet, growing a wide range of exotic vegetables to eat, in a wonderfully natural setting.



The DwellerThe Dweller

The Dweller



The SargeThe Sarge

The Sarge

Beta-3 Tucani


Tiana Fortune




The Dweller is a mysterious contact in the Aganippe underworld. No-one knows his background, and he and his small group of mysterious like-minded individuals closely guard his identity, and that of their best customers. He is renowned for custom modifications for local criminal elements. He is known to help outsides who have the right contacts and operates an extensive workshop facility. They are also said to grow their own variant of Onionhead for private consumption. Rumour has it they did a deal with Georgio Algeria or one of his entourage to help them in their fight against the Federation.


No one knows The Sarge's real name and he won't reveal it, even to close friends. He's an ex-Federal Navy specialist who worked closely with the now defunct Colonial Drones Corporation, and later with the drone division of Core Dynamics, in tweaking drone controllers and long range patrol support systems. His reputation is such that he's attracted followers who learn from him and have built up a range of facilities around his initially modest operations.


Tiana Fortune is an electronic-engineering genius who is rumoured to be the illegitimate child of an Imperial Guard officer. Her own military career was cut short when the circumstances surrounding her birth were revealed, resulting in her expulsion from the guard. Many in her unit demonstrated their loyalty by joining her once they'd complete their service, attracted to the comfortable living Tiana is able to offer them.



Tod McQuinnTod McQuinn

Tod McQuinn

Wolf 397


Zacariah NemoZacariah Nemo

Zacariah Nemo









Tod Mcquinn earned his nickname from a successful season in the CQC Arena. Since then he's garnered further fame as a bounty hunter, flying a Fer-de-Lance with seriously overpowered multi-cannons. He's always happy to help fellow bounty hunters. For his current venture he's teamed up with some of his old CQC friends to form a a custom modification enterprise.


Zacariah has been at the centre of a small cult-like commune for decades now, the Nemo Cyber Party. Rumour has it that he has a cyber-enhanced brain, and can take vast information dumps directly to it. His skill with weapons manufacturing and modification is made available to those favoured by the Party. He has attracted a growing group of "cyber-freaks" who are usually shunned in normal society. He has a vast collection of automata.