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There is a plethora of abandoned bases scattered around the galaxy and especially human space and its close proximity.
Only a few of these have been found. Many more wait to be discovered by exploring CMDRs!





Exploration Camp JSPR-003 - Leave A Light On

System: COL 285 SECTOR OZ-N C7-13 | Planet: BC 3 A | Coordinates: 59.32 / -62.22


Leave A Light On 1/4

Personal Log:
It's been an exciting journey so far. Commander Norris and the team are saying that these geological features and the data we're getting back from them could rethink the way we look for alien life or terraforming planets for habitation. The whole team has gone to analyse the latest site and take samples. I'm holding the fort. As the Habitation Engineer it's my job to make sure everything in camp is working correctly ande the habs and equipment are maintained. Not as exciting as ground break geological science, but essential for a project this far out in space.

Leave  A Light On 2/4

Personal Log:
Something doesn't feel right. I've lost contact with the science team. Their last transmission was to report they had reached the site and were starting the analysis. That was 10 hours ago. If I've not heard anything in the next couple of hours I'm calling this in.

Leave A Light On 3/4

Communication Log:
This is Expedition JSPR-003. Communications lost with the science survey team. 12 hours since last contact. Please Advise. Command do you read me? What the hell? Command com ine, are you there? Someone please pick up!

Leave A Light On 4/4

Personal Log:
This is so messed up. The Comms are completely down. I can't get a signal in our out. Something out there is disrupting the communications. I's now been over 24 hours since last contact and I can't get hold of command. I just have to hope one of my messages got through. I've decided to go and look for the team. I have to find out if they are ok. I can't leave them out there if they need my help. I've set a reapeating message for the rescue team, leaving a light so to speak. With luck I'll be back with the rest of the team.

Research Facility 5592 - Hidden Signal

System: HR 5991 | Planet: 1 B | Coordinates: 33.5 / -2.2


Hidden Signal 1/4

Personal Log: It was here a few days ago I swear. Doctor Lewis said I'm lucky not to be fired for dragging them all out here. But it was right here, the proof that they exist. Someone must be messing with me. There is no way that much data can be corrupted without leaving a trace. This can't be right. There seems to be a signal hidden in the corrupted data. I didn't see it before, and if the data hadn't been ruined I might never have seen it.

Hidden Signal 2/4

Personal Log: I found it, they'll all think I'm crazy, but I found it. It's definitely not a natural signal or background noise. I've run every test I can think of and they all cornfirm it's not natural in origin.
Personal Log: I'm afraid to tell anyone about the signal. After last time Doctor Lewis is reluctant to believe anything.

Hidden Signal 3/4

Personal Log: I did it, I told Doctor Lewis and this time I had the proof. Everyone seemed really excited about it. Doctor Lewis is even sending a special report to command. We might get some extra grant money out of this.

Hidden Signal 4/4

Cleaner team 26 reporting in. Company Directive 3650 in effect. All data regarding research project und Doctor Lewis is now classified. All assets have been processed.

Exploration Camp CN-04 - Missing Explorer

System: SYNUEFE JB-G B58-6 | Planet: 6 H | Coordinates: -22.1 / 177.7


Missing Explorer 1/5

Sector 5 clear. There's no sign of life on this rock. I don't know what we expect to find.
Project Log: The habitat has been set up and all system are in the green. It seems that there is some interference with the comms, but it's probably just some background noise.

Missing Explorer 2/5

Command, we've been at this for days. I really don't see tje benefit of continued scans. As it said in the report: lifeless means there is no life here.

Missing Explorer 3/5

Personal Log: I swear someone at Command is messing with me here. They say go look, so we go look, but there is nothing out here.  I don't care what the data says.

Missing Explorer 4/5

Project Log: Perry has reported back from Sector 26. We couldn't make out everything due to the damned interference, but whatever it is he was exited about it.
"Hab one, this is P... found some... out here... looks li... crashed... giving off ...iation effecting... comms... get closer... My god... ...ing is huge... jackpot here... thing... made... noise........."

Missing Explorer 5/5

Project Log: It's been 6 days since we last heard from Perry. The search of his last known location failed to find anything conclusive. The just disappeared without a trace, the tire tracks just stop. It makes no sense.

Dav's Hope - Mining Team 6

System: HYADES SECTOR DR-V C2-23 | Planet: A 5 | Coordinates: 44.8 / -31.3


Mining Team VI 1/6

Personal data recorder:
Franklin James - Foreman - Mining Team VI.

Team 6 to base, what the hell was that?! It felt like the whole planet was going to come down on top of us! Base do you read me? Base are you there? Guys, pack it up, we're heading back to base! Something's not right here, commas are down and with that last quake, I'm calling it. Follow me, we'll head for shaft 48, there's a wired comms station there, maybe we can find out what's happening.

Mining Team VI 2/6-a

Sent: 23 May 3286 15:19 UTC
To: Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison
Site Report Log: Sir, seismich activity has increased and we're seeing cave-ins in sections 3,4 and 6 now. I would like to request permission to pull all mining teams out until we can secure the site.

Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator

Sent: 23 May 3286 15:30 UTC
To: Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator
Have you lost your senses? Do you know how much it will cost us to shut this place downwhile you "secure" the site? We'll lose billions of credits every hour. I can't outhirise that. No, the minders keep on going, htey know what they signed up for.

Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison

Mining Team VI 2/6-b

Sent: 23 May 3286 15:32 UTC

To: Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison
But sir! With this level of activity it could bring the whole installation down, not just the mine shafts, whe have to evacuate, the site is no longer viable. It's just too dangerous.

Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator

Sent: 23 May 3286 15:34 UTC
To: Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator
Wo do you think you're talking to Miss Minneux? What you need to do is your job or we'll have to renegotiate your contract. I trust I have made myself clear.

Nicholos Baker: Corporate Liaison

Mining Team VI 3/6

Shaft 48 Call Log: Team 6 to base, can you read us? What the hell is happening? We're trying to evacuate section 4, but all access tunnels must have collapsed in that last quake. We're stuck down here. Repeat, access has collapsed, team trapped in Shaft 48. When can we expect a rescue crew? Base are you reading us?


Mining Team VI 4/6

Sent: 23 May 3286 21:59
To: Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison
Sir, Team 6 did not report in at shift change and our survey team have reported that the cave-ins are more widespread than we first feared. There's a very high possibility that hey are trapped somewhere in section 4. I'm prepping the rescue team now. They should be ready to leave within the hour.

Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator

Mining Team VI 5/6

Corporate Memo:
Sent: 26 May 3286 06:23 UTC
Ref: Mining Operations no longer viable.
Site shutdown with immediate effect. All resources and confidential materials to be moved to alpha site.
Regarding ongoing situation: Mining Team 6 Missing, considered acceptable loss. No further action. Commence shutdown immediately. Message ends.


Mining Team VI 6/6-a

Sent: 26 May 3286 15:30 UTC
To: Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator
It seems like corporate agree with you, Miss Minneux. This site is no longe viable and is now closed. Shut it down. Shut it all down now. Give the order to detonate the charges, collapse the site.

Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison

Mining Team VI 6/6-b

Sent: 26 May 3286 15:35 UTC
To: Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison
You can't do that, damn you. We have twenty people down there! You can't just leave them to die like this. They have families, children. What are you going to tell them? Those charges are only meant to be used at the end of the operation. Whe have to do something to get our people out first! We can't just leave them buried alive down there. We have a responsibility!

Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator

Mining Team VI 6/6-c

Sent: 26 May 3286 15:35 UTC
To: Lucy Minneux: Site co-ordinator
My responsibility is to this corporation and its shareholders. There are plenty more miners to take their place, and yours for that matter. If you won't follow orders, we'll just find some else that will. Now do it!

Nicholas Baker: Corporate Liaison

Orion's Folly - Missed Target

System: COL 285 SECTOR UZ-O C6-9 | Planet: B 6 | Coordinates: -87.0 / -10.6


Missed Target 1/4

We've missed our destination. I don't know how. We didn't miss by much, that's the kicker. A few degrees, that's all and we're a few lightyears off course. There's no way to manually change our course, the ship was designed to hit a pre-programmed target from our launch site. Were just passengers trying to hit a moving bullseye we had only seen on a vid screen. Luckily we haven't just been shot out into deep space. The ship's systems have locked onto a nearby rock world. So this rock is now our new home instead of the lush Earth-like world we planned to land on. We knew what we had signed up for. We had one shot and we missed. It's that simple.

Missed Target 2/4

Personal Log: I can't sleep again. Going over things again and again in my head. I just can't seem to  switch off tonight. Duveli made a comment years ago that I just can't shake out of my head. It was about allocating resources to launch the ship and trying to reach our original destination. It seemed like wishful thinking at the time, but now... I don't know. I've spent years looking up at the planet we were meant to land on, we were never meant to be on this rock and it taunts me every day. No one can imageine the frustration of waking up every day and seeing that distant blue ball in the sky, hanging there as monument to our screw up.
If there is a way we can get back out there, reprogramme the ship with a new destination, repair it find some way to refuel it. This could take years, if it can be done. But surely we have to try.

Missed Target 3/4

Personal Log; Did I say years? I should have said decades. The naivety of this whole venture is colossal.
I knew it wouldn't be simple but as the years have gone on it's becoming harder and harder to stay focused.
Especially when you lose people. Duvell, Waite, Evans, all gone now. I'm the only one left.
I'm close to the end, I can feel it, but it's so hard to go on.

Missed Target 4/4

Launch Day. I never really thought I'd get it finished, but now I'm here I find myself full of excitement, but also fear and doubt. Not everything went as planned. I have enough fuel to launch and break orbiit. But that's all, once I'm out in the black I have one engine burn to push me on my way and then it's all up to luck and the course re-programming. But I have to do this- I have to complete our mission for my team, for myself. I can't just sit here and die knowing that we got so close but never made it. So here goes nothing. T Minus 10 and counting.

Site 16 - Secrets & Lies

System: HIP 83237 | Planet: 3 B | Coordinates: -26.4 / 143.3


Secrets & Lies 1/5

Personal Log: We're in bad shape. Somehow our food reserves have become spoiled. There was no sign of damage or tampering. We started rationing and Mr Leon, our corporate liaison, has contacted the company to see if we can get resupplied. If we can't get more food then I don't know what we're going to do.

Secrets & Lies 2/5

Personal Log: It's been weeks and no word from Corporate. Mr Leon, just nods and says he'll send another situation report and that the company is sending help as fast as it can. I feel guily, he is handling the situation really well and doesn't seem to take all his ration. I don't know how he does it. You have to admire the guy.
We're going to start losing people soon. I don't have the heart to tell them that we're down to the last few scraps. Rationing isn't going to save us.

Secrets & Lies 3/5

Personal Log: We cremated the more today. That makes seven dead in total. I fear the rest of us won't be too far behind them. We're all so weak now, barely able to keep ourselfs going. I don't know what his secret is but Mr Leon seems to be the least affected by the lack of food. I'm starting to trust him less and less as the days go on. How can he look so well and not be as weak as the rest of us. He has to be hiding something.

Secrets & Lies 4/5

Personal Log: That lying sack of filth. I'm going to kill him! He got careless, didn't lock his door or log out of his terminal. Guess he thinks we're all so weak that the doesn't have to take precautions anymore. Well I found out his secret. He's been giving reports to Corporate allright, just not the kind we thought. And that's not the only thing I found. They're experimenting on us and that load is helping them. He has memo after memo discussing the "initiative" as he calls it. The food was designed to go off, they planned it. He watched us struggle and die while he was back here with enough food to last us all for six months. He watched and... and... took notes.
I'm going to kill him!

Secrets & Lies 5/5

Corporate Memo:
Sent 26 May 3286 06:23 UTC
Ref: Site 16 no longer viable.

Site Shutdown with immediate effect.
All resources and confidential materials uploaded to core database. Regarding ongoing situation: Corporate Liaison Mr Leon - deceased. Cleaning squad sent to prepare site for next initiative cycle. Commence site cleansing immediately.

Message ends.

Colony SNB-86 - System Malfunction

System: WREDGUIA JC-K C22-8 | Planet: 6 4 | Coordinates: -51.7 / -144


System Malfunction 1/5

Maintenance Log: To site maintenance office. There seems to be something wrong with the atmospherics in Habitat 2. We've been seeing fluctuations in temperature and airflow down here for the last couple of weeks. We need a maintenance crew over here to sort this out immediately. I don't need to tell you that if the air shuts off it will be a disaster. Hibatat 2 Operations Officer. Megan Riley.

System Malfunction 2/5

Kelly, are you reading me? I'm getting reports about systems all over the settlement changing settings by remote. What are you guys down in maintenance playing at? You can't just play around with the habitats like this. Our experiments are very sensitive and your tech crews messing with our equipment will not be tolerated. I see no other course of action than to log this with control.

System Malfunction 3/5

Personal Log: I could have sworn I set my alarm for this morning and what is going on the the atmospherics?
It's like am oven in here. Commander Allen is at the end of his wits, he and Kelly keep fighting, accusing each other of causing the weird mechanical failures over the last few weeks.
All I know is my work is being ruined when the equipment suddenly decides to change operational settings, seemingly by itself. When tech come fix the issue they say nothing is wrong and it must be user error.
I know how to do my job. It's not user error. This is something else, and with Kelly's help I intend to find out who is doing this.

System Malfunction 4/5

This can't be right! According to our computer logs no one is adjusting the habitat systems and there is no sign of sabotage. The only thing we can do is a full reset of the settlement control computer to see if we can purge the problem.
Allen has agreed for it to go ahead. So at 06:00 hrs Kelly and I are going to purge the master computer and hopefully eradicate whatever is causing the system malfunctions.

System Malfunction 5/5

Comms Log: I'm almost in. I should be able to initate a full purge in a few minutes. Then we can reset the computer.

<Unauthorized access detected in system protocols. Initiate purge of facility.>

What did you do?  I didn't do anything. I haven't even started the... What the hell! What is it? 

<Full facility purge in T minus 10 seconds.>

The computer, it's locked me out. It's locked me out of everything. I can't access any of the settlement's systems.       

<Purge in T minus 5 seconds.>

I can't... It won't... not likethis.

<Purging facility in 3... 2... 1>

Dixon Dock - Don Antonaci Collects

System: HR 2551 | Planet: 2 D | Coordinates: -26 / -130.8


Don Antonaci Collects 1/4

I  had no choice. It was them or me. Oh god forgive me,
I know I'll die out here but I had to take my chances.

Clare I'am so sorry.

Don Antonaci Collects 2/4

Clare, if you get this message it means they found me.
I don't know how. Whatever happens know I love you and the goods are hidden in the ...Message Corrupted...

Don Antonaci Collects 3/4

The cargo is hidden. You'll know it when you see it.
It's buried at ...Message Corrupted...

Don Antonaci Collects 4/4

Tell Don Antonaci I have his money. Please, even I get boarded sometimes, it wasn't my fault. No! No! Please!

Lookout Military Test Facility - Careful What You Mess With

System: Aldibah | Planet: 1 A | Coordinates: -12.5 / -62.2


Careful What You Mess With 1/4

Communication log: Commander Troy Jackson
Jackson, Jackson, where the hell are you? Get off your arse, the security system in on the fritz again. Im getting multiple malfunctions on my screen. Units 3 and 7 are reporting an order to go into reset mode and the others are refusing to obey the order to return to the hangar. If we can't get this to work, they're going to shut us down.

Careful What You Mess With 2/4

Lookout Military Test Facility: Situation Report.
General, unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to postpone the new skimmer software test.
We've been experiencing some technical difficulties and believe that, until the matter is rectified, bringing more personnel on site would be a high risk. We have narrowed it down to the skimmer control programme and we're attempting to decode the problem. We will keep you informed.

Careful What You Mess With 3/4

Communication Log: Commander Henry Connors
Sir, I believe we've isolated the issue in the skimmer code. It looks like some anomalous code has been added to the skimmers that is not part of the programme. It's very complex and seems to be designed to override the skimmers abilitry to follow operator orders and run independently. Any Idead how it got in there? No, idea. But I can tell you it was before we shipped out. Whoever did this really knew what they were doing. I think I can remove the code and have the skimmers up and running. Just see what you can do. And be careful what you mess with in there. These things are sensitive pieces of equipment.

Careful What You Mess With 4/4

Emergency, I repeat, emergency. Security system are offline. The skimmers have gone haywire. Some kind of backup subroutine triggered by adjustments to their control code. They're operating independently. All attempts to bring them under operator control have failed. They are killing everyone on sight.
Please send help... We can't hold out much longer.

Medical Test Facility MIR-14 - Cannot Get Out

System: COL 285 Sector FL-X B17-3 | Planet: A 2 A | Coordinates: -59.3 / -142.5


Cannot Get Out 1/4

When we first ran tests on the compound we thought it could be used as a mood inhibitor to help tackly anxiety and other mental afflictions. Early results were very promising. But were so wrong.

Cannot Get Out 2/4

Some of the test subjects had a very different reaction to the treatment. It seemed to heighten their agressive tendencies, some manifesting this in self harm or vocal outbursts. But in a small percentage it turned them into monsters, capable of the most horrific violence.

Cannot Get Out 3/4

When the company found out they marketed it as a success, selling the research to the military. Under military control we were forced to keep working on this new programme. To reate a serum that could be given to soldiers and other military personnel to make them into better killing machines. Those of us that refused were "reassigned" as our new masters put it. We knew what that meant. Gods help me I wasn't strong enough to be one of them.

Cannot Get Out 4/4

I can't go on with this mockery of science. I wanted to help people, not turn human beings into rabid killing machines. This is my confession and a warning to others. The military will stop at nothing to get an edge over their enemies. Even if that means destroying thousands of lives in the process. Tonight I released the test subjects into the settlement. I'm not asking for forgiveness. I knew what that would mean. Everyone... dead... or worse. I can hear them hunting for me, but it's too late. It's all coming down. I can't afford to let anything from this place get out into the hands of any power. I've destroyed all the data I could find and my final act will be to vent the settlement, open it up to space. That should kill everyone one left alive in here.
This cannot get out. This cannot get out.

Anaconda Derelict - Derelict

System: HR 5906 | Planet: AB 2 A | Coordinates: 6.9 / -102.4


Derelict 1/3

Hey Janey come check this out! Looks like we’ve struck the jackpot. I told you there was something out here.

What is it?

A ship. Looks like it’s been here a while. Someone must have crashed and used it as a shelter. Look, they’ve made buildings out of the wreckage. We’ ve got to check this out. Who knows what salvage will be in there.

I don’t like it, what if someone’s still in there?

Relax. If there’s someone there, maybe we can trade with them. Come on let’s check it out.

Derelict 2/3

This place gives me the creeps. Can we go back to the SRV now? We’ve had a look around and no one’s home.

Are you kidding me? That’s the best part, we can take anything we like. We need to get to the bridge to see if we can get this thing running again. The ship still has power, the emergency lights are still on and the doors work.


Derelict 3/3

<Internal Sensor Array activated.>
Security systems coming online.>

Hey look, something’s happening. I told you this thing still had power. Now if I can just find the switch to…

Maybe we could fix it up and have second ship. That would be so great, but you’re flying this one. It still gives me the creeps.

Got it. Let me just see if I can override these security measures and we’ ll be golden.

<Security breach detected removing threat.>

Wait a sec, what’s that?

What did you do! Oh hell, shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it off!

??? - The Inside Man

System: Col 285 Sector EP-C b27-3 | Planet: A 2 | Coordinates: -1.1 / -170.9


The Inside Man 1/5

…Secure Channel Established…

This is Lieutenant Stott, I’m in.

The gang bought the back story hook, line and sinker. Once I have their confidence, I should be able to find out who’s funding these clowns.

The Inside Man 2/5

…Secure Channel Established…

This goes deeper than we thought.

This is no petty gang of pirates, these guys are highly organised. The gang leaders are a tight group and keep everything on a need to know basis, but I think I’ve found my way in.

The Inside Man 3/5

…Secure Channel Established…

I was right, we’ve uncovered a major crime ring here. Guns, drugs, bootleg liquor, slaves, protection rackets.

These guys have their fingers in every criminal activity in the sector. My plan to gain access to the leadership is a go. I’ve just shown the boss evidence that one of his trusted lieutenants is leaking information to the local security services.

The Inside Man 4/5

…Secure Channel Established…

I know what they’ re saying about me.

I’ve switched sides, I’m a traitor. It’s not true. What I’ve done I had to do to maintain my cover, And it’s got me results.

I’ve stashed a data packet on a derelict ship on Belu B 1. Lat -40, Long 7.15. It contains a full manifest for the gangs next big deal. The boss is going to be overseeing this one personally, it’s big and if we can catch them in the act, there’ ll be no getting out of it.

The Inside Man 5/5

…Secure Channel Established…

Stott… Stott… Get out, abort, abort.

Operation has been compromised. They know about you. We found a leak in Command, they’ve been working with the gang all this time.

Get out now.

Communications Array Delta 69 - Mysterious Body

System: Col 285 Sector BG-O d6-93 | Planet: AB 1 D | Coordinates: -5.8 / 177.4


Mysterious Body 1/5

Internal Message Log Fragment:

Erm… Control, we’ve got a problem down here at Hab B. I’m going to need someone from security down here on the double.

We’ve found a body, and before you ask, it’s not one of us. All personnel are present and accounted for.

You’re going to think I’m crazy. There’s no way this guy should be out here. It’s not like a dead body can be classed as personal effects but he’s here all right, just appeared out of nowhere.

Mysterious Body 2/5

Personal Log: J Bottone Array Commander

Wilkins is right, we’re going to have to inform the authorities about this. But how do we do that, they’ll think we’re either crazy, or worse, that we’ve killed this guy. It doesn’t matter that there isn’t a mark on him, or that according to our medic there is no cause of death. No disease, no poison or radiation.

We’ve looked up his ship and it’s disappearance. Some kind of anomaly causing the ship to just vanish without a trace. These things are just stories that the deep space explorers tell to make their job seem more interesting than just scanning stars and pianets. Nothing like that actually exists or we would know about it.

I need to report this.

Mysterious Body 3/5

Personal Log: J Bottone Array Commander

It started this morning, everything seemed normal but there was an uneasiness among the team. No one could put a finger on it, just a general feeling that something was wrong. And then the signal started.

It was about 10km from the station and appeared to be some kind of radio transmission, with a digital data packet encoded into it. We spent hours trying to figure out how to decipher it but I have to say at the moment we don’t have a clue what we’re dealing with here.

Along with the signal, something has appeared on the planet’s surface that according to our surveys simply can’t be there. There is a gravitational pull of some massive object but there’s nothing we can detect physically there. The gravitational field measured approximately 0.1 Gs, but we can’t see what’s creating it. Whatever it is, it’s the source of the signal.

We’ve sent a skimmer out with some equipment as a probe. I’m not going to risk anyone going out there until we know what we’re dealing with.

Mysterious Body 4/5

Emergency Broadcast:

Do not come here… I repeat… do not come here.

He opened his eyes… There was something there… the signal starting… coming from him, like it was inside…

I’ve ordered everyone out, locked off the infirmary until I can figure out what is going on. Signal is building stronger… people started feeling it… like it was in our heads.

This anomaly… closer now… can’t explain… seems to be… think it’s going to…

Mysterious Body 5/5

Recovery Team 963 Sit Rep:

Team 963 reporting in.

I don’t know what to tell you sir, there’s no one here. No bodies, no sign of any problem, all the automated systems are A OK, just no one is here. It’s like they just vanished.

Yes I know how that sounds. All the security logs on the door say nobody left, the ships and escape pods are still in place. They left their belongings, food, water, clothing.

Yes, sir. Yes I Understand. Securing the station logs now, sir.

Team 963 out.

Transmitter VJS-81 - Sleeper

System: HR 6890 | Planet: A 1 | Coordinates: 23.2 / 97.4


Sleeper 1/3

What am I doing here?

l was asleep in my bunk floating around in deep space.

How can I be on a planet?

Sleeper 2/3

It’s happened again.

It’s the same every time. I fall asleep and find myself on an alien world.

This can’t be real real it’s so vivid.

Sleeper 3/3

This time I wasn’t asleep.

On hell it’s real, it’s real. How can I be doing this?

I need help… I can’t control it.

Someone help me, please.