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Lycaon - Contagion

How to find: Travel to Alaunus, set course for COL 285 Sector RP-L B22-7 and supercruise in that direction for about 30k lightseconds.


Contagion 1/5

Physician's Log 2379/2

Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Minor injuries, aches and pains from the more vulnerable crew members and the usual bout of influenza you'd expect with so many people living in such close confines. It seems the current strain of influenza is becoming resistant to vaccines we've developed on board. Only thing of note was a minor injury to one of the survey team. Gottleib sustained a minor laceration. He was taking a mineral sample on a nearby asteroid. The suit got breached but he managed to apply an emergeny seal before anything serious happened. I only hope the sample he took was worth the scar it's gonna leave.

Contagion 2/5

Physician's Log 2387/8

We have an emergeny. The strain of influenza infecting the ship has become completely resistant to any vaccines or treatment we can find. 13% of the ship's population has now succumbed to the infection and so far eight have died. I've initiated emergeny measures and quarantined the infected. The epidemiologist, Doctor Munroe, is working around the clock to find a solution - I'm sure she'll come up with a cure before long.

Contagion 3/5

Physician's Log 2463/5

Doctor Munroe made a discovery that has filled me with dread. This contagion doesn't derive from the influenza epidemic - it's altogether more alien than that. The contaminant has no human origin - it comes from Gottleib, the scientiest who was injured a few days ago. Whatever mineral he was taking a sample of must have got into his blood. It's mutated into some kind of virulent pathogen. Munroe is unable to isolate the microorganism that's causing it. It spreads... fast. Quarantine hasn't worked and people are starting to panic. We're doing our best to come up with a counteragent but I'm not sure we have the resources...

Contagion 4/5

Physician's Log 2499/9

We are lost. Munroe died two days ago and any chance we had of finding a cure for this epidemic died with her. Half the ship's population is already dead and 98% of those remaining are infected. Teams are working round the clock to vent the bodies into space but they're piling up so quickly... The riots haven't helped. Prople are panicking, angry, don't know what to do. When you see your family die I guess yoou just get desperate.

I don't know what to do. Suppose I should do my job but it's no use. At least I've avoided infection. For now...

Contagion 5/5

Physician's 2501/7

I knew I wasn't going to avoid contracting this thing forever... I'm one of... one of the last. This place is so quiet now. It used to teem with life and now... now there's just silence along the empty corridors. I should probably go for one last walk... while I still can...

Venusian - Boarding Party

How to find: Travel to Kitae, set course for Zephyrus and supercruise in that direction for about 2,5k lightseconds.


Boarding Party 1/4

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

This is Officer Grant. I know I haven't made any of these logs - haven't needed to - but recent events mean I have to open a record. The Venusian has been travelling for months now without incident, other than the usual canteen disputes and a couple of bar fights. Recently though, sensors have picked up a number of heat signals, though no sign of any actual ships... that is, until today.

Two small ships of unknown designation were briefly caught on sensors until they initiated supercruise and disappeared. We don't know where they've come from or where they've gone, and attempts to hail them were met with silence. The XO, Deacon, thinks it's nothing to worry about but I've got to admit, I'm nervous. Anyway, we're keeping an eye out and the comms team are on high alert. Maybe it's nothing.

Boarding Party 2/4

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

They came out of a gas nebula, a pirate fleet, all manner of ships and some of them highly modified. Every single one was red though. Blood red. Our auto defences were useless and the raiders breached the hull with mining lasers. By the time they'd got inside I'd managed to rustle up a decent defence force, but we couldn't stop them spreading through the decks. The fighting was fierce at first and we put up a good resistance, but when the best of our crew were cut down there was nothing the rest of us could do.

All I could do was initiate a rearguard action while we tried to save as many people as we could. Deacon managed to rally some troops and we pushed them back long enough to retreat to aft. Not sure how long we're gonna last. Deacon keeps talking about a parlay, but these are pirates on a slave hunt. They won't stop until we're all dead or in chains. And frankly I'd take death over slavery any day.

Boarding Party 3/4

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

I'm down to my last dozen men and about the same in cells for my carbine. We're got around a hundred civilians relying on us and we'll fight till the last man to defend them. Deacon's disappeared. Either fled or captured I don't know which. I can only hope he managed to escape somehow and has gone to get helf from somewhere. Anywhere.

I know, I'm kidding myself. We're done for, and it's just a matter of time before they breach our defences. No matter - I'll fight till the last. They won't take me alive.

Boarding Party 4/4

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

Our barricade has been breached. We're under heavy fire. It won't be long. Deacon! Damn him, it was Deacon who did this. He showed the pirates how to breach our defences, gave them access to the maintenance tunnels. They would never have found them without Deacon's help.

I'm caught in a hail. If I can manage to return fire long enough maybe I can get a bead on Deacon. Just one shot is all I need to out that son of a...

Hyperion - The Promised Land

How to find: Travel to Lalande 2966, set course for Lyncis Sector EL-Y C8 and supercruise in that direction for about 8,5k lightseconds.


The Promised Land 1/5

Midshipman's Log 54/6

Our voyage continues apace. All systems fully operational. Whe had some issues with the hydroponics unit, but maintenance has managed to solce that problem. The only other thing to report is the religious fervour that seems to be gripping some sections of crew and passengers. Apparently there'sthis boy - I think he's around ten or something - and people are heralding him as the second coming. There's a rumour he can perform miracles but it's obviously only a story. Commander Jefferson wasn't to impressed when he heard but I managed to calm him down. Told him it was good for people to have something to believe in... especially on a voyage like this one.

The Promised Land 2/5

Midshipman's Log 57/9

This situation is becoming critical. Support for the child - they're just calling him Zachariah - has developed into some sort of mass hysteria. They#re hailing him as a kind of messiah. Over half the ship's population now thinks this boy is going to deliver them to the promised land. Jefferson has tried talking to his acolytes but they no longer recognise the commander as the main authority figure on the ship. It wouldn't be so bad but there are whispers of weird ceremonies, and people have started to go missing. I don't know what Jefferson's next move is but he needs to do it quick if we're gonna regain order.

The Promised Land 3/5

Midshipman's Log 59/6

We have an emergency situation. Commander Jeffersion is... he's dead. They killed him... on offering they called it. He went with a security team to break up one of their gatherings and take Zachariah into custody when they just turned on him. The kid refused to go and ordered the security team to throw Jefferson out of the air lock. I can't believe they dit it! It's like he has some kind of power - I'ver never seen anything like it.

There's only me and a few others who don't follow him now, but it's safer if we just go along with these religious fanatics until they find their promised land and I can ditch them. I don't want to be the next one getting vented!

The Promised Land 4/5

Midshipman's Log 62/4

I don't have much time. He's going to kill everyone... and I have to stop him. Turns out Zachariah's 'promised land' isn't a fertile planet. It's the cold vaccum of space! He intends to open up every airlock on the ship and vent all the corridors and containment units. He just proclaimed it to the entire ship in that little voice of his. Everyone seems to be going along with it - thinking it'll take them to a higher plane or some garbage. Am I the only one here still sane? Because it sure feels like it.

I have to stop him. I got a loaded carbine and I'm not going to let anyone get on my way. I just hope I'm in time.

The Promised Land 5/5









Odysseus - Our New Eden

Location: Ross 859 in orbit of Planet B 1.


Our New Eden 1/5

Odysseus Council Log:

Order, order. I will have order in the house.

It is decided then.

The mission is changed.

We, the elected council of the Odysseus, decree that all members of the crew remain on board and all resources for the ill conceived planetary colonisation mission are to be reallocated to enable the Odysseus to sustain us.

Order, order.

Any and all attempts to leave the ship, question the council or otherwise reinstate the previous mission parameters, is to be considered a capital offence. For the greater good.

Our New Eden 2/5

Personal Log: First Officer

Why would we leave the safety of oour fot the unknown of an alien world?

We have everything we need here. No one goes without. We have sustainable food, water, medical supplies and power sources for all on board. This is our Eden, not some dust ball hurtling through the vacuum of space. It makes no sense to leave.

Besides we have no idea what we would find on those worlds, if we'd survive, if we'd be able to find food or water. There could be anything out there.

The ship's council makes the law and they were tight all those years ago. That's why we elected them after all.

The Odysseus is our home and this is where we stay. For the greater good.

Our New Eden 3/5

Security Officer's Log:

It's been years since we've dealt with something like this and to be honest I'm not sure we can cope anymore.

Sickness has taken hold, we detected it too later. By the time we knew what it was, half the ship was infected. Rings A and C are no go areas, even for medical staff. Council orders. So many areas are quarantined off now we're cut off from some of the ship's key systems.

We should have been better prepared. It's not the first outbreak we've had. Back in my dad's day an epidemic flooded the ship after a meteor storm. There were riots and people getting sick. But we got through it. We rebuilt the farms, people got medicine and recovered. This... this is different.

The council has initiated martial law, the ship's under curfew, and anyone found to be infected is locked up in the quarantine zones. They say it's for the greater good, but I don't know anymore. I can't think straight.

Our New Eden 4/5

Security Officer's Log:

If the sickness killing us all wasn't bad enough, the council just gave the order, someone flicked a switch and they vented it all. Ring A, C, the med bays, the holding bays, all of it. Anywhere there was a sign of infection. Hundreds of people, sucked out into space. Hundreds more suffocated with no air. For the greater good.

We were raised to believe that the will of the council is absolute. They govern, they rule, for all of us. But this...

There's talk of a movement to remove the council, they want to get off the ship to leave a the next habitable world. After all these years, none of us have any memory of anything but the Odysseus. It's a dream. We wouldn't know what to do if we got planetside. I'm fifth generation; all I know is this ship, the council, the laws. And I know that going down to an unknown planet would likey be the death of us all. Besides, it will never happen. The council won't allow it. There is only one way off this ship.

Our New Eden 5/5

Ship Log Final entry:

They thought they had eradicated it. We all though they had. We fought, for the greater good. We existed here, for the greater good. We mourned the lost ones, for the greater good. The council made peace, for the greater good. We exist, we remember, we mourn. All for the greater good.

Twenty years, we have existed.

But you can't kill this, it hides, it retreats and mutates and comes at you again.

The same, but different. Stronger, more deadly.

Now there is nothing left; no people, no council, no laws, only the sickness.

I record this as a warning, do not board this ship. It is dead. Mourn those lost and remember, but do not set foot onboard this ship. For the greater good...

Thetis - Madness & Ghosts

Location: Nefertem in orbit of Planet 6 A.


Madness & Ghosts 1/5

Comms Log 905.2.34

Still all quiet out here in the black. Just had our very first ninth-gen child born on ship. That takes the current population to 17,401. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. Apart from report from some residents at the northern end of C-Deck. They've heard some kind of strange whispering sound coming from their apartment comms unit. I'm sure it's nothing, but I've dispatched a member of tech to investigate.

Madness & Ghosts 2/5

Comms Log 907.6.34

We have an emergency situation on board. Some kind of epidemic, it's driving people insame. I've managed to source it to a digital signal that keeps broadcasting within the comms array. It started on C-Deck, but now the entire population of decks C to F have been massacred. They just went crazy and started killing each other.

I've isolated the signal, so it's stopped for now. Just trying to identify the source. It should be easy enough to delete the beacon. If I can find the right frequency. I wanna know what the message says, but I'm... I'm just to scared to listen.

Madness & Ghosts 3/5

Comms Log 908.7.34

I've done it. I've managed to decrypt the signal and identify the source. But it's even more confusing than I thought. The signal originates from an uninhabited planet we passed 15 lightyears ago. Who sent it and how it managed to infect the comms array I have no idea.

That's the good news. The bad news is, I heard the message. I was trying to run it through the translator and I forgot the speaker was on. It's the same message replayed again and again and again - it's more a whisper than anything else; it says, 'kill them all' ...

Madness & Ghosts 4/5

Comms Log 900.0.04

Blood. Blood everywhere. It's spread on the walls - people have started writing words in it but it's a script I can't identify. I'm alone now on the comms deck. Pearson was the last one with me but I had to stab him in the throat to stop him... stop him... I can't remember what I had to stop him doing but... he's dead now.

I can thear people out there. Some of them are still walking around. Some of them are barely breathing. I have to find them. I have to silence them. I have to...

Madness & Ghosts 5/5

Comms Log 000.0.00


Pleione - The Chromosome Incident

How to find: Travel to Hez Ur planet 5, set course for Teuten and supercruise in that direction for about 8000ls.

The Chromosome Incident 1/4

Medical Log 247/4

I've researched some statistics and there could be a problem. Over the past three months 75% of pregnancies have provided a male foetus. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about right now. Although I'm starting to think my predecessor make a mistake not bringing any medical equipment that could manipulate gender at the embryonic stage. I mean I can understand the ethics behind it, but this has left us hanging a little bit. Especially now we're in this situation. I can only hope it evens itself out.

The Chromosome Incident 2/4

Medical Log 320/9

The situation is now official. We've had no female newborns for the past nine months and all recent pregnancies have produced male foetusses. I'm currently looking into the problem and it would appear that nome of the ship's complement are producing male gametes with the XX chromosome. That means that even if we could artificially inseminate with a sample we still wouldn't produce any zygotes with the potential to form a female embryo. I have no idea how to solve this as we have no stock with both XX and XY samples on the ship - another mistake my predecessor made. If I can find out the cause of this anomaly hopefully it will lead me to a solution. We have time to fix this, and I'm not panicking yet, but this has the potential to be disastrous to the success of our mission.

The Chromosome Incident 3/4

Medical Log 398/1

After all these years I finally have come to terms with the fact that we're never going to find a solution to this problem. The last memeber of the ship's complement of child bearing age has now had a boy. She was sixty nine. If I could find a solution, even if I applied the stims and gene therapy that allowed any of them to carry a child, none of the women aboard would reach full term anyway.

The Chromosome Incident 4/4

Medical Log 537/5

This will be my last entry. The men aboard are preparing to evacuate. The know the mission is doomed and don't want to die here. I don't blame them. I could still go with them, but I've refused the offer. I failed this ships and everyone aboard. It's only right that I die with the mission. Good luck to them.

Atlas - No Brakes

How to find: Orbits the White Dwarf star Charick Drift A

No Brakes 1/5

Chief Engineer's Log:

The Captain told the crew the bad news. They've known for months now, but until today it's been on a need-to-know basis. Now it's out there.

We can't stop the ship.

I remember telling the captain about the fault; a manufacturing issue that no one else had detected. I felt responsible; after all I'm the ship's engineer, like my father and his father before him.

All he said was; "We'll fix it". Nine month on, we're nearing our destination and no closer to finding a solution. But, in lieu of a fix, I believe I have an alternative.

No Brakes 2/5

Chief Engineer's Log:

After all the debates, all the meetings and the arguing, the ship's council has finally approved the plan. So we're all system go. We're rigging the emergency pods and the life ships to carry as much useful equipment as possible.

The command crew had made all the course adjustments they can to get the ship close to the target. After that we'll launch all the pods as the ship passes by. With any luck they will all land safely and we can finally call this mission a success.

There's just one catch. Someone has to stay behind to launch the pods. That person will be stuck on board. One life for so many, seems like a good deal. Jean will think I'm crazy, but I volunteered to be that person. Funny, Jean's always telling me I need to step up to the challenge more, to prove that I have what it takes. I'm not sure this is what she had in mind.

No Brakes 3/5

Chief Engineer's Log:

After weeks of preparation and drills we're finally getting close. Only a few more days until launch. all adjustments have been made and our trajectory is looking good. I've been getting the engineers to double and triple check everything. I want this to go as smoothly as possible. We've had our teething problems, which I guess were to be expected. After all the ship wasn't meant to do this without stopping. I'm getting nervous. if this fails...

There's another thing. Jean's pregnant. She doesn't know that I know. I found the test in the bathroom. With all that's happening I guess she doesn't know how to tell me. Maybe she's afraid that it will affect my judgement.

She might have been right about that. I was going to tell her tonight that I'm the one. But I'm not sure I can anymore. She'll want to stop me, or worse she'll want to stay behind as well. I can't let that happen.

No Brakes 4/5

Communication Log:

Pod 12, Launch, launch, launch, Pod 13, Begin launch procedures.

Pod 14, what are you doing? Pod 14, please acknowledge. Come in, do you read me? Abort, I reapeat, Abort! You are not cleared t...

Oh hell! Explosion in bay 14. Emergency. I repeat, this is an emergency. all remaining pods. Begin launch...

*radio chirp*

Tom, where are you? The pilot is... He's saying he's going to leave without you. What is happening?

Jean, we've got to go now!

This is Chief Engineer Tom Edwards to the pilot of Life Ship 003. This is a direct order. Secure all passengers and launch now.

Tom, the ship's leaving. Where are you?

Jean, sweetheart, you have to listen to me. I'm sorry, this is the only way. I couldn't tell you before. Someone needs to stay on board and make sure everyone gets out of here.

I don't... Why, why you?

It's my responsibility. Listen to me. You're going to be ok. Both of you.

How? How did you know?

That's not important. Just know everything is going to be okay. I love...

No Brakes 5/5

We're out of communication range now; I've been sitting here for hours listening to the crackle of the dead signal. I thought I was ready for this. Thought I had made peace with it, but knowing that was the last time I was going to hear her voice makes it so much worse.

The captain said they are going to name the first settlement after me. A nice gesture I guess, but I really didn't do it for them. I did it for her and the life she's carrying.

This was the right thing to do. There is no telling when or if this ship will ever stop. We had our shot and we took it. I'd gladly do it again. My kid's not going to grow up in some tin can, floating aimlessly in space. They're going to grow up with dirt between their toes and the sky above their head.