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For more detailed information about recommended systems for gaining reputation check CMDR Swift Arrow's Thread on the official Forum!
If you have additional useful information about the locked systems or know of one that is not listed please post it in that thread too.


Federal Systems



Rank: Petty Officer

Historic system famous as both the birthplace of humanity and as the political capital of the Federation. A very expensive and prestigious system to live in and a popular tourist venue. Most rich humans will visit Earth once in their lives. all the major corporations have their headquarters on Mars, terraformed in 2286, which is the main centre of administration.

Beta Hydri

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

High-population outdoor world. Federation founder member.


Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Benefits: Access to rare good Vegan Slimeweed.

Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous. Was known in ancient times as Alpha Lyrae.

PLX 695

Rank: Warrant Officer

In Depth Protection are a relatively new player on the military supply scene but they are already making some big waves.

'Countermeasures and military grade electronic warfare suites for those close encounters.'

Ross 128

Rank: Ensign

Prisoners are housed in underground cell complexes, and set to work in the mine. Visitors are allowed, but an entry permit must first be obtained. There is reputed to be a seedier side to the colony whereby lonely visitors may enter without permit while the guards turn a blind eye for a fee, but his is always denied.


Rank: Lieutenant

No system description is available.


Rank: Lieutenant Commander

The Brightlight Training Corporation headquarters can be found in this small Federal service system.
'Your learning is our business'

4 Sextantis

Rank/Faction: ?

No system description is available.


CD-44 1695

Rank/Faction: ?

No system description is available.


LFT 509

Rank/Faction: ?

No system description available.
Should be obtainable. Was mentioned in version 1.2 patch notes.


Rank/Faction: ?

No system description is available.


HIP 54530

Faction: HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group

No system description is available.




Imperial Systems



Rank: Squire

Imperial capital on Achenar 6d, known as Capitol by the locals. 6c is still known as Conversion though it was terraformed in 2696. 6b was terraformed in 2850 to accomodate the population explosion which followed. Anyone without quirky accent of Imperial citizens is shunned, especially if they are from a Federation world.
In August 3301 Emperor Hengist Duval is assassinated during his wedding. Two months later Arissa Lavigny-Duval is crowned emperor.


Rank: Lord

Darkwater Inc are one of the largest private military forces to have ever existed and their headquarters are situated in this system.
'Keeping watch and keeping you safe.'


Rank: Earl

Well known Imperial Navy Base. Most Imperial naval administration is done on Topaz, and there are several outdoor training camps across the surface.
Senator Anders Blaine is the senator for this system and enjoys relative autonomy.



Alliance Systems





Faction: Alioth Independents



The famous capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems. The system was the subject of many battles between the Federation and the Empire over many years, until in 3230 the Alliance was formed in a massed insurrection against both invaders. The Alliance has now spread over many worlds and so Alioth is now an important poloitical centre. Has an ancient name of Epsilon Ursae Majoris.





Independent Systems


Shinrarta Dezhra

Rank: Elite status in Exploration, Trading or Combat

This is the only system directly controlled by the Pilots Federation and entry is only allowed to those invited. Achieving a high status is the usual cause for invitation, but other more secretive methods are also known.
The system is governed by the Elite Pilots Federation and members are allowed to retire here.

CD-43 11917

Rank: Must reach CQC rank 50 and reset back to rank 1

No system description is available.


Terra Mater

Faction: Brotherhood of Terra Mater

No system description is available.




Faction: Dukes of Jotun

Benefits: Access to rare good Juton Mookah.
A barren system with rich asteroid mineral deposits and one hospitable world. An ice planet, Fafner, has the distinction of possessing a top soil free from crop pathogens when kept below 2C. However, the indigenous vegetation is slow-growing. Its most expensive export is the 'mookah', a small soft-furred quadruped that stains its multi-coloured fur sludge brown when it dies - something it does easily unless regularly stroked. The meat is extremely bitter, but they have found a nice as an expensive pet. Most trade is done with the Imperials, who use slaves to tend the animals individually during transit.


Faction: Sirius Corporation

Benefits: Access to Engineer Marco Qwent
Famous as the first true corporate systen and also notable for the first interstellar war. Since 2350, the Sirius Corporation has been using the vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer from coils wrapped around the planet for the synthesis of custom elements (particularly military grade fuel). Has the ancient name of Alpha Canis Majoris.

Van Maanen' Star

Faction: Sublime Order of Van Maanen's Star

The system was given to the Guardians of the Free Spirit religious sect by the Federation in 2480. They believe in maximum hardship and live underground on several of the inner planets of the system. It is forbidden by Federal Law to enter the system without permission of the Guardians.



Luyten 347-14

Faction: Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony

No system description is available.


Faction: Peregrina Aristocrats

WARNING: PLAGUE SYSTEM. The only life-bearing body has been cordoned off due to native pathogens. Any ship passing into the moon's atmosphere will be automatically designated a plague ship, refused docking in all systems and destroyed on-sight by all faction and system security forces. System trade consists of rumoured alien artefacts found in deep space, along with moderate mineral deposits in the system's inner asteroid belt.


Faction: Hodack Prison Colony

A small settlement run by the Wreaken Construction and Mining Corporation.


Faction: Crom Silver Boys

Benefits: Access to rare good Crom Silver Fesh (drug).

No system description is available.

LTT 198

Faction: LTT 198 Order

No system description is available.


Faction: Defence Party of Nastrond

No system description is available.


Faction: Conservatives of Tiliala

No system description is available.

Pi Mensae

Faction: Pi Mensae Brotherhood

The Lewis Zero G Fitness franchise is based in this system.

'In space no one can hear you pump!'


Faction: Chapter of Isinor faction

No system description is available.

Zero Population Systems


Alpha Hydri


HIP 10332

HIP 22182

HIP 39425

HIP 51073

HIP 87621

HIP 104941

HR 4413


LHS 2894

LHS 2921

LHS 3091


Ross 354

Witch's Reach

Wolf 262

'No system description available.' for all these systems

Witch's Reach Permit should be obtainable since it was mentioned in version 1.2 patch notes.



Planets & Moons

Planet: Triton

System: SOL

How to obtain: unknown

Planet: DISO 5 C

System: DISO

How to obtain: unknown

Planet: LAVE 2

System: LAVE

How to obtain: unknown

Regions / Sectors

Regor Sector (~1k ly to Sol)

Horsehead Dark Region (~1,5ly to Sol)

M41 Sector (~2,5k ly to Sol)

NGC 3603 Sector (~20k to Sol)

Froadik (~26k ly to Sol)

BLEIA1 - BLEIA5 (~37k ly to Sol)


Col 70 Sector (~1,5k ly to Sol)

NGC 1647 Sector (~1,5k ly to Sol)

NGC 2264 Sector (~2,5k ly to Sol)

Bovomit (~21k ly to Sol)

Dryman (~28k ly to Sol)

PRAEI1 - PRAEI6 (~54k ly to Sol)


Col 97 Sector (~2k ly to Sol)

Col 121 Sector (~1,5k ly to Sol)

NGC 2286 Sector (~9,5k ly to Sol)

Sidgoir (~24 ly to Sol)

Hyponia (~33k ly to Sol)








Permit-locked regions in the Milky Way GalaxyPermit-locked regions in the Milky Way Galaxy    
Human-space is that little red dot...