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1 G. Caeli The Pyrite Delta League actively pursues Imperial interests in 1 G. Caeli and beyond.
109 Piscium

Disillusioned with the superpowers and driven to forge a new and free path, the Freelancers took 109 Piscium for their home. A band of leaderless mercenaries and killers for hire, the Freelancers were drawn to Ising dock for its production of the Fer-de-Lance - their favoured ship for hunting among the stars.
17 Draconis

The Order are a secret society obsessed with seeking out the mystery of Raxxla. They are violently dedicated to eradicating all alien life from the Milky Way to ensure human safety, hindering all progress into alien research other than our own, and seeking out all secrets in the universe. They are known to operate through infiltration and deceit to gather intelligence for our own gain.
27 Kappa Persei

The Justicars of Helios operate from this system, bringing the light of Helios to the dark corners of the galaxy. Though they are joyful, they are tasked with a terrible purpose. For too long humanity has squabbled while the richness of the heavens lies before its feet. No longer. Heresy such as this must be punished, and theirs is the fist that delivers divine justice.
3 Corvi

The EDC Commonwealth operates from this system and was founded by like minded pilots wanting a place to meet and swap stories. Now the Commonwealth has expanded into one of the biggest depositories of knowledge in the known galaxy. So much so, new pilots come here to learn. This has led to the establishment of a neutral system that welcomes all.
30 Ceti

The Shadow shall rise and with it, the Order. And the Order shall seek out and claim knowledge and power. And the Order shall use its knowledge and power to spread the Shadow's influence, until the Shadow's chains are broken. And spread across the galaxy. The Shadow rises.
32 Mu Serpentis

Cartographers' Guild is an independent group of explorers, scouts and pacifist scientists. Their purpose is to archive the entire galaxy through their virtual interface connected to their Archigrapher mentor. Their stated goal is to transfer knowledge to our children and thereby to perpetuate the memory of the universe.
38 Lyncis The Marias Corporation is a corporate mining group operating in the Viaduct; a group of three systems with a capital in 38 Lyncis. Marias has been providing metals and minerals for the galaxy since 2384.
39 Tauri

On the edge of human space there are few holiday destinations. Struck by Ad Pontes' exceptional natural beauty, and few natural resources, the first colonists saw the economic sense in preserving their discovery and advertising `The Planet of the Zodiac' as a place of relaxation and renewal. Exports are mostly keepsakes and items with dubious `ancient' spiritual power and heritage.
41 Lambda Hydrae

The Winters Wolves are descendants of Native Americans who fled the Sol System during the Great Path and settled in this system. As their history has shown, not assimilating into expanding powers caused much suffering for their ancestors, now the Wolves not only assimilate with expanding powers, but use their great organisational skills to get others to assimilate with them as well.
42 Aquilae Knights of Fortuitus are a peaceful faction aimed at exploration.
45 Tauri

Home to the Simbad Regime and its unyielding commanders. With its unwavering influence and lust for power, it strives for absolute control with little external diplomacy in hopes of becoming a force to be reckoned with.
51 Aquilae

The Flaming Fist began as a small band of pilots hired to provide security in unruly Federal systems. One day, the Flaming Fist's founder, Eltan Solaire, and his new management team appeared for contract renegotiation. Not in the weak fashion they had before as individuals, but as a corporation independent of the Federation The Flaming Fist currently occupies 51 Aquilae to provide security and stability for the systems they occupy so that the people there may live in peace. The Flaming Fist business model is one of constant expansion. Any states or organisations that wish for the protection of the Flaming Fist provide a sizable stake in their operations, weaving part of these groups into the Flaming Fist. In return, the Flaming Fist provides security and emergency services. This model allows the Flaming Fist to operate with fluidity and expertise in many fields while focusing on its personal expertise regarding security and emergency response.
51 Arietis

The prospecting team that discovered the system recognised the wealth inherent in its biospheres and sold the system claim to its current owner, Hippoc Bioceuticals, for an exorbitant fee. The system is now a galactic centre for biological research and exports a wide range of high-spec bio, chemical and medical products. Due to the sensitive nature and value of the research being carried out, entry requires a permit, and business is only conducted with trusted couriers. Conflict Resolution Solutions, CoRe Solutions for short, is a corporation dealing in military equipment and supplies, employing and backing mercenary pilots in an effort to expand their share of the market.
58 Epsilon Herculis

A black-ops group specialising in infiltration, which masquerades as an outer-rim mining colony delivering rare metals to Alliance shipyards. The Sap Core Legion offers sanctuary to political dissidents from Alliance and Federation systems.
63 G. Capricorni

Betrayed by the Empire and exiled from their homeworld, the Diamond Frogs have wholly rejected the superpowers and now operate as a private military force, offering their services to whomever needs them, wherever they are, regardless of their allegiance or ideology. Based somewhere in the lawless fringes of the Capricorni sector, the Frogs believe that no pilot should live or die at the whim of a government, and welcome soldiers of fortune who share their vision of a galaxy without borders.
64 Arietis Argus Panoptic Corporation is non-governmental private organisation, and their main objective is studying and monitoring alien technologies.
69 Ceti The Elite German Commanders are an ancient group of pilots established centuries ago on the old planet Earth. They fight for justice and to keep the universe in balance.
70 Ophiuchi The Lightspeed Accommodation hotel chain has its flagship hotel in this system. 'Putting up with you for the night - or your money back!'
9 Aurigae

The Order of Enblackenment follows and worships the Void. They believe that only through darkness can one reach enlightenment. Born in the shadows of the galaxy, the Order of Enblackenment is set to spread the word of the Void and enforce its will, through peace or war. Those who embrace the Void's teachings and way of life are welcomed into the Order.



Acantha Wanderers of Witch Space have plans to spread across the galaxy and rule all systems, uniting humanity under one banner. Humanity is safer if it is united.

Imperial capital on Achenar 6d, known as Capitol by the locals. 6c is still known as Conversion though it was terraformed in 2696. 6b was terraformed in 2850 to accommodate the population explosion which followed. Anyone without the quirky accent of Imperial citizens is shunned, especially if they are from a Federation world. In August 3301 Emperor Hengist Duval is assassinated during his wedding. Two months later Arissa Lavigny-Duval is crowned emperor.
Acihaut Poor, low population refinery and extraction economy (Federal democracy).
Aditi The Imperial Cartographic Cooperative is a faction dedicated to exploration and the mapping of the galaxy in the name of the Emperor. Its personnel regularly pioneer trips into the uncharted cosmos.
Aerial This system is famed for being the home of the Defence Gizmos corporation. 'Recycled parts to equip your ship.'
Aganippe Agricultural economy (independent corporate state).
Agarla Brazilian Empire Pilots are a faction honouring an ancient nation from old Earth, and seeking to bring together Brazilian pilots linked to the Empire.

This system is famous for the exclusive brand of 'Braben Woollens' that are spun by the fair hand of lovely maidens from only the finest wool of genetically engineered sheep. 'Feel warm with natural wool.'

The Forgotten are the vanguard wing of Expedition Medusa, an expeditionary force of seasoned explorers, miners, tenders and escort ships sent out on a deep space mission in 2900. After losing communications for over a century, the fleet council sent a wing back to inhabited space. Its mission was to claim a home system and prepare it for the return of the main fleet, which would eventually bring order and unity beneath a single banner to the now divided powers.
Akhenaten This up and coming system is known for being the home of the Budget Shields corporation, suppliers of 'cheap and cheerful' shields throughout Federal space.
Akkadia A bustling Federal industrial system that is also the centre of Delver Mining Corporation operations. 'The right tool for those tough jobs.'
Alexandrinus Home to a lost, ancient civilisation with primitive beliefs in divinity.
Alexis Centauri Alexis Centauri is a triple star composed of a main binary yellow dwarf pair (Alexis Centauri A and Alexis Centauri B) and an outlying red dwarf, Paris Centauri.

The famous capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems. The system was the subject of many battles between the Federation and the Empire over many years, until in 3230 the Alliance was formed in a massed insurrection against both invaders. The Alliance has now spread over many worlds and so Alioth is now an important political centre. Has an ancient name of Epsilon Ursae Majoris.
Alkaid Also known as 85 Eta Ursae Majoris.
Alpha Caeli

Aurora is a constitutional monarchy that is built around existentialism. It is currently headed by the Empress Lunea Moeli Valentis, who was nominated after having passed multiple tests of the fundamental laws of Aurora. Her wisdom is recognized by her peers. Born in an Orca, from a commander father and a purser mother, Lunea spent her childhood by travelling. Today, her conquest of space is felt through tourism. The Aurora's technology focuses mainly on interstellar transport, in partnership with the manufacturer Saud Kruger.
Alpha Centauri

Eden was the first planet on which liquid water was detected by spectroscopic methods in 2038, and was consequently a major driving force for the exploration of space. However, Eden turned out to be extremely inhospitable with the added danger of hard radiation from Proxima. There is now a small research station on Eden, but little else in the rest of the system. Star was once known as Rigel Kentaurus. Late in 3301 a rag-tag collection of independent commanders selflessly came to the aid of The Hutton Mug Co. to help kick-start the creation of the Hutton Mug; that rare item that can only be found at Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system. Over 2.4 million tonnes of scrap were delivered by the Truckers, all the while evading and eventually confronting the many concerted attacks by pirates and other near-do-wells who blockaded the platform, determined to thwart the Mug Company's efforts. In the aftermath of the famed Mug Run many intrepid commanders decided to formalise their association into the Cooperative, vowing to protect the hallowed route and, perhaps one day, find a cure for MODS.
Alpha Fornacis

Descendants of ancient Wales who were forced to flee during WW3. Those that survived drifted throughout the galaxy until, in 3302, a chance meeting at a bar in Clement Station, and the unveiling of two pilots' heritages and goals, led to the birth of the Welsh Dragon Wing. Due to a perceived lack of support for miners by Federal and Imperial forces, they are dedicated to helping those in need of protection from any threat in Alpha Fornacis.

A developing Federal agricultural world that was once known as Gamma Cephei. The home system for the Blood Brothers from Alrai. They are a group of combat and trade pilots that protects traders and other pilots, and maintain law and order.

Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous. Was also known as Alpha Aquilae in ancient times. The Elite Rebel Force are based here and are a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters. They are renowned for being both helpful and deadly.
Alterf Also known as 4 Lambda Leonis.
Amaneque This binary system has a small extraction economy. Ruthless criminal gangs are believed to operate within this system.

The Ronin of Amarak are based in this system. They are a party of pirates and low-lifes who managed to gained control of the system through a dubious deal. From their base of operations they raid traders, smuggle illegal wares and battle local security. It has been known for the Ronin to pick a fight over trinkets like booze or drugs and start a war over just a few credits. The Ronin are not known for their trustworthiness. Small issues or hiccups have collapsed entire intergalactic peace treaties. There have been rumours that only a few organisations have maintained a steady and positive alignment with them. The Ronin have a strict internal code of conduct concerning honour which is the only thing that really matters to them.

This colony of bodyguards, bounty hunters and soldiers offers private protection to high paying government officials within the Empire, and pride themselves on their combat prowess. Secretly they are engaged in high-level wetwork operations for the Empire.

The home system for the Communist Interstellar Union. It is a faction that believes that all assets and means of production should be communally owned. It also asserts that each member is equal, that they should contribute according to their ability and receive support according to their needs. The union was formed with the aim of protecting and uniting communist peoples.

A tiny population of less than a thousand, divided between Newtown and de Gaul, eke out a living in asteroid mining. Only the best armed traders survive. It's the kind of place you go to dump the bodies.
Anek Wang This binary system is a rare gem with only a single planet, but one that was terraformable. The system now supports an extensive population with a primarily agricultural based economy.
Anlave High population outdoor world. Former Federation Navy headquarters. The Citizens Office for New Trade Revenue and Individual Liberty was born out of necessity to ensure the safety of trade revenues and routes in Catun and its neighbouring star systems. Its member pilots follow a democratic ideal and are fiercely independent.
Anotchadiae This relatively quiet system supports an extraction economy supplying nearby refineries. Except for the harsh working conditions there is little of note here.
Anuron The Guardians of the Skies are dedicated to settling new worlds and bringing peace to the galaxy.

The Bollwerk Mercenary Corporate is a faction of mercenaries and former security personnel who were originally a small crew of pilots hired for escort duty and system sweeping missions. They are now independently expanding their influence by establishing security contracts and trade agreements, as well as offering protection to shipping lanes and maintaining their own network of equipment and goods.
Aobriguana Bringing the word of Bacon to the systems of anarchy. Burning the impurities of bureaucracy and immoral piracy from the systems that need it most.
Apam Napat

The Neo Galactic Adventure Force is based in this system. It is a pilot association, aimed at recruiting and training young pilots, and giving them a place among a community of like-minded adventurers and eventually guiding them on their way to the stars. JB Tax Accountants are famed throughout Imperial space for their services. This system contains their prime offices. 'No numbers too real or imaginary.'
Aphra The Red Baron is a newly formed faction born out of war and death. It has earned a reputation for being merciless to the enemy and to those who don't uphold the law.

This trinary system of dwarf stars supports a modest combined refinery and extraction economy. Most of the system's activity is focused around the inner planets of the main star. Gothic Imperium is dedicated to protecting the innocent within the Empire.

The home system for Protectores Zemina Nostri. It is a faction of Imperial traders dedicated to supporting Zemina Torval, keeping her strong and safe wherever she goes. It was granted sanction for a specific area of influence by the Imperial Senate.
Aracenus Dedicated to friendship, morality and brotherly love, the Space Masons are a shining beacon in the darkness of space. Pilots of every creed, faction and power come to the masons to find true friendship.
Arbuda Agricultural economy (Federal democracy). This system is the pride of the Berg's Trans Stellar Food, which is one of the most successful corporations in the food industry. 'Fresh for You.'

Early life had just started to emerge on Discovery when human settlers arrived in 2304. This has now been replaced by an Earth-like ecosystem, adapted to live under the red light. Locals are generally confident their star will remain a red giant forever. The 501st Joint Arcturus Wing is a faction that wants to bring peace to the Arcturus system and neighbouring systems. The 501st believe that you should never attack the innocent, and frown down on pirates and terrorists. They also believe that the only way to truly bring peace is to enlighten the people. The people of the 501st have a certain loyalty to their leaders, five dictators. Only one being known, the rest hiding in the shadows. The only one known to the public is Victor Lexx Crowe. Oddly, though it is a dictatorship the people of the 501st have many freedoms. The only notable thing they outlawed being slavery.
Ari Hesa

Northern Light are based in this system. They are a faction of independent pilots, allied for the protection, advancement and freedom of human inhabited space. They seek to safeguard neighbouring systems through progressive enlightenment.
Arjung The Terran Trade Authority is based in this system.
Arouca Home to a religious order from Europe, Earth, and is now famed for its delicious Conventual sweets.

A growing colony that formally joined the Alliance in 3278. Many of the local corporations are now subsidiaries of Wreaken Mining and Construction. The Wings of the Void were originally a group established to unify pilots within human space. Now, in addition to that, the Wings aim to help new pilots learn about the workings of the galaxy, and to try to maintain peace and contentment wherever they hold power.

In 2380 a small group of entrepreneurs of the Wittkampf Family, and some wealthy friends, left Earth to explore the galaxy. An accident left them stranded on Arth where they built a small outpost that would steadily evolve into a large trading hub. The Wittkampf Family are mostly explorers and traders who will ferociously hunt down pirates foolish enough to invade their territory.
Artume This system is home to Houlden Harmonics who are famed throughout the Federation for the quality of their natural form musical instruments. 'For that authentic sound.'

New Horizons is an independent corporation which specialises in terraforming, colonisation and station construction. Tired of the intense power struggles inside populated space, the corporation plans to expand human controlled space beyond its current boundaries. Using cutting edge terraforming and frame shift drive technologies, the corporation can help anyone with enough credits to colonise a terraformable planet. New Horizons upholds its own political ideologies and does not service anyone that jeopardises peace and harmony.
Asellus Primus

Rich, low population high tech economy (independent corporate state). An independent corporate-run binary system, with a central white F7V star and, further out, a captured planet-less M3V red dwarf. The capture event millions of years earlier doubtless stripped Asellus Primus B of any planets that might have formed with it. Asellus Primus is known for its high tech manufacturing. Also known as 23 Theta Bootis.
Asphodel The Avery Aerodynamics corporation is based here. 'Turbulence is someone else's problem.'
Atfero Senator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.

A quite lawless system with some limited extraction activity. Once known as Delta Velorum. Ice Storm Squadron are based in this system. "Have you ever felt the cold... the cold in the darkness?Have you ever felt the fear... the fear that chills your blood ?Now you will feel it, this is the storm, The ICESTORM!" ISS is an Elite unit operating throughout the whole galaxy to represent and defend the values of the Federation, following their guide, the Shadow President.
Atins The Smiters Company is a commercial faction with profit as its main goal. They are bolstered by a powerful military which commands the utmost respect within their system.

This is the home system for the FireBird Wing. In December of 3300, the Federation declared Onionhead an illegal narcotic. Under direct order from Admiral Vincent, the system where the plant was grown was blockaded and its farms were bombed by Federal gunships. There were many people living on Panem when the bombings began, and many tried to flee. A handful of commanders who banded together and escaped the Federal blockade were nicknamed the 'FireBird Wing' as, just like the Phoenix, they rose from the ashes.

Nirvana is an exotic, verdant outdoor world, rich in indigenous life. A high tech (largely biotech and pharmaceutical) industry developed initially from exploiting the biological wonders found in the vast equatorial cloud forests. Tourists come to see the incredible beauty of the largely undamaged flora and fauna, vigorously protected by the Aulin Corporation. There is also some farming of high-value local produce. The Aulin War Eagles are an independent mercenary group. This group takes on virtually any job, as long as it brings in enough money and is not directed against their own faith. The Aulin War Eagles firmly believe in the teachings of the perfect Bratwurst and have even invented the Aulin Bratwurst.
Aulis Agricultural economy (Federal democracy).
Avalon The skilled soldiers of the Knights of Beneverchio have carried out the will of the Empire for centuries. During periods of peace they have remained silent, calmly waiting to return from the shadows and bring order in the name of the Emperor.

Titan Industries was formed by the previous stakeholders of a mining organisation in the Delkar system. This corporate group operates in and around the high tech system of Avikarli, and is extremely protective of local trade routes and extraction sites. Titan Industries primarily deals with resource extraction and metal trade as well as the provision of security, but it also provides employment opportunities for pilots with other skill sets. Freelancers and third parties are welcome in Titan space, but must abide by local taxes enforced by Titan security, and in return are provided an escort where necessary.
Ayethi Kewell Ergonomics has its main manufacturing plant in this system. 'You sit on it, we'll make it comfy.'
Aymiay Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous.

One of many Imperial worlds that were terraformed during the last major Imperial expansion between 2950-3150, and there are numerous fine examples of architecture of the period. The New Republic of Aymifa is a faction run by scientists and bounty hunters. Their goal is to liberate nearby systems from the Empire and attempt to strike a peace with any aliens the human race comes into contact with.

The Order of Mobius' founding principle is opposing aggression between commanders of the Pilots Federation. The Order of Mobius is non-aligned in galactic politics, and is focused on commerce, exploration and defence.
Aztlan This favoured system is home to the central offices of Donnellan Healthcare, providers of healthcare throughout the Empire. 'Pamper and protect.'




The end of the universe, or so the tone deaf inhabitants thought. They've turned this system into what they consider the party capital, celebrating each new day with a song and a jig. Visitors are routinely issued with earplugs to drown out the screeching.

The White Templars are based in this system. They come from an ancient order who are the defenders of the innocent and upholders of justice. Pledged to Arissa Lavigny-Duval, they are supporters of the Empire. They are devoted to helping mankind progress to a higher level and promoting stability throughout all of the systems across human space.
Baldr Gayan Melodies are known for their intricate musical creations and they are just one of many developments in this growing Imperial service system. 'Music tailored for your needs.'

Most notable feature is a Station: home to approximately 2 million people. Because of its close proximity to all three superpowers it is a crossroads of cultural, financial and political influences. Often used as a place to conduct business and trade which wouldn't be entirely legal in one or more of the factional jurisdictions. It also has a reputation for bohemianism: a place of gap-year students, sexual experimentation, artistic ennui and a general anything-goes-ism.
Banephtha The ADVENT coalition is dedicated to bringing unification by any means necessary.
Banki Between January 3300 and February 3301, the Banki and BD+03 2338 systems attempted to leave the Federation, but the effort was violently suppressed.
Barnard's Star

The 10th Fleet was established in 3301 to aid in the Federation's military expansion under President Jasmina Halsey. After her disappearance, Zachary Hudson activated the 10th fleet as a forward offensive force.
Bast Known as the system where the cure for the infamous Cerberus Plague was discovered in 3301 with the aid of many freelance pilots. Their names are enshrined on a plaque in Hart Station's central hall.

The home system for Cyro Sunrise. The primary focus of the established democracy in Batri is an analysis of why republican-representative democracy has succeeded in some areas while failing in so many others.
BD-02 4304 First reported incidents of the Cerberus Plague in June 3301.
BD-04 797

Having established a healthy market out of Kappa Fornacis, Don Clemente Motanero has branched out to bigger and better systems. BD dash, as it's known among its regulars, is in a perfect position to market several rare trade goods. The Kumite Cartel is at your service should you need something smuggled to your location.
BD+03 2338 Between January 3300 and February 3301, the Banki and BD+03 2338 systems attempted to leave the Federation, but the effort was violently suppressed.
BD+22 4939

Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is an organisation devoted to terraforming and clean energy projects as well as establishing exploration outposts deep in uncharted space. They originated in the Morrina system before moving to BD+22 4939 to establish a new base of operations deeper into unpopulated space.
BD+24 543

Known colloquially as `Exec Central', this system hosts the regional headquarters of several companies and corporations who work in close collaboration under the name `The Proteus Collective'. Unlike most corporate systems, there is rumoured to be a lucrative trade in illegal goods, much of which is high tech. `Unofficial' smuggling is not tolerated: termination is the only penalty.
BD+47 2112 Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).
BD+48 738

Laniakea (meaning 'immeasurable heaven' in Hawaiian) is a hub of technological advancement, trade and a launching point for countless expeditions. Its true strength lies in its inclusive society; all are welcome and the only thing its members do not tolerate is intolerance. The faction was built by a varied, diverse, socially progressive group of individuals coming together to create the one thing they always wanted: a place to call home.
Bedaho This famous system is home to the Astrogator Tours corporation, specialising in deep space adventure holidays. It is a subsidiary of the Saud Kruger corporation also based in this system.
Belarsuk The Wolf Society is a coalition of mercenaries and bounty hunters.
Benoit Badben's Bizznizz is a random group of ne'er-do-wells based in the Benoit system.
Beta Hydri High-population outdoor world. Federation founder member.
Beta Sculptoris The Bright Star Squad is focused on the exploration of the galaxy and searching for intelligent alien life. This organisation is a part of the Imperial Expeditionary Corps.
Beta Trianguli

Australe Systems Commonwealth is a movement formed to oppose the Federation in the Beta and Zeta Trianguli Australis star systems. With most colonies in these systems descended from Australasia on old Earth, a strong independent streak runs through them all and, like nearby Lugh, they want their freedom. alis,
Beta Volantis Eagle Corporation Industries is based in this system. It is a multipurpose corporation with interests in trading and bounty hunting.
Beta-1 Tucanae

The Prismatic Knights of the Phoinix Ascension are a private military order formed and founded by former Imperial Navy Duke Quinton Hannibal. They are a highly specialised military force available to the Empire and its factions, which can be used to fulfil roles that are not officially recognised at the highest levels of government. These roles can range from simple policing and escort duties inside and outside the Empire, to clandestine missions that the Empire and its factions can disavow.

An unremarkable system, notable only for a number of women-only enclaves where technology is rejected and the use of ancient wooden and metal weapons is taught and practiced. Amphipolis Democratic Assembly is a group dedicated to the governance of systems that adhere to the principles of ancient Greek democracy: government by the people, for the people.

In 3301 and after discussing with great care and extensive voting, the citizens of the system decided to proclaim a group of courageous commanders as its defenders and to claim independence from those powers that burdened them with debts many could not afford. Thus was born La Guardia Hispana who oppose those who abuse their power. Now the group is stronger than ever and is willing to fight for what is theirs.

Lorcan Syndicate is a crime syndicate with deep ties to the Empire. They are dedicated to making credits by any means. They are a secret society with a strict code of honour. Their leader is Darkanis "The Fallen" Koeing.

The Imperial Grey Wolves are a detachment of the Imperial Navy who act with a degree of autonomy and are stationed in the frontier of Aisling Duval's domain. Rumour has it they help test some of the Navy's prototype technology. The faction is led by Admiral Sten Kheldar, a proud and level-headed tactical genius.
Bhritzameno The Altair Defence Force was established to offer protection from any outside influence seeking to exploit the system's tactical position and prey on nearby targets.
Bieltani Although the system has a modest extraction operation it does contain considerable wealth within the ring systems of its gas giants.

Bipek Labour has a long established presence and is largely credited for the huge amount of terraforming work being undertaken in the system. The faction holds anti-slavery, fair wages and the right to vote as its core values.
Birjorth The Asylums Rejects Pirate Collective operates from this system. It is a group of ex-soldiers who fought on the losing side of a civil war and are now fighting to rebuild their faction back to its former glory.

This complex star system contains six stars which provide a stunning spectacle when viewed from the lone outpost orbiting the outermost planet. The complex interaction of solar wind from the stars provides an ideal environment for clandestine meetings and operations.
Bohmshohm The headquarters for Low Profile Workshops is located in this system, although they can be tricky to find. 'Blending in is a statement.'
Bolg Poor, low population industrial economy (Federal democracy). A small Federal industrial system whose only claim to fame is the ARG Explorer Ventures corporation. 'Seeing far and seeing true.'.
Borr Darkfleet Logistics is a group of traders from across the galaxy come together to form a trading guild that holds discretion, honour and loyalty above all else.

The Imperial Inquisition is a group of Imperial fanatics based in this system. They are dedicated to defending the Empire from threats, both internal and external. Led by their inspiring leader Mavia Kain, they are determined to become a major player on the galactic stage.

This is the home system for the Divine Brotherhood of Commerce. They believe that the will of Mammon can be seen in the flow of money as demonstrated by their motto: Sanctum Proficuis (Holy Profits). The organisation is operated by anonymous members of a leading council (The Apostles) that manipulate their acolytes via religious propaganda into benefiting the organisation and its council members financially. "He with money has the favour of Mammon. He with the most money has the words of Mammon."
Brib The Order of Open are a cut-throat organisation which focuses on combat and piracy for leisure, but are involved in other activities for their day to day operations.

Brohman was once a tourist destination for game hunters but with the extinction of the Jumbxta its prosperity evaporated. Villist Transfers grew from the planet's rebirth and came to dominate the Galactic network. The rebuild from the `Battle of Villist' has drawn many craftsman and traders from around the galaxy.
Bugayaman The home system for Delta Squadron whose motto is "What we do in life echoes in eternity." They are independent private traders, explorers mercenaries - guns for hire and bounty hunters.
Bukurnabal Bukurnabal Brokers are based in this system and they transport agricultural produce, machinery and technology.

This system contains a number of terrestrial worlds supporting a large population and a mixed agricultural and industrial economy. The locals are said to be friendly, but passers through the system have reported a larger than usual number of ships patrolling the system that don't belong to the system's security fleet. The Bunda Dragoons are a small mercenary unit based out of Bunda and the surrounding area. They mainly offer light-medium escorts for explorers and traders, although they will do almost anything if the price is right. They are also strongly independent, attempting to keep Bunda and the surrounding area outside the influence of the major powers and factions.

When there is a battle and the Empire is involved, you will find The Imperial Vanguard on the front lines. They provide protection for the whole Empire. When there is a job that no one else can handle - you will know where to find us.
Buricasses Senator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.
BV Phoenicis 51TH Massilia Corporation is based in this system. They are a faction of independent mercenaries promoting justice and equality. They wield strong firepower if needed.




Based in the Caelottixa System, the Borinqueneers Alliance is a group of intergalactic pilots who were exiled from earth after a rather scandalous incident with Zachary Hudson and his method of assuming power.

Raven's Scouts was established to find new worlds and discover what waits in the great beyond. Comprised mainly of explorers, Raven's Scouts were founded in the small system of Cai. They were born on Raven's Landing and they take pride in their home and their system.
Callerni SWORD is a neutral organisation whose sole purpose is to protect humanity from both itself and from any potential extraterrestrial threats.
Cama Zotz Black Ares is a small group of expert combat traders specialising in the safe transport of high value cargo. They are called upon where discretion and stealth are key, and the risk of active combat is high.
Canopus Also known as Alpha Carinae.
Capella Also known as 13 Alpha Aurigae.
Carcinus This system is the home for the Auger Vision corporation. 'Specialist sensors for specialist jobs.'

For hundreds of years, Lavigny's Legion has been the private guard of the prestigious Lavigny family. The events that followed the first assassination attempt on Emperor Hengist Duval precipitated a need for Lavigny's Legion to induct members of the Pilots Federation into its ranks. Lavigny's Legion remains fiercely loyal to the Lavigny family, and especially to Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval.
Catun The Escuadron Centinelas, a Hispanic group loyal to the Empire, is based in this system.

The Katamari Group is based in this system and is a loosely organised assembly of explorers and mercenaries drawn from all corners of human space. They are known as a ragtag bunch of dreamers that invested varying degrees of time and money chasing a dream, which is as yet still unrealised. Many of them wonder if the project will ever be fulfilled, and in the manner they originally envisioned - yet have come together in the most unlikely of cohesive groups to shape their destiny and make their mark upon the galaxy.
CD-28 12950 The home system for The Golden Armada - Protection to those behind us; respect to those beside us; no mercy to those against us!
CD-43 11917 Atlas was established in 3302 and has since had all records regarding its members' actions deemed classified.
CD-63 201

Founded by a former White Navy intelligence officer, a woman known as 'The Octopus', IPEC came into being as a private military contractor with an Imperial license. Under these benevolent circumstances it has grown to govern the CD-63 201 region of space. Its stated aim is "to support excellent governance through intelligence, and so advance the interests of the Empire". It provides discreet military, security and reconnaissance services. It is thought to have been involved in assassination, data interception and destabilisation of target economies, but its use of 'deniable assets' make these allegations hard to prove.
CD-64 139 This system contains the central offices for the Davies Station Services corporation. 'Doing the impossible, one thing at a time.'
CD-70 1960

Amongst the cluster of industrial corporations is one of the Empire's hidden treasures. The J-Atack Fine Art Studios provide art to the most discerning members of Imperial society. 'Traditional or modern, but always exquisite.'
CD-72 190

This is the home system for the Emperor's Fist. They were once the Emperor's elite guards but now are remembered only by a few. The Emperor's Fist found themselves outside of the confines of the Emperor's protection and acting alone. A mixture of traders, bounty hunters and covert operatives, they strive to uphold the values of an Empire long forgotten.
CD-73 12 A small but developing Imperial industrial system. Its recent growth has been spurred by the newly formed Castro Management Group. 'We bend over backwards, so you don't have to.'
CD-73 253

CD 73-253 is best known for the garbage world of Tarlak. Purchased by United Sanitec in 3284, it quickly became a major dumping ground for its sector of space. The population is mostly bonded corporate employees, a high percentage of which are refugees from Villist.
CD-79 950 Jones Synthetic Foodpacs provide a range of processed foodstuffs from this system. 'Bargain munchies for travellers.'
CD-86 4 There have been rumours of strange sightings in this system.
Cegreeth The headquarters for Manticore Munitions is situated within this system. 'Efficient. Deadly. Manticore.'

The system relies heavily on slavery to maintain the luxurious lifestyle of the very wealthy elite. Most live on the great plantations, common throughout Imperial worlds. The cities house the workers for the service industries and more exotic entertainments. The magnificent palace where Aisling Duval lives is situated in this system.

TBP Solutions is committed to the safe passage of all space-faring transportation vehicles using all of the latest and greatest technology. It is a security solutions company dedicated to the safety of the Empire and its citizens. Under the direct command of Sir William Hastings, Empire space has never been more secure.

A crossroads system that provides access to a number of nearby star systems. The system is dominated by four gas giants whose rings support the extraction and refinery economy. A local crime lord is said to operate within this system.
Chamunda A modest industrial economy can be found on the single planet orbiting the companion star in this binary star system.
Checha The Dark Armada is a secret society pledged to the Empire. It is under royal charter from Arissa Lavigny-Duval to protect the Empire from aggressively expansionist independent factions.

The founder of the Digiel Aggregate was woken from a coma after an escape pod malfunction. He found rage replaced by calm, nihilism by purpose, and the movement that bears his name is committed to equality and opportunity for all.

A populous agricultural system with extensive corporate interests and a large number of starports and outposts. The outer part of the system contains gas giants with known water and ammonia based life forms in their cloud layers. This is a popular system with traders.

The home system of the Rock Rats. Best known for prospecting the "Jumponium Highway" to Beagle Point during the 3302 Distant Worlds Expedition, this friendly bunch of pilots is dedicated to discovering the secrets of galactic geology, helping those in need of materials and pushing their SRVs to the limit through all manner of shenanigans. If you listen closely to one of the landable planets, you might even hear their Polonium Song. Also known as 70 Theta Leonis.
Chi Eridani

The INO CORPORATION was created to commercialise technological innovations. They regularly launch new products based on nano and biotechnology, but do not reveal anything about these scientific discoveries. Officially the corporation has no research lab, which raises suspicions about the source of their innovations.
Chi Herculis Agricultural economy (Federal democracy).
Chick Bara

The Chibonians were a black ops unit based in Chiboneskhe system, who worked for the Federation and specialised in biological warfare. They were betrayed by the Federation as their research was deemed too extreme for a civilised society. A bounty was issued and half of them were wiped out. After years of drifting through space, working for the highest bidder, the survivors were approached by the Empire who were interested in their special skills. The Empire realised the extent of Chibonian loyalty and gave them a system to conduct their research from.
Chimiri We were born from lack of good trading companies in our system. We all worked for big companies, we were all underpaid, we all wanted more!

Chona is the administrative hub for Aisling's Angels, a loosely-organised group of citizens that actively support the People's Princess, Aisling Duval's progressive policies. This group is often involved in humanitarian efforts and anti-slavery rallies. Citizens, from the lowest walk of life to lofty senators, are united in actively supporting the People's Princess, Aisling Duval's progressive policies.
Chujohimba Crazy pirates and psychopaths. Los Fenicios Espaciales may not be the most powerful faction, but it is one of the richest in the galaxy.
Chun Tstar

The Noble Houses Claymore are based in this system. The sons and daughters of the Claymore bloodline have fallen from their once lofty positions through pursuing their own individual agendas. In the wake of a new Emperor and news of threats throughout the galaxy, Victor Claymore, eldest son of Brandon Claymore, has called in the vassal lords and once again united the noble houses under a single banner.
Chup Kamui Frost & King Transport operate their mega-transport vessels throughout Federal space. Their head office can be found in this system. 'We'll get it there!'
CM Draconis Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy).

Following repeated infighting in 3301, the Phoenix Group emerged out of the ashes, determined to prevent the mistakes of the past from happening again. The famed special FX company B-ROOKES FX can be found in this system. Their slogan 'BOOM!' is known throughout the galaxy.
Cockaigne Ship owners looking to maximise their drive performance flock to Drive Performance Specialists (DPS) who are based in this system. 'For the ultimate performance.'

Imperial controlled, but with some interesting by-laws left over from its previous independence. Senators of Codorain are colourful characters, renowned for their 'interpretations' of Imperial decree. The main settlements are on Codorain II, a vibrant world on the Imperial periphery.

The Corbago Corsairs operate from this system. They are a group of commanders focused entirely on piracy. They also run a smuggling based crime syndicate specialising in narcotics, illegal weapons and slavery.

Home system for the Prismatic Imperium - a confederacy of different groups unified in their support of Aisling Duval for the Imperial throne. The group includes factions from the media organisation the People's Media, the Thirteenth Legion, a military organisation, and a navigator's guild. This confederacy of factions was created by Count Jeffrey Alexander Ryan of Ugain, but is now headed by his younger brother, Lord Corwin Ryan. Their goal is to produce materials and support Aisling Duval's bid for Empress.

In July 3301 there was an attempt by the Kumo Crew and the forces of Archon Delaine to expand into the Imperial system of Cuchua. This was answered with 'Operation Davy Jones', an Imperial military initiative.

The home system for the 151st Freedom fighters. They are a freelance group seeking to operate without the threat of tyranny or enslavement. They work together to build a strong economic system for all those involved, whatever their specialty.




The 6th Interstellar Corps are former Imperial Navy pilots turned privateers. Loyal and eager, they protect their interests with ruthless tenacity and endeavour to expand their protectorate over multiple systems.
Dala A small group of bounty hunters, smugglers, freelancers and outcasts, looking for a home amongst the stars, and finding one in each other.
Dalevard Phoenix Corp is an elite unit specialising in close combat and xenobiological research and development. It is an independent organisation willing to accept any assignment if the price is right.

A system that some residents believe should be in Imperial space; while beyond the Empire's influence, Dalfur is modelled upon similar lines. The `lower orders' necessary to run the infrastructure are kept out of sight in ghettos. Outside the enclaves, poverty and crime are increasing along with the level of automation - valued by the upper classes for its efficiency and cleanliness. Tridicate are a collection of independent pilots and factions, striving to bring peace, prosperity and order to the galaxy. "To achieve prosperity we must have order. Order will set us free in the chaos of the black."
Damoorai The Damoorai Brotherhood fight to free Damoorai from the clutches of corporations.
Darahk A small mining colony, known for good card games and hardy contract workers. The system has five planets. The largest, Darahk V, has vast acidic oceans, a picturesque view for an adventurous tourist.

With origins in Ekono, HumaneProsperity has always stood for human rights, and was banished from Ekono two years ago for trying to limit Imperial slavery. Now, with Princess Aisling Duval having considerable influence over Ekono and its surroundings, co-founders Andrew Saska and former Alliance follower Thomas Masek have the chance to gain more support.
Decima The system in which the Invasive Fleet of Decima resides. This faction is known to take part in large scale planetary assault operations within the surrounding systems.

A small but successful Federal system. Several small corporate security firms are based here, offering data encryption consultancy services and private communication support. The Federal Reclamation Co. began as a collective conglomerate of companies which banded together in order to create a unified Federal force. They combine trade, finance, combat prowess, and the ability to source enormous influence in an effort to reclaim and resettle faltering economies and non-Federal systems for the Federation.
Delta Pavonis Only just sustaining life, the indigenous life forms on this arid planet are very hardy.
Delta Phoenicis

A highly populated Imperial system, there are four inhabited planets. Garuda, a water world, has a famous fly-fishing resort often frequented by the Crown Prince. The terraforming of Kerkes was never completed, leaving the environment dry and arid but still habitable.
Deneb Algedi

The TL Armoured Transport Company was founded in 3301 by CEO and Chairman Khalin Kilrain. Its focus is the development and enrichment of the Deneb Algedi system by providing extraction and transportation services, as well as maintaining security and peacekeeping forces for the welfare of the people of Deneb Algedi. Also known as 49 Delta Capricorni.

Founded by Richard Sharpe on 1st August 3300, BFNF Solutions rapidly established itself as a military contractor within Imperial Devane. It soon attracted pilots dedicated to making money through exploration, trading, combat and contract work. Although much of the work that BFNF Solutions carries out appears peaceful and far removed from any conflict that a military contractor might be traditionally associated with, one look at their stern, olive drab and silver offices leaves visitors in no doubt that there is something linking all their operations to a greater cause.
Diaguandri The Brotherhood of the Dark Circle is based in this system. They are a self governing, cooperative society. Its members work together to advance the faction through commerce, exploration and conflict.

The Croft Stellar Dynamics corporation is based in this system. 'Tuning sensors so you never get caught out.' The Hood Disciples are a corporatist group consisting of military personnel, merchants and explorers. They have settled colonies in the Dinda System and established a system of disciples that collectively make decisions on behalf of the organisation. Strategic Intelligence Agencies based on planet Hood orchestrate trade plans that manipulate nearby economies . THD's goal is to provide an environment within its systems that encourages growth and the refinement of its core skills in order to continually produce elite individuals.
Disci The home system for Dark Echo who stand against pirates and other miscreants. They may be hired to support an honourable cause, or they may simply choose to support a good cause pro bono.

This system is noted for its ancient Ma Corn plantations, but is beset by frequent solar activity. The system received an economic boost when independent pilots responded positively to a request for machinery in May 3301.

Black Aegis operates from this system - it is a worker-owned private military and security corporation. The business includes providing escorts, military engagements, bounty hunting and law enforcement. It is often contracted by major organisations needing extra reach, and smaller groups unable to maintain a large armed force.

The Order of The Smiling Moose is based in this system. Members of this democratically run order help one another survive and thrive in the unforgiving black of space. They also participate in joint ventures and assist the Federation when needed.
Dulos The system leaves the Federation to become independent in January 3301.
Durius Conflict between the system and the forces of Imperial senator Denton Patreus from December 3300 to January 3301.
Duwaredari This system is home to L.Y.S Corp - an organisation that has been granted the rights of an Imperial corporation. Dealing mainly in defence contracts, they have business interests throughout the region.
Dvorsi The Guardians are a group loyal to the Empire. Many of their members are recruited to protect the Emperor, using any methods, including subterfuge, to keep a step ahead of any threat.



Ebana The Syndicate's home system - "We are pirates, in suits, with business licenses."

The Cobra Wing is a group of independent pilots founded in the Ebor System, in the year of 3301. Led by the dedicated Commander Cobra, the group is composed of active traders, explorers and experienced combat pilots, that are ready for all types of assignments throughout inhabited space. With specialised training facilities, capable of turning any novice pilot into a professional commander, the Cobra Wing is always looking for new and enthusiastic pilots to join their cause, whoever they may be!

Recognising the financial and technological rewards that come from centres of excellence, the Federal government along with various corporate sponsors funded the building of The Ekhi Biosciences Institute, now the foremost Federation centre for biochemical research.

This binary system contains well established extraction and refining facilities around the inner planets of the primary star. The locals enjoy telling stories about a ghost ship said to haunt the ice worlds orbiting the companion star. Blood Rider is based in this system. It is an organisation in parallel with the current government. They worked secretly until now... Blood Rider now work to rally, or conquer other systems.

This is the home system for the Social Eleu Progressive Party. They seek to create an independent, uncontrolled, indivisible and democratic nation for explorers, and all of those who pursue happiness in a better galaxy.
Eleutsi This tiny system supports a low level extraction operation. With a population as small as this everyone knows your business. Strangers receive hostile looks when coming here.
Elysia This modest system is famed for the presence of The Captain Pot Meat Products corporation. 'We only use DNA from the liveliest pigs to make our sausages.'
Eotienses Senator Denton Patreus has his home in this system.
Epsilon Eridani

The Independent Fleet of Mothership is a fleet of mercenaries and merchants who have come together to find a new home in the universe. They are currently working to create an infrastructure that can provide materials for building ships and stations for colonising planets. Their first fleet secures operations and completes jobs for third parties. The second fleet trades goods to make profit and provide the money for the first fleet. They are currently trying to set up a third fleet to mine materials that later may be used for construction.
Epsilon Hydri

This is a small independent industrial system which is the administrative home of the drive tuning specialists - Daftworks Incorporated. 'To the limit - and beyond!' Corvos is an Independent organization that took control of Epsilon Hydri by force in early 3302. After careful consideration a deal was struck between Corvos and the Empire. This deal would allow Corvos to reside in Epsilon Hydri and in return the system would remain under Empire control. Corvos had been well known for importing and exporting illegal goods, hijacking trade vessels in open space and assaulting civilian and military vessels with or without any monetary gain. However these skills are now redirected to aid the Empire in their affairs while also allowing Corvos to operate out of Empire space. Corvos and its Imperial associates do not welcome outsiders. Entering into Epsilon Hydri without an invitation is ill advised.
Epsilon Indi

Two planets in this system have now been terraformed, and both are largely given over to agricultural production and to ethically questionable cattle ranching. There is little manufacturing industry other than the production of the famous bourbon.

Agricultural economy (independent communist state). This system includes the outdoor world Azeban, with an extensive agricultural economy specialising mainly in grain and livestock, with tea and coffee plantations in the equatorial regions. The Terran Colonial Forces are a military organisation known for actively following the ideal that all citizens and civilians under their control deserve to have freedom to live as they want, as long they don't abuse it. They use their military capabilities to bring justice and common wealth to systems in their control.

This sparsely populated system supports a mixed extraction and mining economy. The locals like to tell stories of some of the great pilots that have passed through this system. Some even claim that one of Peter Jameson's descendents lives in the system or nearby.

A modest star system, yet one still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy. It is an unusual system formation as it lacks gas giants. The locals don't seem to mind though. Home system of Adle's Armada, a Federation aligned securities group founded in Ngaliba in 2900. Currently headquartered in the Eravate system, it was originally formed as a Federal detachment of a classified inter-factional combat force. Post Commander Tyllerius Adle pulled his force out of the secretive organisation in 3200, re-branding his group as "Adle's Armada" in the process. In present day the Armada still shrouds itself in secrecy and only recruits the finest combat pilots into its ranks and pledges safety and security to all citizens living in its protected systems.

The home system for Imperator's Shield. The faction is deployed to areas of Imperial control in need of stabilisation. Imperator's Shield has seen activity in several sectors, putting an end to civil wars and criminal cartels, and even helping to stabilise local economies. Having proven its usefulness, Imperator's Shield has been given unilateral control of its own forces, and now chooses its own areas of operation, always acting in accordance with Imperial Law.
Eta Cassiopeiae The main Federal Navy Base was moved here from Anlave in 2983 following terraforming in the 2970s, and is an excellent training ground for planetary assault troops. Has the ancient name of Achird.
Eta Draconis

The Flying Tigers Squadron is a group of mercenaries that has signed a contract with President Vidar Vondell of the Eta Draconis Gold Vision Company to help them become a major player in the galaxy. They stay in close contact with their sister squadron, the 8th Dragons (another EDC group), and both groups help each other out from time to time.
Eta Horologii This system is favoured by Aisling Duval.
Eta-1 Pictoris

The Maxwell Corp. was founded by Kieran Maxwell, who claims to be a descendant of the British physicist James Clerk Maxwell. The company is an interplanetary conglomerate based in Eta-1 Pictoris and operating through many segments, including energy, mining and security. Maxwell currently supports Zachary Hudson.

Eulexia is a system with a single habitable Earth-like moon, Eurydice, in orbit about the ringed gas giant Tiamoia. It was discovered by the Wagar expedition in 3264. The moon is designated as a site of exceptional beauty.

This system is home to the EG Union. This faction was founded with support of EG Pilots with the aim to conduct an independent policy and become a dominant force in the galaxy. This system is also home to the Colonial Drones corporation. 'Affordable drone technology for all.'
Eurybia This system contains the central manufacturing plant for Devastator & Sons. 'Guaranteed devastation.'
Exigus This small independent service system boasts one of the most prestigious learning institutions operated by Grant Academics. 'We make learning easy.'
Exphiay The vast financial holdings of Gallant Investment Brokers has helped the rapid growth of this system. 'Finding the perfect investment.'
EZ Aquarii

Dedicated to the betterment of mankind, Sentinel Logistics Services prides itself on offering transport, exploration, materials acquisition and security to everyone, no matter their political leanings. In the Summer of 3302, Nova Corps was formed. The Nova Corps was established by Fleet Admiral Alex Aries and form there very own elite squadron. They always work on the side of justice in the galaxy, whether it be the common definition of justice or our own personal ideas of justice.




Well known Imperial Navy Base. Most Imperial naval administration is done on Topaz, and there are several outdoor training camps across the surface. Senator Anders Blaine is the senator for this system and enjoys relative autonomy.
Falisci In March 3301 Imperial forces fought pirates for control of the system; the Imperials were victorious.
Fan Chau A small extraction operation can be found in this system and not much else.
Fawaol Outdoor jungle world.
Fehu A wealthy Imperial service system popular with media corporations like DK and Son Holographics. 'Always show your best side.'

A busy independent system with a variety of stations and starports. Ferenchia is the most important trading hub in the sector and serves as a supply point for most of the systems in the region. It guards its independence fiercely, resisting influence from both the Federation and the Empire. The result is an eclectic mix of trading opportunities, not all of them legal.
Fong Wang

The inner region of this system is bounded by two asteroid belts which enclose a number terrestrial type planets supporting industrial and refinery industries. The outer system is a xenobiologist's dream with two gas giants known to support water based life forms in their atmospheres.

The Court Knights have monitored the galaxy since 3301, waiting for any signs of malevolent extraterrestrial activity. After recent investigations they have begun to prepare themselves for the worst, and are now ready to face any invasion.
Freyr A small federation mining corporation - C&S mining corp is based in this system.

This system's asteroid belts are rich with metals and minerals supporting an extensive extraction and refinery economy. The outermost gas giant is known to harbour ammonia based life forms and is often visited by researching xenobiologists.
Frog Named by mistake, this system is well known for its cybernetics.

The home system for the Fuel Rats Mischief. "Looking for Fuel ? You've come to the right place." Although the Fuel Rats can be found EVERYWHERE in the Galaxy, some of these philanthropic rodents with a love for all things Fuel think of this place as a home away from home where they can re-fit and re-stock before heading out into the dark to save another commander from a dry tank and death by asphyxiation. "Don't get stranded, call the Fuel Rats!"

Originally claimed by an idealistic group of itinerant wanderers looking for a `heaven'. Fujin's original culture has been added to over the years, but where each social group respects the others, there is little interaction and no cross-cultural `contamination'. Fujin is a place to celebrate and perpetuate tradition. Each social group remains conservative: all the inhabitants value their `traditional' architectures and controlled social behaviour. With a rigorous policing system, it is not somewhere to party. The most lucrative exports are indigenous plants and herbs that, when combined according to secret family recipes, produce highly effective medicines rivalling or exceeding the best synthetics. Ill-informed combinations have been known to be instantly fatal.
Furbaide The cure for the Volungu Blight was discovered here in February 3301.
Furuhjelm III-674 160 S.O.A.R. operate from the system. They are a group of independent pilots working together to accomplish great things and keep the galaxy safe.
Fusang The Pheonix Legion is based in this system and they are mercenaries for hire.



G 139-21

Shadow company is a conglomerate of pilots who operate in the shadows to oppose large factions and influence the galaxy and its politics in secret. Their goal is to prevent any one faction from becoming too powerful, or too oppressive.
G 239-25 Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).
G 5-32

A diverse league of combat pilots and explorers recruited from among bounty hunters and pirates from the empty void of the Tascheter Sector and nearby systems. The Order of the Red Wolf exists to fulfil mission beyond the capacity of the Federation Navy, or where the situation is highly complex and requires specialised skills.

The Enigma Dyson Syndicate is an independent group of traders, explorers and bounty hunters. They intend to establish a base for all free minded pilots in the Gbekree System. Their main station is "Dzhanibekov Port" in Gbekree.
GCRV 1568 Aseveljet is a military organisation formed from an alliance of Finnish freelance pilots. It stands to protect its members and allies.
GCRV 4654 A faction dedicated to protecting miners at the various resource extraction sites of GCRV 4654 system.
GD 219 DG Transport Company are Space Truckers, here to serve Hudson space!

Swedish Vikings are a group of people who want to preserve Swedish traditions so that they do not disappear for good. Many historians come to this group in order to conduct research on ancient traditions and customs. The Swedish language is a language that is disappearing, so much of the work is also to preserve the language and pass it on to children. The Swedish archive group is also one of the largest in the galaxy. The entirety of Swedish history can be read and research done on these archives. They always give access to other researchers who want to study these archives. But no document, movies or photos may leave the archive.

Cold Phoenix is now a group of clandestine mercenaries. They include people who are mostly exiles from neighbouring systems but also include former military, scientists, researchers and even pirates from the four corners of the galaxy. They were originally associated with the Empire, however, being against slavery their contract was terminated. They also dabbled in more illegal activities such as larceny and smuggling. They have still a military hierarchy and fight against injustice.
George Pantazis

Panta meaning 'always'?and zis meaning 'live'? this Central Star system has been known for its healing powers and paranormal phenomena. Peace and prosperity await all who venture within its borders.
Giryampi Imperial Pilots Coalition is dedicated to helping any pilot who is allied to an Imperial power. They shall not attack any other Imperial faction unless provoked.

This is the home system of the Bloodhounds of the Empire. They are a group of former Federation fighter pilots who were betrayed by their leaders. Now allied to the Empire, these ace fighter pilots are a renowned band of bounty hunters with two main missions: earn money by clearing the galaxy of those on the wanted list and vengeance on those that betrayed them.
Gugu The FarStar Foundation is an Imperial organisation conducting biotechnological and pharmaceutical research on death row prisoners for the betterment of mankind.

A binary system with an extensive agricultural infrastructure on a terraformed world orbiting the primary star. A range of terrestrial planets around the companion star support a secondary extraction economy. There is a fierce rivalry between the two populations despite the gross mismatch in numbers.

Gurabru is the headquarters of Elite Space Corporation, a company active in the areas of space engineering, exploration and terraforming. ESC has long collaborated with the Dukes of Jotun. Several years of alliance allowed the corporation to evolve rapidly and establish its headquarters in the Gurabru system.

Ilona Ivayeva, patron of Guugyni system, couldn't stand how Imperial slaves' rights were completely ignored, and nobody seemed to care about it. She tried to change local policy regarding slavery and Imperial slavery. Supported by Princess Aisling Duval through "Stop Slavery Stupid" movement, Ivayeva built contacts with different politicians, patrons, citizens and independent commanders that could help her in her abolitionist crusade. It was in that moment of need when Agentes Libres de Aisling and Ivayeva got in touch and together founded the Imperial Scarlet Society.
Gyton's Hope

Gyton's Hope was one of the first offworld colonies to be established, and has since become a producer of high tech goods, from fusion reactors and atmospheric processors to heavy weapons and shields.



h Draconis Industrial economy (independent corporate state).
Hai Chan

The home system for Dedalo Corp. Interstellar - a group of traders, and their armed escorts, who decided to find their own place in the galaxy, away from the big powers and their expansion plans, living in peace and prosperity, increasing commercial exchanges and defending settlers from external threats. The Dedalo Corp is always trying to expand its influence in order to create safe colonies.
Hai Ho Members of Hai Ho Silver Linings are actively engaged in the promotion of an anti-slavery political agenda.

Eclipse is an enterprise which started out as a simple trade group, but rapidly expanded to cater for most professions. It is rumoured to have been engaged in illegal, and often lethal, practices to get ahead, but its board strongly denies these claims. Its goal is simply to help its pilots gain credits, whatever the job...

Harlequin Dusk Mercenary Corp (HDMC) is an elite mercenary faction based in the Harm system. Its main purpose is to provide effective combat services to the highest bidder. However, they have been known to run escort services for freighters when specifically requested. They pride themselves on having a strict Code of Honour which states that once a contract has been agreed and accepted then it is binding, and the Corp will not renege on said contract, regardless of any amounts offered by other parties.

Home of the Archon Horde, a loose confederacy of pirates, brigands, mercenaries and criminals led by the self-proclaimed illegitimate son of Archon Delaine, Hatmehing citizens now find themselves cowering before a new ruler. Where once personal debts meant slavery, Archon the Mongrel merely demands his pound of flesh - literally. As such, visitors are advised to stay away from the local casinos and not to buy into the advertisements for loans and credit cards. While it is tempting to think that being taken over by the Archon Horde would put a dampener on Hatmehing's production facilities, this is not the case. Under Archon the Mongrel's leadership Hatmehing production facilities have increased production of both performance enhancers, progenitor cells and synthetic meat, but insiders warn people not to examine the products too carefully due to the cheap and abundant raw materials that have suddenly become available.
He Bo This system is home to the Sons of Icarus. They are a tightly knit group of independent pilots working for themselves... and the money.

A harshly ruled system whose cheap labour benefits the mega-corporations based there. This includes Devin Armour Specialists, a growing supplier of armour and defensive technologies. 'When a ship isn't tough enough.'
Hel Home system for the League of Hel.

The Hemang system was originally settled to take advantage of the scientific and agricultural benefits of the unique water-based chemistry and carbon-water-based life found within the system. The local population has remained fiercely independent since its original colonisation. At the beginning of 3302 the citizens of Hemang called for political reform within the system due to uncontrollable corruption within the local government that resulted in extreme levels of social inequality and oppressive law enforcement.
Herthans Founded by Commanders Hazardsix and Blackhat1, Outer Rim Incorporated aim to trade and explore to benefit the galaxy.
Heverduduna Tell's Wrath of Ugrivirii are a trading and bounty hunting guild who aim to make their home system a secure and prosperous place.
Hikenk This system was once famous for supporting the liberation of slaves.
HIP 101846 A group of honourable men, founded in 932 on Sol 3. Still in the search for the Holy Grail. We don't take the galaxy too seriously and sometimes fly Pythons indeed. Beware of the rabbit.
HIP 103138 The home system for the Dirty Gun Mercenaries, whose motto is - "Killing is our business and business is good."
HIP 105368 The Burn Hill Syndicate is a small group of hardened mercenaries and pirates who live without rules.
HIP 105408

This system is home to The Kuun-Lan. They are a collection of local leaders united in order to maintain independence from the three superpowers. Their combined strength under the rule of a single leader makes them a powerful force in the region.
HIP 109610

Founded in 3293, the Zarni Cartel does not accept any of the known superpowers or governments. Under their wise leader, Zarniwoob, the Zarni Cartel is dedicated to finding the true ruler of the galaxy. Some rumours suggest that Zarniwoob wants to become the true ruler himself.
HIP 113632 Senator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.
HIP 117865 Senator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.
HIP 118213 The home system for the Guardians of Harmony. They are a commune of technocrats, explorers and adventurers.
HIP 14031

The Independent Light Wheel operates from this system. It is a mysterious group who claimed ownership of the Porco City station from an anarchistic faction at the end of the year 3301. The search for the proper base lasted for several years and required considerable effort and credits. The group is strictly led by one of the Friman Clan elders. It was rumoured that one of the members went from one side of the galaxy to the other and found something related to an unknown alien race. After that he went forward and, with mysteriously gained riches, he "claimed" HIP 14031. The mysterious artefact is rumoured to be researched in Boss City station by the name "Project Light Wheel".
HIP 16607

The home system of Red Dice Systems - a secretive rabble of rough-and-ready miners, fighters, traders and explorers united and guided by a benign expert system that defines itself as `the humble servant of humanity'.
HIP 20277 The Sentinel operate from this system and they are a fraternity of pilots in the pursuit of collective greatness in all aspects. Sentinel has but one goal: to become Elite.
HIP 20524

Patrons of Little Norway are descendants of migrants from the Scandinavian region of Earth. They are monarchists at heart and avid supporters of the Empire. Patrons of Little Norway work actively to further the influence of the Empire, and believe that the Empire and the Imperial way of life holds the key to peace and prosperity in the galaxy. The individual activities of faction members are of little concern to the faction as a whole as long as the activities further the faction's main objectives. All members of Patrons of Little Norway are considered equals under the Emperor and have an equal say in the running of the faction.
HIP 21991

The home system for Reign of Annihilation. Publicly, this organisation is known as Task Force Royal 5341, but to those inside its elite 'dark' squadrons, the group is jokingly known as the 'Reign of Annihilation.'
HIP 26990 The Infinitus Odium is a collection of twisted broken souls dedicated to cleansing the galaxy of non-believers in the name of their leader Pravius.
HIP 2902

The HIP 2902 Independents are a fiercely independent population on the outskirts of Imperial space. Famed for their hard work ethic and forthright opinions, the faction's long standing aims are to maintain local trade routes whilst upholding the democratic values of the local populous.
HIP 29024

The HIP 2902 Independents are a fiercely independent population on the outskirts of Imperial space. Famed for their hard work ethic and forthright opinions, the faction's long standing aims are to maintain local trade routes whilst upholding the democratic values of the local populous.
HIP 33368

Corrin Marsh, the renegade son of Imperial Duke Balin Marsh, used his privilege and Imperial training to gather a loose confederacy of pilots consisting of explorers, traders, bounty hunters and even pirates. This ragtag band has endured internal conflict and external threats to emerge as a force to be reckoned with on the outer edge of inhabited space. After pooling its substantial resources, the Privateer's Alliance has now set its sights on expansion.
HIP 33390 Home system for Caballeros del Nuevo Orden - a Hispanic feudal knight sub faction loyal to Arissa Lavigny-Duval.
HIP 35246 The home system for Scorpions Order - a group loyal to the Empire. It has sworn to fight for Imperial interests across the galaxy.
HIP 43197 The HIP43197 Military Party is an organisation created by outcast commanders who wish to cut out the corrupt government and take leadership into their own hands.
HIP 43670

The Halley Salvage Force is a group of dedicated salvage specialists primarily focused on the salvage of derelict space vessels and clean up operations. They often claim these ships and their cargo for themselves, and later sell the stripped parts and valuables at underground markets.
HIP 5700 The Brotherhood of GITS is a faction established in the HIP 5700 system. They trade and explore and will defend themselves against aggressors. They welcome new traders and explorers.
HIP 60953 The locals are noted for their strange customs.
HIP 61061

HIP 61061 for Equality are a peaceful independent democracy that has emerged from years of struggle in the remote HIP 61061 System. Actively follows the vision of expanding democracy and aims to provide stability, law and order in a ruthless galaxy.
HIP 67962 The Military Militia are based in this system. They are comprised of active duty and prior service members only.
HIP 69124

Ignis Aeternum is a highly secretive organisation whose motives are a mystery. Rumour suggests they are dedicated to combating the darkness that not only lurks within the void, but also within the heart of humanity.
HIP 71672

First organised in 3302, J.Co started offering a helping hand to new pilots, and guiding them in the role they were looking to take in the galaxy. They offer their services in the name of good will, knowledge and camaraderie. However, there are rumours throughout the galaxy that J.Co is a shell company for a shadow outfit known as "The Consultants", who take an interest in researching the properties and applications of "unique salvage", for nefarious purposes.
HIP 72043

This is the home system for the Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research. The IGER's purpose is to encourage and support the research and exploration of deep space. This information is freely disseminated to its members. The Institute is politically independent, however members may align with any political group they choose. Members may also engage in any profession, but the Institute discourages aggression between members of the Pilots Federation.
HIP 75446 Crimson Mining and Salvage are based in this system. They are an independent corporation set up to supply the ever growing needs of the exploration and colonisation markets.
HIP 772 The Edmundus Walsh Progeny Syndicate are a group of like minded pilots with a common lineage - Caedimus Noctu: "We slay by night".
HIP 80065

The Interstellar Trade Corporation is dedicated to enriching the lives of every galactic citizen through its trade networks and economic centres. The central power of the ITC operates under a triumvirate, with power equally shared between three people, and the subordinate roles are elected via meritocratic nomination. The ITC seeks only peaceful economic longevity but pirates and criminals will be dealt with by force when necessary, to protect its members, assets and interests.
HIP 85244

The Federation Navy 322nd "Hellrazer" Expeditionary Force was deployed to the edge of known civilised space to provide safe harbour for Federation sponsored expeditions. Their mission is to bring order and stability to their sector, and so allow explorers safe passage between Federation space and "The Wild Black Yonder".
HIP 87414

This system is home to The Gathering - a society focused on the creation and modification of technology. Members of The Gathering are known for the unique, and sometimes dangerous, "tweaks" they add to their ships and, in some cases, to the ships of unsuspecting commanders who happen to dock in one of their shipyards. An unconfirmed rumour tells of an incident when the Emperor had his ship serviced and later found, in battle, that one of his cannons had been replaced with fireworks and boomboxes (which don't work in space). The local government naturally denied all charges, but as a gesture of good will offered the Emperor upgraded shields that also had the ability to heat the coffee cup holders when the ship was being fired upon. The Emperor graciously declined.
HIP 8865

High King Mojo's Techno Union is a monarchical conglomerate of the previously feudal autonomous states of HIP 8865. High King Mojo was once one of the many feudal lords who were in control before he graciously liberated the other states and united them under one flag.
HIP 90621 This system was colonised in May 3302 with the construction of the Aucharnie starport.
HIP 93377

The Canary Mining Corporation is the galaxy's leading expert in the extraction of rare minerals from hostile or isolated systems. The CMC was formed when Wollaston Co, de Ulloa Mining Corp and ACDP Mineral Surveying were jointly awarded a contract to source and extract minerals for the Federal Navy. As such, the Federal Navy 44th Escort Group is permanently assigned to CMC HQ to provide security for their mining operations.
HIP 95256

As survivors of the destruction of the once great port, "Celestial Gateway", they have banded together and vowed to fight the forces of Edmund Mahon. Until their dying breath, they will seek vengeance for the death of their loved ones by the Alliance Navy mission gone awry in 3235.

"And I saw, and beheld a pale horse. And his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him..." The creed of The Pale Horsemen is a grim remnant of ancient mythology, used in their propaganda to spread fear and to invoke an otherworldly sensation to their organisation. Its members consider themselves to have been freed from the shackles that once bound them. Free from laws and corruption of larger factions. They adhere to traditional values such as loyalty towards the syndicate, bravery in battle and a firm belief in free will and freedom of choice for all of mankind.

Nova Astra Militarum was created after the coronation of Arissa Lavigny-Duval. Since its inception it has recruited the best Imperial pilots, whatever their backgrounds, and their membership is guaranteed if they take the oath. Members are ready to defend the Emperor with their lives.
Hodack A small settlement run by the Wreaken Construction and Mining Corporation.
Hors The Brightlight Training Corporation headquarters can be found in this small Federal service system. 'Your learning is our business.'

The system was settled by disorganised hermits and pioneers in 3250s, until the Federation corporation Lycan Moon Mining moved in during the 3260s to start operations in the asteroid belt. After the corporation pulled out of the system soon afterwards, a small Federal orbital station and settlement was left behind. Around the year 3290 the system was finally abandoned by the Federation and has since suffered under various short-lived regimes.
HR 1064 A nondescript system with an average population base. The Order of Intrepidus is based here and rules with an iron fist.
HR 17

The Church of the Space Cat was formed after multiple members of the EXO Faction were exposed to dangerous levels of toxic gas. In the darkness of space the 'Meow of the Space Cat' was heard in which the 9 Edicts were given to the Prophet of the Meow Larzok. Adherents of the Meow - followers of The Church of the Space Cat - are guided by the 9 Edicts.
HR 1980

Established after the Tau Ceti wars by a group of exiled pilots, HR 1980 serves as home to Taco Corp, a corporation founded to support the Federation's mission of sabotaging Imperial economies and freeing slaves. With a variety of celestial bodies and ring types, the system provides ample R&R and occupational choices. Old Earth recipes can be found on the menu of the restaurant in Foale Orbital.
HR 5307

The members of Corsarios de Heimdal value humanity above all else. Strong, decisive and independent, they are charged with defending the weak from their enemies and from the real dangers of the galaxy.
HR 5451 Home to the 'Booze Brothers' who claim to fight against unfairness and slave trading.
HR 6421

This is the home system of the Children of Raxxla - they are the self-proclaimed descendants of the inhabitants of Raxxla, a mythical planet spoken of only in whispers and in children's bedtime stories. The Children of Raxxla are truth seekers attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe and find their long-lost home.
HR 6565 Three clans from ancient Earth came together to form this Triad. They adhere to an ancient and esoteric philosophy from Earth's history.
HR 6999

Bullies Mercenary Inc is a co-operative of soldiers, traders and miners for-hire. Got a problem that needs solving? Bullies Mercenary Inc is the answer. Its main purpose is to help independent systems remain independent, free from the corrupt influence of the Federation, the oppression of the Empire and the treachery of the Alliance.
HR 706 Senator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.
HR 7060

The home system for Fretensis Patronage. Commanded by Lucius Octavius, formally known as Fortis et Umbra and rumoured to be of the same bloodline as Julius Caesar, this faction pledges allegiance to Senator Denton Patreus. Its ruthless members show no hesitation in using lethal force against anyone deemed a threat to Senator Patreus or the Empire. With no plans to become a major power, Octavius uses his personal navy, SPQR, to carry out operations of expansion, conquest and sabotage. An attack on the Emperor was traced to a branch of Emperor's Grace based in the system in April 3301.
HR 8444

The Winged Hussars are based in this system. They are a cooperative group of loosely connected pilots, all hailing from different parts of the galaxy and flying under different banners. Their roots dig deep into history, almost 1,800 years ago - to the tradition of heavy armoured assault units fielded in the pre-space era by Earth's ancient nation of Poland. Pilots joining this faction declare that they want to capture the spirit of all-out bravery and unparalleled courage, and the efficiency of these ancient warriors from times long gone.

The Imperial Privateers are a group that is actively engaged in the time honoured tradition of privateering. Representatives of this group should be treated with the respect that befits Natasha Lavigny, who is the younger cousin of the Emperor, and their patron. Natasha Lavigny may be young but is ear-marked for great things, so she has been appointed patron to keep the Privateers on task in the service of the Empire as she learns the tools and ways of statecraft.

The Galactic Co-operative of Worlds was once the unifying galactic government of the majority of human populated space. However, due to a series of catastrophic problems they collapsed and many of their worlds re-aligned to the Federation and Empire, which both rose up to fill the void as superpowers. GalCop's core worlds went on to join the Alliance, similar to the alliance which spawned GalCop in the beginning. Now, factions from all over human space have pulled together to recreate GalCop and attempt to revive the once great unifying power.
Hyel Yeh

Formed in response to aggressive expansion by enemy powers into Nurundere, they are a band of independent smugglers, bounty hunters and explorers based in Hyel Yeh. They pledge to keep Nurundere, and the systems within its influence, free from Federal interference. Widely regarded as backwater crackpots they now seek to expand their influence and spread discontent within the Federation.

The Hyperion Star Alliance operates from this system. It is an alliance of cultures and trades from all corners of the galaxy who pride themselves in being the top operators in all fields including trade, exploration and combat.



i Bootis

Marine agriculture and industrial economy (Federal democracy). i Bootis is an interesting and unusual quaternary system with a mixed industrial and marine economy, and also a member of the Federation. Chango is an outdoor water world and orbits i Bootis A - a G0V white-yellow star similar to Earth's Sol. Chango is essentially a giant fish farm. People live on giant floating cities that slowly move with the seasonal migration of the fish - mostly species imported from ancient Earth.
Idini The Hessian Conglomerate is based in this system.
Iota Hydri

The Dark Society Network operates from this system. "We are not here to protect the weak or save the innocent. They must protect themselves from us.We make war to get what we want.For the right price our services can be bought. Only our allies are safe from us.We are loyal to our allies and true to our word.We are for fair play."
Iota Piscium The Engineering Council are inspiring the next generation of engineers and technicians, informing the wider engineering community, and influencing government to advance society.

The Candy Crew Guild (CCG), originally formed more than a millennium ago by a group of race engineers in the era of autosport. Over time the CCG has evolved into a high tech corporation that builds and maintains some of the galaxy's fastest vehicles. Many aspects of the CCG are shrouded in secrecy. However, rumours have spread that the CCG produced warships with mysterious capabilities to aid in the fight against the Thargoids, though none have ever been seen. The Pan-galactic Candy Exploration Wing is the resolute project to understand the universe as a whole, and to advance human civilization across the cosmos.
Ithaca Poor, low population extraction economy (independent dictatorship).

Home system of the Guardians of the Core - a group of explorers, traders and fighters united under the common goals of keeping deep space free from conflict, and supporting the exploration of the galaxy.

The Eleusinian Initiative is an advanced-tech research institute committed to the progression of scientific enquiry and its capacity for realising a better tomorrow. Based in the high-tech system of IX, the Initiative operates several sites and facilities integral to the procurement of those ideals, and in working with the Initiative you help secure a vision for a greater future.




The Black Hand operates from this system. It is a splinter group of the Dukes of Jaaka. Its economic struggle for power emerged in 3196 as Duke Khala Baaht and allied families formed an alliance to remove the elder Dukes of Jaaka after raising them to power through various trading endeavours and the extermination of opposing factions. Now in 3301 the Black Hand of Jaaka is ready to push the Dukes of Jaaka out of power, led by Khala Baaht's son: Duke Aza Baaht of Jaaka.
Jackson's Lighthouse A magnetar star formed from the collision and collapse of a previous dwarf binary system in 2672. Highly hazardous.
Jang Di

The Bonarda Corkscrews consist of former commanders who were committed to helping revolutionary parties against dictatorships around the galaxy. After being betrayed and forced to flee they have given birth to something different; a faction shaped around their own ideals of justice.

The Knights of the Prismatic Circle are a freelance fleet formed by a coalition of former Imperial Navy pilots dedicated to providing a haven for those outside traditional Imperial societies where the government's control is limited. The fleet provides its pilots with work through an extensive list of governmental and naval contacts.

It's the year 3301. The powers are at war, fighting for control over populated space. In this war time, one man rises from the crowd and starts his own government known as The New Imperial Order. Fighting against the current leaders within the Empire the Order try and gain control over their territory to create a new united Empire run by a few carefully selected members.

The L.O.S.P. are based in the system. They are a confederacy of free and professional pilots promoting the ancient customs of their French ancestors. They are united in defence of their own interests and to preserve their independence. Like their ancestors, their motto is: "One for All, All for One."

The Wolves of Jonai are based in this system. They are a loosely organised independent dictatorship led by a mysterious commander known only as The Alpha. Little is known of this group's aims and motivations except their fierce defence of their territory.

A barren system with rich asteroid mineral deposits and one hospitable world. An ice planet, Fafner, has the distinction of possessing a top soil free from crop pathogens when kept below 2C. However, the indigenous vegetation is slow-growing. Its most expensive export is the `mookah', a small soft-furred quadruped that stains its multi-coloured fur sludge brown when it dies - something it does easily unless regularly stroked. The meat is extremely bitter, but they have found a niche as an expensive pet. Most trade is done with the Imperials, who use slaves to tend the animals individually during transit.

While Gal-Cop has been accused of cashing in on the historic name of GalCop, that hasn't stopped the corporation from flourishing. 'To Protect and Serve.' 6th Interstellar Corps consists of former Imperial Navy pilots turned privateers. Loyal and eager, they protect their interests with ruthless tenacity and endeavour to expand their protectorate over multiple systems.

A relatively simple system which contains a binary pair as well as a handful of other terrestrial planets. There is sufficient mineral wealth here to support both extraction and refinery economies. There is an intense rivalry in Zero G combat bouts between the two outposts in this system.



Kafigelabon This quiet refinery system supports a small population but is known as the base of operations for a brutal pirate gang.
Kagutsuchi The Close Encounters Corps protects inhabited sectors from unknown lifeforms, controls any possible contact points and is involved in researching unknown technologies.

The GdA was established in HIP 21991 in the year 3301. The group was founded by Jun!0r, Lorcar, Ticano and Donnov, who have risked their lives for the ideal of anarchic freedom for many years. The group is composed of pirates, criminals and mercenaries that only seek one thing: glory through combat.

The home system of the Chapterhouse of Inquisition. The Chapterhouse seeks to uphold Arissa Lavigny-Duval's vision of an Empire free of injustice and political corruption. Inquisitors promote order and the traditional Imperial values espoused by their patron.
Kamcha Nix Gravis Galactic is based in this system. It is an organisation with the rights of an Imperial corporation. It was sent to this sector to promote economic growth and uphold Imperial traditions.

The home system for Traxus Industries - an inter-system corporate entity committed to the interests of its members and to maintaining consistent cash flow, while remaining totally self-sufficient and independent through the deployment of privately owned and operated tactical and expeditionary vessels.
Kamocan Comunidad Hispana is based in this system.
Kano The Dukes of Hazard are mercenaries who sell their guns to the highest bidder!
Kappa Fornacis

This once quiet agricultural system has recently become known for the production of Onionhead. This naturally growing drug was declared illegal by Federal authorities in December 3300. The headquarters of the East India Company are situated in this system. The company bought up shares, real-estate and local businesses following their cessation of operations with Senator Torval. They work towards the legalisation and wholesale distribution of the cash crop Onionhead throughout the galaxy.
Karid Nuevo Orden de Comandantes Imperiales are a Hispanic feudal-knight minor faction loyal to the Empire.
Katuri Section 31 are rumoured to have once been an autonomous and clandestine organisation protecting the security interests of the Federation.

It is a dangerous, unstable galaxy, and nobody knows that better than Teamsters Logistics Corporation. Specialising in haulage, mining, security and logistics, Teamsters Logistics Corporation ensures the stability and prosperity of Kehperi and the surrounding systems.

BlueSun Corp seeks to wield influence across political, social and economic sectors to keep its home system from falling further into the hands of the Empire. They use any means and seek allies to maintain their independence and increase their influence and profits. BSC was recently formed by a seventh generation Kekenk citizen, and business mogul, Malkovich Vane in reaction to a sudden increase in Imperial intrusions into the Kekenk system by the Birhodiweu Emperor's Grace group on behalf of Senator Patreus. Although Vane already wields substantial financial power in the system it is rumoured he has reached out to more nefarious groups such as the Kumo Crew to provide the martial support he requires. The ongoing Pegasi Pirate War has placed a strain on the Kekenk system as the Empire, and Patreus in particular, demand more and more resources from the smaller systems for so called "protection". There are even, as yet unconfirmed, rumours that Vane has pledged financial support to the Emperor's Dawn in exchange for their assistance.
Kelin Samba A non-descript system.
Keries Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy).

This is The Guild of Calamitous Intent's home system. They are an ancient organisation dating back to the early 1900s. Founded on the planet Earth and having since spread its influence throughout the galaxy, the Guild is the self-proclaimed leader in organised havoc. With the best school districts in the galaxy, benefits such as health and dental insurance are offered to all members. On top of its outstanding and rich history - including the home of the Original Rays Pizza - The Guild of Calamitous Intent has become an organisation that all up and coming, as well as veteran, super villains wish to join. "The Guild of Calamitous Intent. Hate you can trust."
Khan Something happened here, but the locals won't talk about it.

ARMADA Corp are a private military corporation that has been incorporated with its respective home government and local armed forces with representation in the Federation. Members of this faction are both representative of a corporate entity and lawful combatants in the eyes of the law.

Iridium Wing was founded by CMDR WinterCharm on 29 Jan 3302, following the death of CMDR Carbonheart during the completion of an exploration mission. Iridium Wing's purpose is to provide armed escort to all exploration vessels as they enter or leave occupied space. These services are run by volunteer pilots and are free of charge. Politically, Iridium Wing is neutral.

This small binary star system contains only a single planet orbiting the shared centre of gravity between the two stars. A low level extraction facility is located here, but little else. The home system for the TitanStar Alliance. It is a small, independent faction noted for its clear ideals about free trade and freedom of information. Nothing is restricted; everything can be traded or sold.
Kitae A dangerous system which has seen the start of many pirates' careers. Its planetary system is comprised of a complex trinary planet which supports an industrial economy and a modest population.

Glimpse into the Future is a small group of separatists dedicated to developing new technologies. Its ultimate goal is to surpass all its rivals and become the most technologically advanced faction in the galaxy.

The Ursa Minor Beta Publishing Corporation is a wholly remarkable organisation. Perhaps the most remarkable, certainly the most successful ever to come out of the great media wars of Kocab. Renowned throughout uncivilised space, and reviled in much of civilised space, for its best-selling title "Wing-Rider's Guide to the Cosmos", indispensable for all curious travellers who wish to enjoy and survive the galaxy's most deadly and delectable experiences. Also known as 7 Beta Ursae Minoris.

A trinary system which includes a brown dwarf star. It has a modest sized population whose favourite pastime is a daily show called 'Tim's Adventures'. Visitors to the system rarely comprehend what the locals find so great about the show. The system supports a mixed industrial and extraction economy.

This modest system supports both industrial and refinery economies around its gas giants. Substantial mineral and metal deposits are said to be found in its inner asteroid belt. The two innermost gas giants form a binary pair with one of the gas giants supporting ammonia based life. After a long journey the remaining members of the House of Grebmo settled down in the system of Kremainn. The group was formerly part of the Empire, but after a conflict on their old home planet of Grebegus they defected to Federation space.
Kumokum This binary star system has refining facilities around both of its stars. The locals have an optimistic outlook and are usually welcoming to travellers.
Kung Te The Kokoda Cartel is a loose affiliation of assassins and smugglers.
Kunti Kunti is a rough neighbourhood. EDA Kunti League was founded when some tough Kuntis got together with some reckless Kuntis to spread their message: "Oi Kunti, it's time to harden up!"
Kurumian The Stars of Duval operate from this system. They were founded by a group of like-minded Imperial nobles and are comprised of royalists pledged to the Duval line.
Kuyu This system is favoured by Aisling Duval.



L 190-21

This system is home to the corporate arm of the Minutemen - a private fleet of Federal pilots that formed in response to the growing bureaucracy of the Federal Navy. The Minutemen are dedicated to providing a safe place for any pilot looking for an organisation free from drama and politics. As a group they support the Liberal party and the Shadow President Felicia Winters, but not all of their members share that allegiance.
Lacaille 9352

The Quam Singulari have built their own philosophy around the fusion of science, commerce, technology and military advancement. They hold the utmost respect for their allies, but deal mercilessly with their enemies.

The deep and highly mechanised Imperial mines are renowned for their efficiency at ore extraction. Slavery is also important for routine supervision of the machinery in the unpleasant mining environment.
Lak A dull, but mildly prosperous system with a mixed extraction and refinery economy. It is on a well flown trade route, but visitors tend to refuel and move on rather than stay the night.

Off World Corp were formed from an exploration and colonisation corporation out of Sol who originally used androids for deep space exploration and resource location until their intelligence exceeded their makers' and they mutinied killing their human co-workers. They were last seen heading for Earth. The Corp now operates out of the Laka system in Empire space still with the same goals as before, whilst hunting down any trespassing androids.
Lakota This system is the home of Interstellar Naval Systems, one of the heavyweights in military development and supply for the Federation Navy. 'Make your ship ready for any encounter.'
Lalande 6320 Deep Space Area Denial produce most of their armaments in this system. 'We make safe environments hostile.'
Lanaest Bepsin Gas currently holds the mining claims for this system.
Lao Yano

The Eternal Guardians have been an organization for generations and have dedicated their lives to bettering the Human race. They are a small, but growing and dedicated group of individuals working together to see that the galaxy stays safe from those who would see harm done to it. They work together to protect other commanders from pirates, and they act as guardians and bodyguards for both the strong and the weak, aiming to do what we can to help others. All are treated as equals, but those who would seek a life of crime are treated as a threat and dealt with as such.
Latugara The Wealth Redistribution Party are a noble band of entrepreneurs looking to 'redistribute' wealth in a rough galaxy.
Lave Lave is famous for its vast rain forests and the now extinct Lavian tree grub.

The Galactic Rare Trade Organisation deals rare goods between systems. Its main function is to ensure trade flows as smoothly, profitably and freely as possible by facilitating their self-styled 'Galactic Agreement on Rare Goods and Trade'.
LDS 883

Since their use of technology in the first Dynasty Wars gave the Marelon Family a tactical advantage big enough to annex half a continent ten generations ago, there has been an arms race as differing factions vie for power. A dangerous place to trade, but the rewards for importing technology are huge. Also of interest to biotech firms - several lucrative patents have developed from the indigenous flora.
Leesti The Leesti system is notable for Zero-G Cricket and Leestian Evil Juice.
Lembava The MMU us based in this system and provides materials to the highest bidder.
LFT 133 AEF Legion of LFT 133 is a faction of pilots associated by common bonds to provide for the betterment of the system and for the pilots within the Legion.
LFT 1834

The Reserve Imperial Logistic Auxiliary Fleet (RILAF) is a front organisation and, in reality, is the product of Imperial Navy Intelligence. Dr. Maxwell Shradre has been chosen to head up this organisation of pilots (some of which are new to Clandestine Operations) The stated goal of RILAF is to support Imperial efforts, providing supplies and logistical support for the Imperial Fleet. This organisation was called up due to the increased tensions between the Empire and the Federation. The RILAF's real goal is to slip across Federation borders and destabilise governments.
LFT 37

This is the home system of the Paladin Consortium. It is an association of independent mil-spec soldiers, constantly searching for a way to improve well-being and cooperation in their sector of the galaxy by enforcing law and promoting trade, exploration and mining.
LFT 69 Black Sails Sq.69 are based here. They are a group of miners that fled from a civil war in order to build up a new home.
LFT 880 Poor, low population refinery economy (independent corporate state).
LFT 926

This binary system is mainly comprised of icy worlds. However the rich asteroid belt and metal rich planet around the companion star supports a mixed refinery and high tech economy. Travellers often report that there are more watchers and combat capable ships passing through than they expected for such a modest system. The home system for Los Chupacabras. They are a small group of dedicated smugglers, bounty hunters and pirates.
LFT 992 Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy).
LHS 1122

Maintenance Outfitting and Development Shipyards, or MODS, is a company committed to providing the best service for pilots travelling to the outskirts of the known universe, hauling cargo or engaging pirates. Free coffee while you browse.
LHS 1167 Most of Long Embedded Systems' fabrication facilities are in this system. 'Under the hood excellence.'
LHS 1387 The Turkish Elite Force are based here.
LHS 1573

Long since mined-out, Lycan Moon Mining has relegated this system to a dumping ground for waste materials and personnel. Dealing with the authorities here is a bureaucratic nightmare. If a contractor can bypass the red tape, there are warehousing, data storage and waste `treatment' facilities available. There are almost no exports, other than small quantities of metals and minerals, and unsanctioned free-trade carries a hefty surcharge.
LHS 1650 Last Chance funeral specialist franchises operate throughout human space. Their main offices and training facilities can be found in this system. 'We take care of you after the end.'
LHS 1832 Former supporters of President Hudson, the Federal Defense League has expanded its operations to promote the Federation, primarily by subverting Imperial star systems.
LHS 214 The F99th were established by the Federal Govt. to support democracies in and around LHS 215. The founding members can trace their lineage to an ancient Sol fighter squadron.
LHS 2158 The Federal Privateers were founded as a means to reclaim and liberate Federal systems from Imperial forces through aggressive negotiations.
LHS 2637

A group of independent pilots calling themselves "The Allies" rose from the Quivira War. Their goal was to support the Alliance of Independent Systems in the name of freedom and justice. To aid those in need, the group ultimately founded the "Perez Ring Brewery". Today the famous Perez Beer from LHS 2637 funds most of the groups activities - and thereby freedom and justice for millions of people. Even though the "Perez Ring Brewery" is, from a legal point, corporate, it is politically a strong advocate of democracy and human rights.
LHS 28 The Star Dragons hunt down pirates and their ilk for the rich rewards involved.
LHS 2819 Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy).
LHS 2884 Poor, low population extraction economy (independent corporate state).
LHS 2887 Poor, low population refinery economy (Federal colony).
LHS 3006

Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony). A tiny system, recently (in stellar terms) stripped of its planets in an encounter with another star, leaving just Vulcan in the eccentric orbit it has today. Vulcan is still in the process of reforming, with the giant ring system the only remnant of the other body with which it collided. Ores and minerals are readily available in both the rings and on the surface, and are actively mined by the WCM Corporation.
LHS 3262

LeMat Partnership was native to Earth, in a country called France. Created by Honor?eMat in 1980, they were a small business producing models of guns. By selling weapons originally, they were one of many firms who supported the terraforming and building of bases on Mars. After profitable trading in Sol, they moved to a surrounding star system, LHS 3262, where they developed their own government.
LHS 3666

The Crimson Flag is an infamous criminal syndicate that consists mostly of pirates, smugglers and mercenaries. The group was recently brought back into power when a few high ranking members of the group decided to establish a permanent foothold in their system.
LHS 3749

The Democrats of LHS 3749 are noted for training pilots for the Federation. The high level of activity in the system makes this a good system to train pilots for smuggling, transport and combat. The Big G Squadron was the first squadron created to support the logistical transport routes between Nanomam and LHS 3749. They also protect LHS 3749. The Democrats swore allegiance to the Federation after the Great War of LHS 3749. The Federation supported them during the conflict and pushed them to become a democracy.
LHS 417 Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).
LHS 448 Lycan Moon Mining have their primary facilities in this system, although they do operate through Federal space. 'It takes more than machines to mine.'
LHS 449 An obscure Federal mining system that was once known as CPD-46 8664.
LHS 5287 Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).

The deep and highly mechanised Imperial mines are renowned for their efficiency at ore extraction. Slavery is also important for routine supervision of the machinery in the unpleasant mining environment.

Once a disputed system, this populous world became part of the Empire after the warming of relations between the Empire and the Federation. Once known as Delta Aquilae. This is the home system for The Silver Skulls - an Imperial taskforce assigned to Liaedin to fortify and expand its strategic position within Federation space. In May 3301 conflict erupted between Patron's Principles, an Empire-aligned organisation, and Federal pilots.

The home system for the Essential Services Society. They are a humanitarian and liberal party, formed in 3301 as an amalgam of various socialist groups, supporting the interests of organised labour and advocating democratic socialism and social equality. Committed to restoring dignity and self-reliance, the ESS is a galaxy-wide symbol of hope and renewal for those seeking freedom.
LP 339-7

Starship Enterprises was first founded in 3295 to provide rare artefacts and goods of high value exclusively to the rich and famous. Using the success of this venture as a launch pad, Starship Enterprises then branched out into various other sectors, including private security, exploration and mining, and now has a good working relationship with a number of other corporate entities as well as having strong diplomatic ties to the republican party of the Federation. Starship Enterprises currently operates to secure the corporate interests of a number of Federation factions. Their head office can be found in the Gell-Mann ring in 339-7.
LP 413-18 A system as dull as its dwarf star. Move along, nothing to see here.
LP 417-213 As the overseers of Bacon Station, this faction's motto is: "If it can't be solved with violence, it can't be solved at all".
LP 64-194 Poor, low population extraction economy (independent corporate state).
LP 917-1

10th Legion Industries has been founded by former Federation pilots. Since its formation it has provided a number of services in the private sector, including defence contracts, consultancy, espionage and private security.
LP 98-132

Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy). LP 98-132 is an anarchic system with a solitary small M2V type dim red star. There isn't a lot here, though there is some mining of valuable minerals like cobalt, rutile and coltan, and very occasionally of gold. Piracy is rife here with pirates on the lookout for those high value cargos. There is a station called Freeport operated by a group of locals, and this is the nearest thing to law that exists in the system.
LTT 11159 It's got a sun and planets and rocks. A quiet, unassuming system - maybe a nice place for a nap.
LTT 135 JetForce Dynamics have their primary manufacturing facilities in this system. 'Getting you there with the power of air.'
LTT 15493 Survey report: System devoid of life and interest. Don't waste your time coming here, there's nothing to see. - Cmdr Bill Weyson, Dec 3299.
LTT 15587 Miltech Industries are designers and manufacturers of some of the best military and heavy industrial equipment. And all at great value!
LTT 1873

Swedish Vikings is a group who want to preserve Swedish traditions so that they do not disappear for good. Many historians come to this group in order to conduct research on their ancient traditions and customs. Here the Swedish language is preserved and taught to the next generation. The Swedish archive group is also one of the largest repositories of Swedish history in the galaxy. Access to the archives is available to all, although materials cannot be taken away.
LTT 2322 The Dark Matter Collective are dedicated to all facets of the dark.
LTT 2337

The Nova Alliance operates in this system and is an independent group that has no direct link to any of the superpowers. They primarily operate in Imperial space and try to maintain good relations with local factions, but are not afraid to fight, if needed, for their own interests.
LTT 3690 The Pilot's Propaganda Corporation is an independent data provider, formed by like minded commanders to counteract the misinformation communicated by all major powers.
LTT 4961 This is the home system of NULL. They are pilots fighting against piracy, aiming to help those in need.
LTT 606 KD-Cox Spray Specialist have outlets throughout independent space and their headquarters is positioned within this system. 'For that personal look.'
LTT 6563 Galactic Trading Incorporated is a friendly group of traders hailing from their home system LHS 3447, travelling the galaxy and ensuring the safety of their cargo.
LTT 7126 The Vortex Continuum are guns for hire, pirates, mercenaries, bounty hunters and vigilantes. They support any cause, power or faction that offers profit and blood.
LTT 7488

Originating from Earth, Sol, The Illawarra Freelancers form commanders from around the galaxy. The members of this organisation do not limit themselves to one field, instead they share the common goals of wealth, expansion and discovery.
LTT 8517

The Trans-Galactic Slave Trade Corporation aims to use slaves for their most fundamental purpose: the generation of profit. As such, the corporation seeks to create and maintain popular slave-trade routes, with particular attention placed on routes between the territories of Archon Delaine and Zemina Torval. The corporation will use whatever means it deems necessary to ensure the flow of slaves continues unhindered.
LTT 8740

A bleak system, playing host to an extreme religious group known as the 'Brotherhood of Resonance'. This group colonised the system during the late 3100s and little is known of their beliefs other than extreme xenophobia. The system is off-limits and requires a permit to access.
LTT 911 The most powerful handguns in the universe (made by Callaghan Firearms corporation) are based in this system.
LTT 9795 Imperial Nagas have benefitted greatly from their association with Senator Zenima Torval, whose continued patronage has helped expand their influence well beyond the borders of their system.
LTT 9810 This system enjoys the patronage of Senator Zemina Torval.
Lu Dis Synergy Corp is a private research company, originally formed to study the galaxy and its oddities.

In March 3301 the system attempts to leave the Federation, resulting in conflict between the Federation and the Crimson State Group, leaders of the independence movement. The so-called 'War for Lugh' was won by the Crimson State Group.

The Spartan Order's relentless ambition and iron discipline ensures their existence. They are reluctant to conform to the worship of corporate power and continue to honour their ancient traditions. The faction is ruled by their fearless leader; King Atreus, son of Arkaidos II.
Luyten's Star The Red Squadron are based in this system.

A mildly complex system which includes three brown dwarfs. A single outdoor world supports a large population and agricultural economy. Industrial facilities can also be found here. Although generally a well ordered system a significant criminal element does exist.



Maausk Mastopolos Mining Incorporated operate throughout the whole of Imperial space and beyond. One of their flagship operations can be found in this system. 'More from ore.'
Magec Agricultural economy (Federal democracy).

This is Mahara's home system - a government led by unqualified citizens chosen through patronage by hereditary leaders. The Mahara Absolute Kakistocracy is based in this system. They are a government led by citizens chosen through patronage by hereditary leaders.
Maia This system was first colonised with the construction of Obsidian Orbital in November 3301. Many strange artefacts have been discovered in this region of space.

Though originally a privatised military corporation, the Stoopwaffen Corporation now focuses on services which are in high demand. "Is it security you desire for a simple hauling trip? Or do you want a professional agent to guard your mining operation? Or even assist you with maximising profits? Stroopwaffen does it all! Feel free to contact us for a full list of our services."

The 9th Legion was formed in 3145 by an Imperial Decree by the then Emperor Hender Saik Duval, as an Imperial Special Operations unit. It was tasked with furthering the interests of the Emperor by overt and covert military action, and the defence of Imperial space. Originally headquartered in Facece, the unit was moved to Kamadhenu following tension with the Imperial Navy, who found its irregular (but highly effective) methods irksome. It continued to operated in a special operations role, and saw several battle honours added to its colours. All actions of the 9th are still highly classified, but it is rumoured that every major conflict has seen the unit involved. As a result of the sacrifices of the 9th, and the distinction with which it served, Emperor Hesketh Duval granted it the system of Malaikudi as its headquarters in 3218. Around this time, the existence of the unit was publicly acknowledged for the first time, in a session of the Imperial Senate. Currently, the 9th continues to operate as a special operations unit, and in addition is often tasked with protecting the Imperial border worlds from Federal incursions. Due to its nature, the 9th has often had individual Inquisitors of the Chapterhouse of Inquisition among its ranks, and it is rumoured that this is currently the case. It also has strong links with Lavigny's Legion, and the two units have fought together on several occasions against the enemies of the Empire.

Manah was colonised by a `land rush' from nearby poorer systems after word spread of its riches. Hundreds of families claimed large tracts of land and fought until only four remained. A negotiated peace enabled exploration, but the system's purported wealth turned out to be a bar-room tale. The rumours were traced to source, which left only three families remaining. With money gone, they took to couriering goods and people around the surrounding systems. Later, they welcomed the protection offered by Federal affiliation and combined to form Starliner Express.

Formed in 3272 the Independent Pilots Consortium also known as the IPC are a private military organisation of unified commanders and ordinary pilots from all political affiliations, as long as they have not participated in any piratical activities. The Independent Pilots Consortium are the sworn protectors of the Mandhrithar System and keep it a bastion of freedom and security. They strive to maintain the freedom of any system that wants to keep its independence. Mandhrithar has encountered many threats to its independence, which have been thwarted thanks to the Consortium. `Good business is where you find it.'

The Faithful Cult of Mannovalo is a theocratic faction that is not part of an officially sanctioned religion. They believe in confronting evil with evil, bringing systems to breaking point by allowing them to participate in every illegal undertaking and shadowy endeavour until they collapse under the weight of their own mismanagement.
Marduk Famous for its Blue Marbled Mountains and Great Sulphur Desert on Amar, and `The Crystal Sphere' of Sippar, Marduk has become a centre for outdoor activities, sightseers and romantics.
Maris The home system for the Demons of Praetoria. "Watching the Galaxy burn, one ship at a time."
Maroine This system was once famous for supporting the liberation of slaves.

Dedicated to protecting colonised space from pirates and other threats, the BWSF operates from Coggia Terminal in the Marrallang system. The BWSF is split into four fleets: the Royal Fleet, the Warfleet, the Merchant Navy and the Recon Corps, and they are always recruiting.
Mbukuravi This low-populated system supports a mixed extraction and refinery economy. The innermost gas giant is known to support ammonia based life.

This system is seen as the key for a mystery starting in 3301 with the discovery of unknown artefacts that point to this system. The first of an alien species known as 'barnacles' was discovered on Merope 5 c in 3302.
Meropis The Bottone Asteroid Development consortium is located in this system. 'Mining platforms where you need them.'

The Angelic Church of Messi has been a reclusive faction within its home system for hundreds of years. Recently it has begun to spread its faith across the galaxy, revealing the miracle of the Messi faith. The Angelic Church receives anyone looking for guidance and who wants to express their faith, live in harmony with the galaxy and worship the mighty and beloved Messi.

Brazilian Armada X is an independent faction with a democratic government that supports the freedom of its commanders. Its ultimate purpose is to unite the galaxy under one flag, and Brazilian Armada X is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that; from controlling markets to starting wars.

Aisling's Imperial Gladiators investigate corporations to ensure responsible governance in accordance with the principles of Princess Aisling Duval. Their strict control ensures social values and promotes ethical practices, while protecting profits and ensuring wealth distribution is carried out in a meritocratic manner.
Michael Pantazis Bestowed to Michael Pantazis for his heroics in freeing the Annaiams from oppression. Michael never returned to the system named in his honour as, legend has it, he was sent by divine intervention.

The Likedeeler are a loosely organised guild of privateers, who sometimes turn to piracy and smuggling. They see themselves in the tradition of the "Victual Brothers" of the 14th century. They affected maritime trade during the 14th century in both the North and Baltic Seas. The successors to the Victual Brothers gave themselves the name Likedeeler ("equal sharers") because they shared their spoils with the poor population.

After having fled the Empire from the wrath of a senator, the brothers known as the Dukes of Mikunn, set up an operation on the edge of civilised space to mine, and expand humanity's borders through colonisation. Starting with the humble system of Mikunn, they have built up a significant sphere of influence throughout the sector, leveraging their portfolio of assets against local leaders to acquire a network of systems.

The Universal Cooperative is based in this system and subject to the Council of Discord on Eris. Starports across the galaxy are supplied with specialist parts and preassembled modules from Brewer Corp whose main fabrication plant can be found in this system. 'Looking down on worlds since 3100.'

A tiny colony in 3195, Miola expanded rapidly as part of the 'Freeborn' movement. In 3265, an outbreak of fever stemming from a rescued pilot in Harris hospital decimated the planetary population, turning the settlement into a ghost town. Only the space station is now occupied.

The deep and highly mechanised Imperial mines are renowned for their efficiency at ore extraction. Slavery is also important for routine supervision of the machinery in the unpleasant mining environment.
Momus Reach A disgraced ex-judge's retirement nest egg where he breeds the rare Bog Spaniel, which makes such lifelike duck calls that some interesting cross breeds are now being researched.
Morgor Poor, low population extraction economy (anarchy).
Morrina A lovely place to visit.

Former Imperial colony turned independent, once held strategic value due to its proximity to both Imperial and GalCop space. The planet Cullen is the only orbiting body in this system and its space station, James Sneddon station, is home to the Global Border Control Agency and Morten-Marte Orbital Council, the latter of which is an open forum where representatives from all of Cullen's nations can freely discuss ongoing issues. Diplomatic staff from all three galactic governments are also members of the MMOC.
Mudrama Kaze The House of Etherin is based in this system and is a powerful family loyal to the Empire. It has links to Arissa Lavigny-Duval and the Chapterhouse of Inquisition.

The Black Birds are a secret squadron whose codes are based on former traditions and chivalrous rites. Black Birds' pilots are tenacious and as demanding with each other as they are merciless with their enemies. They work for the highest bidder, and undertake the missions no other pilot would accept. Although CryMed Healthcare Systems have representatives throughout known space, their headquarters is based in this system. 'Healthcare is our life as much as it is yours.'

The home system for the Libertas Cooperative - a group of free citizens dedicated to good governance through the cooperation of individuals, stakeholders and organisations. Held together by a council of elders led by Galleria Huneric, it seeks to coordinate with the various Imperial institutions with an aim to ending Imperial slavery.
Mutj This system was once famous for supporting the liberation of slaves.
Myrbat The renowned Blitz Weapon Stores franchise headquarters can found here. 'All calibres, all power ratings, one store!'



Na Chun Di

Na Chun Di is the home of the Spicers, who mainly flock around a station referred to as the Teahouse. They are a small group of pilots originating from various sectors of the galaxy and possessing diverse sets of skills. They are united under a common cause: to provide the best transportation services, regardless of the nature, origin or legal status of the cargo. Any commander is welcome to come by the Teahouse for a relaxing cup of unique spiced tea, and perhaps a fruitful business conversation.
Nagnatae The Nagnatae's Nightingale consists of former Imperial slaves looking for revenge.
Namon Planet Express is based in this system. Quick and Reliable delivery services. 'We deliver anything, anywhere.' In a coalition with the Protectores Zemina Nostri.
Nang Di

The Nang Di Empire was founded by a mercenary group known as the Steel Wolf Brigade, based out of Nang Di. The Steel Wolf Brigade was retained by Aisling Duval to supplement her own forces, which elevated the group and allowed it to expand its holdings to include intelligence, logistics and mining fleets. Eventually the economy of Nang Di boomed thanks to new expansion by the Nang Di Empire.
Nang Ta-khian Poor, low population industrial economy (independent corporate state). A small independent system known as the home system for the Beamer Pulsed Inc corporation. 'We have both kinds of lasers...'
Nanoai This is the home system for Blikege Services Ltd. "We got what you're looking for... If we don't - you don't need it!"
Nanomam The N7 Alliance Navy serves and protects the Milky Way from all who endanger factions and interstellar peace.
Naraka A like minded collection of reject pilots from the Federal Navy. Naraka Cartel seeks to provide a haven for those in search of credits and camaraderie, whilst still supporting the Federation where it can.

A young blue star with resource-rich planets, the discovery of this wealthy star system was named by Commander Dan Jameson with friend Nick Lindsey during a failed system jump. Like a flood, like a storm, rage Galileo Legacy. Fighters, merchants, miners and explorers of this dark space rise, you're sons of Galileo. Join us, find a family, find a flag, become someone. "From nothing to all, now and forever always togheter." Galileo Corp.
Naunei This system enjoys the patronage of Senator Zemina Torval.

The Independent Pilots Armada is a paramilitary organisation of unaligned commanders who seeks out fortune among the stars. They are a coalition of pilots without borders, warriors without masters, and they owe allegiance only to themselves and the highest bidder. "We do not pick sides, we only accomplish missions, no matter the cost. We are a rare commodity, an army for hire, and we will be the best on the market."

With a headquarters in the Neto system, the PBSF has struggled for years to free the skies of criminal scum and to help every citizen, new or old. Led by the secretive Captain 'Cap' Anaidni, the PBSF is a force free from corruption and with a noble cause.

Admiral Justus Sigfast Karrison leads the Dreadful Nomads within the Alliance's Council of Admirals. The faction is based in Nevermore but has footholds in three more systems. Although an "Admiral" had to be appointed by the Nomads, they chose to keep their ground troop ranks as a symbol of loyalty to their ancestors and each other. The Dreadful Nomads still adhere to these ranks as they scour the galaxy, searching for anyone oppressed by the Federation or Empire who might join their number.
New Yembo

The home system for Knox & Co - a humanitarian and liberal party, formed in 3301 as an amalgam of various socialist groups, supporting the interests of organised labour, and advocating corporate socialism and social equality.
Ngaliba A dangerous system with refinery facilities around its two gas giants. Adle's Armada, a Federation-aligned militia, was established in the system in June 3301.

The Stellar Cartographic Institute is a loose and open association of scientists, explorers and travellers, meeting occasionally at their secluded headquarters to swap stories and theories over lunch and a bottle of Lavian Brandy.

This small system has enough mineral wealth to warrant both extraction and refining facilities. There is an interesting planet which supports water based life nearby that is visited by the occasional xenobiologist.

Senta a Pua is the symbol and rallying cry of the 1st Fighter Aviation Group of the Brazilian Air Force from ancient Earth history. Its origins date from the Second World War and it was disbanded in 1945. In 2400 Senta a Pua was re-founded with a view to keeping the peace between Empire and Federation systems. Now the faction defends independent corporations from the governmental tyranny of the three Great Powers.
Ngun This system is favoured by Aisling Duval.
Nisgayo The Achenar Workers Party fights for equality and to banish dictatorships from the galaxy.
Njiri Black Ram is one of the most infamous branches of the Imperial Navy. Their courage and renown are without equal.
Njorog The Brazilian League of Pilots is based in this system. They are well trained pilots seeking glory in battle. Sometimes they fight for the galaxy's common good.
NLTT 6655 Something happened here, but the locals won't talk about it.
NLTT 9949 This developing system is known for being the corporate headquarters for Consolidated Plasma Corp. 'We fight fire with fire. Hotter fire.'
Noatiaca The Public Service Announcement group are protectors of Federation space and their allies.

Emperor`s Grace operate in this system. It is a military faction led by Vaarwen Mako Brennus and is answerable solely to the Emperor's direct agents. They are renowned for their fervent loyalty to the Empire.
Nu Tauri The Black Daggers are a military organisation established to free the oppressed and protect miners.

This system became famous after Fozard Entertainment's release of their extensive back catalogue in 3298. '150 years of entertainment.' Little is know about Arc's Angels. Some say the group is formed from fanatics who are preparing for the return appearance of alien life. Others say that they were formed to protect the innocent. Either way, members of this group should be approached with caution.
Nuenets This busy trinary system has terrestrial planets orbiting the two companion stars. The locals aren't particularly friendly and appear to be harbouring a dark secret.
Nunus The Guardians of the Galaxy were former Imperial aces that started their own mercenary group. They are led by "Rob Granfors the Supreme Commissar".
Nyororor With the rumoured threat of the Thargoids return, some of those 'old timers' have now returned to once again deal with the Thargoid menace. This is their home system.




The Earth Defence Fleet is an independent military corporation dedicated to protecting the interests of the Federation throughout the galaxy. It was established in 3284 by the venerable Sky Marshall Vicktore Beskor.

Cygnian Dream Entertainments are based in this cosmopolitan system and their shows are available throughout the Alliance. 'Where the party never ends...' Olwain Pirates stand against any threat to the Alliance's power from the rival sinner-states, the Federation and Empire, and will destroy anyone who supports those dictatorships. Mainly they operate out of Olwain, in Alliance space, although they also have operations further afield. Forever live Freedom. Forever live the Alliance.
Omicron Columbae

The home system for the Booty Bay Butchers. It is an elite group of Imperial bounty hunters. They eliminate all pirates who oppose the Empire or her allies, and complete various mercenary contracts as well.
Omicron-2 Eridani A small refinery operation in a system once known as Keid.
Ongkuma An unsuccessful slave rebellion took place in January 3301.
Opala Agricultural economy (Federal democracy).

Veloxi's Vixens are dedicated, above all, to space. Sometimes described as pilots with jobs, the Vixens are a league of starship pilots who share a common interest in spaceflight as an end in itself. Believing that humanity's future will be found among the stars, they work to build a common platform to support pilots, space-based industry and exploration. In service to their mandate, they fight to clean the space lanes of plundering marauders. The stations they operate are well known as safe havens for all those rambling pilots who dare to venture into the black.
Orerve This system is a dull place.

Orrere is mildly well known for Orrerian Vicious Brew. Formed in 3278, the Code began as a small group of close-knit pirates who began their careers in Ngaliba. In recent years it has grown into a massive interstellar ring of organised criminals, now based in Orrere.
Ovid Poor, low population industrial economy (Federal democracy).




Far Bound Enterprises wishes to explore and colonise star systems outside of populated space. They intend to build a collective of pilots with all possible skill sets, and perhaps one day lay the foundations for new spaceports. The ultimate dream is to build a highway of settled systems that leads to the galactic core! "A road through the heavens."

Established on August 5th 3301, the Tatar Republican Party's main goal is the development of trade, protection of property and establishment independent courts. The party is open for free traders, honest miners and advanced researchers. Universal values, human rights and freedom are of the utmost importance to them.

Pangilagara is the headquarters of the Crystal Armada. The Armada uses their mastery of propaganda, backed by a sizeable military presence, to increase their own influence as well as that of Princess Aisling Duval. While the Armada is a constant presence under the leadership of Queen Jezebel Taylor, they rely heavily on volunteers and temporary members as an alternative to having a large standing fleet.

This system falls under the jurisdiction of His Excellency Elenar and his ancient order of fanatical loyalists, the Achenar Immortals. It was granted to the Immortals by the Grace of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, for their unwavering loyalty, honour and valour in combat.
Parsaka This tiny backwater extraction system isn't really known for anything much. You can refuel here if you need to.

A mercenary group, the 8th Dragon Squadron is loyal only to itself and its current contract. Their motto, `Ubi Concordia - Ibi Victoria' (meaning `where there is unity, there is victory'), reflects the solid foundations on which the group is built.
Paul-Friedrichs Star Best known for the seal rescue cruiser.
Pepper Somewhat chaotic, but worth the effort.
Pera A small system supporting a refinery economy. A rising criminal element is active here.

WARNING: PLAGUE SYSTEM. The only life-bearing body has been cordoned off due to native pathogens. Any ship passing into the moon's atmosphere will be automatically designated a plague ship, refused docking in all systems and destroyed on-sight by all faction and system security forces. System trade consists of rumoured alien artefacts found in deep space, along with moderate mineral deposits in the system's inner asteroid belt.
Pethes A small Federal industrial economy that has seen better days - much to the dismay of the Bar Low Clothing consortium. 'For the real you.'

A group of independent Czech citizens who are defending and organising life in Phanes system. Resources provided from this administration enabled the group to establish a decent quality of life within dangerous space. The whole society is working hard to build the ancient image of The City of God (Civitas Dei), a peaceful, perfect and wealthy place.

A rare anarchy system that maintains a powerful industrial economy. Also known as Gamma Ursae Majoris and Phad. The home system for The Ancients of Mumu who are adherents to the entity "Mumu". Their aim is to maintain the substance and nature of their society and protect their home system from incursion by any non-believers. Founded in the 12th century, while still planet bound on Mother Earth, the (then) Adherents of Mumu sought to better their environment for the benefit of others. When first generation ships were due to leave Earth their society sought to colonise a system far from Earth as they believed that Earth itself was not worth saving. The colonists, by and large, survived the journey, arriving several hundred years ago. A significant proportion of the first settlers had developed a sincere hatred of space travel by the time they made first landing. Since their arrival they have grown particularly attached to their home and have transformed into a community that is fiercely protective of its chosen system and resistant to any attempts at visitation by those who have not been granted access.

This system is most famous for the giant Verrix. Stevenson is the home world of this hardy beast of burden now found throughout human space, especially on the emerging worlds of the outer rim. Home system for the The Sovereign Justice Collective: The Sovereign Justice Collective is an independent, self-governing group whose primary function is to maintain peace and order. Advocates for the law, the collective also ensures the adherence to the rules and regulations set forth by the interstellar law. Holding status of forces Agreements with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, members of this faction are able to enforce interstellar law throughout inhabited space with impunity.
Phiince Chopper Station was built in the system in January 3302.
Pi Mensae The Lewis Zero G Fitness franchise is based in this system. 'In space no one can hear you pump!'
Pi Pavonis This system was once famous for supporting the liberation of slaves.
Pi-fang Rich, high population agricultural and service economy (independent corporate state).
Pikum AG Industries focus on trading and improving the local economy.
PLX 695

In Depth Protection are a relatively new player on the military supply scene but they are already making some big waves. 'Countermeasures and military grade electronic warfare suites for those close encounters.'
Pollux A quiet extraction system also known as Beta Geminorum.

A small system containing extraction and refinery facilities. A criminal gang is known to operate in this system. The The Order of Justice are a group of commanders setting out to fight for free and safe trade across populated space.

The Praetorianis Libertatis formed from a small group of traders, smugglers and bounty hunters in the late 33rd Century. Problems with the Federal authorities forced them to flee to Imperial space. Unfortunately those early Praetorians found no peace there either, as they were constantly hunted down and struggled to fit into Imperial society. Eventually they settled into the Soholia system. Here they reformed and created a new corporation that they could build upon and call their own. A century later, expanding and growing in numbers, the Praetorians look to the future and have turned their attention and efforts towards a stronger power base, striving to become a self sufficient faction on its own merits. "No price is too high for liberty and profit!"

Chione was a pleasant pastoral moon until the Prism system was seized by the Loren 'Lineage' (an Imperial family distantly related to the ruling Duval Dynasty) in 3297. The system remains unstable at this time and traders are advised to proceed with caution. Loren's Legion was commissioned by Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney, administrator of Prism, to serve as an extension of the Prism defence force. Its charter lends flexibility to more offensive operations throughout the region. Loren's Legion sharply contends with enemies of the Empire in the vicinity of Prism and serves as a bulwark against incursion into Imperial territory.
Priva Home system for Bacon Cats Arbitration and Transport Services. It is a cooperative of independent pilots known for its strictly apolitical and charitable activities.
Psi Octantis LURP Ship Systems is based in this system. 'Our range is everywhere.'

SPF-LF 2 is the preserved holiday retreat of the RC Commanders of legend (visit SPF-LF 1 to experience their legacy as it has been interpreted in modern times). Some say that the RC bloodlines continue amongst the local population, and that Commander Pepper continues to roam the galaxies today, but most clear-headed commentators believe this is romantic nonsense. SPF-LF 2 has strict controls on the most interesting planet in the system carefully preserving the indigenous flora and fauna from introduced species. Originally named 'Down Under' as it felt a lot like the setting of the 33rd century social soap opera of the same name, set in historic Australia from old Earth. After their disappearance, Down Under was renamed as a tribute to the RC Commanders and their unique flight and combat practices. Its unusual lumbering, jumping and flightless creatures remain to this day.
Purisaz The home system for the Northern Metta Union - a small communist community fighting for equality of rights.



q1 Eridani The Elite Republic Squad are a group of small independent pilots helping the underdogs.

A lawless backwater, despite the efforts of Wreaken Construction and Mining. The Furnace battle group from Alioth under the command of Admiral Bryce Jander were based here before they journeyed to Lave to take part in the famous 'Battle for Lave Station' in 3265. Quator remains a haven for pirates. 'Hoopy's Bar' on Quator Station should not be confused with the popular casino chain of the 3200s.
Quikindji The Quikindji Phantoms consider true freedom is worth fighting for.
Quile This system enjoys the patronage of Senator Zemina Torval.
Quince Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous.
Quivira In May 3301 the system saw conflict with the forces of Imperial Senator Denton Patreus.
Ququve Outdoor ice and water world. Tourism and fishing.




This expansive binary system contains a tiny extraction operation. One of the system's gas giants is a favourite for travelling xenobiologists with low order ammonia based life forms living in one of the gas giant's upper atmosphere.
Rajita This dull system contains a handful of terrestrial type planets and a small extraction facility. There's little fun to be found here.
Rakapila Poor, low population industrial economy (Federal democracy).
Rasmussen Named after the great explorer family who discovered it.
Rauta Home system for the Varangian Syndicate: As long as there is a profit to be made, this mercenary privateer group will be ready to put its assets on the line.

The Reddot system is named after its red dwarf star. Other than Motherlode and Whit's Station (see below), there is little in the system of worth or interest. It is reasonably close to Imperial and Federation space but not resource-rich enough to receive much in the way of interest from them, which of course makes it a prime place for pirates and other criminals to hide out in. It is also quite close to a number of resource-rich systems that are ripe for raiding.
Reorte This system is famed for its inhabitants' eccentric love for tourists, but is plagued by deadly earthquakes. In April 3301 the system was taken by pirates but swiftly liberated by the Alliance.

A system known by many as the launch point for exploration into deep space. It is a simple system with just a few terrestrial planets but it supports an extraction and refinery economy. A local museum claims to have a piece of armour from Peter Jameson's Cobra Mk III - apparently lost during an encounter with local pirates.

This system is known for the presence of the headquarters of Conway Holo Productions. Their output can be seen on entertainment and news feeds through the galaxy. 'Bite size entertainment for a busy day.'
Rhea The East Galaxy Company is based in this system. It trades goods and sometimes gets into conflicts.
Rho Phoenicis

Battle Master Ezellian and his lieutenant commanders ruthlessly transformed this rag-tag group of mercenaries into a legitimate force in their home system. Their rapid ascension to prominence was built on a meritocracy and dedication to their common goal - the supremacy of the Free Company of Phoenicis. They seek to carve out a region of their own in the galaxy. The Free Company of Rho Phoenicis specialises in multi-role vessels that are optimised for each contract. Their slogan is "For power and profit."
Riedquat This system is most notable for its fabulous cuisine, but is beset by occasional civil war.
Robigo The CdE Corporation is based in this system and provides bounty hunting services to protect travellers here.
Ross 1015 Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).
Ross 1051 Poor, low population refinery economy (Federal colony).
Ross 1057

A small agricultural system known for housing the headquarters of Benton's Natural Remedies. 'For that extra boost in the morning!' The Federal Enforcers of ROSS 1057 are a Corporate command backed by the Federation. The Federal Enforcers of ROSS 1057 believe that the current owners of Ross 1057 are not fit to rule the System and hope to overthrow them and take control. Furthermore the company wishes to expand into neighbouring systems and to make a larger profit.
Ross 128

Prisoners are housed in underground cell complexes, and set to work in the mine. Visitors are allowed, but an entry permit must first be obtained. There is reputed to be a seedier side to the colony whereby lonely visitors may enter without a permit while the guards turn a blind eye for a fee, but this is always denied.
Ross 154 Outdoor ice and water world. Tourism and fishing.
Ross 775

The VX9 Defense Corp aligns with the directive of Zachary Hudson, in an ongoing effort to support, supply and expand his power outside of Federal space, and providing security within currently controlled space.
Ross 780 The Wireworld Crew support the Federation and remember the good times.
Ross 788 A small independent industrial system that is also home to the Deep Black Missiles corporation. 'For things that go boom.'
Ross 85 Elective Amnesia is a large corporation looking to spread its influence through the bubble.
Ross 93

Binkkerton State Holdings has a rich and varied history dating back to the 11th Century. Originally a secretive and influential Earth order, today it is a modern and efficient interstellar organisation. Affiliated with the Federation, Binkkerton has established its business through corporate means, its expertise lying in specialist missions, trading, mining, policing and data gathering.

The Kyrev Security Conglomerate are a paramilitary mercenary group with affiliated logistics personnel. They strive to create a safe region for all law-abiding citizens amidst the storm of the three superpowers.
Rudjer Boskovic

Born in the city of Dubrovnik. He developed the precursor to atomic theory and made many contributions to astronomy. This is the home system for Rudjer Boskovic Inc. Its members are descendants of fiercely independent warriors from the Balkans region of Earth. The founders of this group settled in Rudjer Boskovic system late in the third millennium. Deadly mercenaries who specialise in guerrilla tactics and the infiltration of enemy territory, they often inflict heavy casualties against superior enemy forces. Due to their contempt for the Federation, they are often found in Imperial employment wreaking havoc in Federal systems.

A prosperous and well-populated Imperial system. It is famed for having the headquarters to the Allen Flight Dynamics corporation. 'Upgrade your controls to the perfect system.' Rogue Runners is a logistics company built on altruistic principles, but also with an eye for making money. If you need it transported, they can do it, regardless of the legality of the cargo. It was founded by a young woman named Autumn Leif, who got into the smuggling business out of necessity, but stayed in it for profit. They have acquired their own security force and have been pushing the Empire out of the Run system since before their official formation. The company has recently begun hiring smugglers and traders to help expand their reach. They hold a firm belief that anyone should be able to acquire what they need, regardless of what their governing body has to say about it or how far out they are located.

This is the home system for CHIMERA. The CHIMERA group invests massive resources into stellar exploration, with the aim of expanding humanity's frontiers. They believe in the freedom of choices, the right to live without restraints and very low 'maintenance' taxes are universal law for CHIMERA's space!



Saffron Last chip shop for 37 light years.

Founded on 24th April 3302, the Brazilian Trading Company was established by commanders from the Brazilian League of Pilots. Each of them had extensive experience in trading and mining and decided to use that knowledge to set up their own independent faction.

The home system for A Different Kind, a political group that was originally a large group of avid space gamers back in the early 21st century. Over time they gained massive political control and expanded their boundaries, until they now push for their own goals while encouraging young people to become pilots.

Headquarters of SIRIUS INC, a mercurial organization on the rim of human-occupied space. This fledgling democracy has recently gained independence after years of benign neglect by their parent corporation. The people of San feel a strong affinity with their "corporate founders", and preserve the trappings of corporate governance (including corporate name, titles, and other IP). The parent corporation has yet to comment on this rather egregious trademark infringement.
San Camasir This small system contains a modest industrial economy. Xenobiologists also visit to research the water based life living in the upper atmosphere of the system's only gas giant.
Sarana The pilots of The Eldaren hire out their services to anyone with the credits to pay them, while remaining dedicated to bringing democracy and growth to their system.
Scirth This system was once famous for supporting the liberation of slaves.

The home system for the Mercs of Mikunn. A subfaction of the Dukes of Mikunn under the patronage of Tiberius, the Mercs of Mikunn are a security and mercenary organisation that have primarily earned their wealth acting as the private military of the Dukes of Mikunn. Headquartered in Mercenary's Respite in the Sefrys system, they oversee several systems as part of The Dukes of Mikunn's feudal network. Also the home system for The Guild of Sfrys - a smuggler group on the fringe of civilization, this faction has made significant wealth building a criminal network among neighbouring systems reminiscent of the old Earth mafias.
Sekhenses Influence, Control, Expand, Repeat. The Diplomacy's only focus is to become the most powerful and influential minor faction. If there is an obstacle in its way, the Diplomacy powers through it.

Magda are more famous for their stores and home delivery network but also control a number of key agricultural systems within the Empire. 'Low prices, high quality. All for you.' This system enjoys the patronage of Senator Zemina Torval.
Shinrarta Dezhra

This is the only system directly controlled by the Pilots Federation and entry is only allowed by those invited. Achieving a high status is the usual cause for invitation, but other more secretive methods are also known. The system is governed by the Elite Pilots Federation and members are allowed to retire here.

Once a company of brave commanders committed to helping revolutionary parties against dictatorships around the galaxy, they were betrayed and forced to flee and are now trying to give birth to something different, shaped on their own ideals of justice.

Famous as the first true corporate system and also notable for the first interstellar war. Since 2350, the Sirius Corporation has been using the vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer from coils wrapped around the planet for the synthesis of custom elements (particularly military-grade fuel). Has the ancient name of Alpha Canis Majoris.

Originally a branch of the Sitakapan Imperial Navy, the Expeditionary Force is responsible for supporting the political and economic pursuits of Sitakapa beyond its domestic borders. It achieves this by enforcing Imperial stability throughout frontier systems, and ensuring Imperial interests are represented amongst foreign powers.
Skeggiko O

A populous binary system supporting extensive agricultural and industrial operations. The planets around the companion star are icy worlds, devoid of life. Local rumours hint at secret meetings in the far reaches of their system.
Slink's Eye Origin Systems United are dedicated to the research of alien species.
Smethells 119

The RILAF or Reserve Imperial Logistics Auxiliary Fleet is made up of Imperial Reservists that have been called up due to the increased tension between the Empire and the Federation. While subject to the Imperial Fleet chain of command, the RILAF enjoys a level of autonomy that many Imperial units do not possess. The RILAF's duties include support of Imperial fleets in nearby sectors, support of loyal Imperial systems, minor policing roles, and so freeing up forces that can be utilised in the main Imperial fleets.

The Pan-Galactic Mining Corp have their headquarters in this system. They are a mining focused group with ties to Sirius Corp and Li-yong Rui. As well as mining they conduct operations like bounty hunting and RES hunting; keeping the spaceways safe for mining and trade. Employees of Pan-Galactic Mining Corp are free to follow whatever political beliefs they wish.
Soholia Not the most exciting place to visit, or so it is claimed.

Historic system famous as both the birthplace of humanity and as the political capital of the Federation. A very expensive and prestigious system to live in and a popular tourist venue. Most rich humans will visit Earth once in their lives. All the major corporations have their headquarters on Mars, terraformed in 2286, which is the main centre for administration.

Founded in 3302, Leviathan Shipyard Corps was originally formed from a collective of smaller shipyards and mining companies in the Sons system. It adheres to the main principles set down by the Alliance and is mainly concerned with combating the increased threat of Federal and Imperial naval expansion on the galactic stage.
Sorbacoc The Knights of Cydonia are a group of bounty hunters and slave smugglers.
Sorbago Site of a slave rebellion in December of 3300.

The Empire Corsairs are based in this system and gather all the untitled or banished aristocrats, lone wolves, sociopaths, alcoholics and drug addicts. All the pariahs and marginals that the Imperial Fleet will not accept among its ranks. In exchange for amnesty, they are allowed to conduct a shadow war against the enemies of the Empire and keep all the profits.
SPOCS 208 Kahina's League of Explorers is a group of commanders dedicated to scientific and geological research, with members also specialising in combat and defence.

The Praetorian Curate Assembly is a conglomerate of lords and shareholders who control their sector with a large portfolio of assets. It is structured through a stratified, neo-feudal system with Duke Alden Rowe at its head.
Stafkarl The struggling independent ship conversion specialist Kelly Shipyards has its only remaining facility in this system. 'Every ship comes to us.'
Summerland Darkwater Inc are one of the largest private military forces to have ever existed and their headquarters are situated in this system. 'Keeping watch and keeping you safe.'
Sun Takush Valyn's Dragons are a ragtag group of freelancers led by Valyn Eritai, who are blazing their own trail across the galaxy.
Sun Wen

This rich system contains a terraformed planet supporting an extensive agricultural economy. A second world is in the process of being terraformed. This is an important provider of foodstuffs in the local sector.
Surya Poor, low population refinery economy (Federal corporate state).
Synteini Senator Zemina Torval's fabulous estate can be found in this system.




An independent media organisation broadcasting music, news and gossip to commanders across the galaxy. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of free speech and great tunes. Guiding and entertaining commanders across the universe.
Tamor Forrester's Technical Services is one of the driving forces behind this system's recent growth. 'You break it. We fix it.'

A large Imperial agricultural system whose immense output is governed by Downing Agriculture. They also have extensive operations in other Imperial systems. 'The finest food for your table.' A recent acquisition of the Sirius Corporation, A Industries is noted for its use of Federation style commerce and trading techniques unusual to Imperial companies.
Tanmark Lucan Onionhead, a new strain of Onionhead, grown in the Tanmark system for the first time in January 3301. In March 3301 growth of Onionhead resumes, illegally, on Panem.
Tarach Tor

A group of traders, bounty hunters and explorers dedicated to personal freedom and the defence of Tarach Tor. The Guardians spread the influence of Tarach Tor through the distribution of Tarach Spice. The spice must flow.

A quasi-religious group dedicated to the ideal of the Golden King (Aurus Rex), a mythic figure prophesied to lead the human race for 1,000 years in a galactic war of absolute against an implacable foe that cannot be bought or reasoned with, only destroyed. With the appearance of non-human structures and contacts, many believe the Thargoids are those prophesied enemies. The faction now look forward to the appearance of the Golden King and work to build him a base of power from which to defend humanity.
Tau Ceti First colony outside the Sol system, where the first alien life was discovered. Unfortunately the last remnants are now in zoo enclosures for tourists. Crops cover most of the surface.
Tau-1 Eridani

Kinematic Armaments has outlets throughout independent space but their main fabrication plant is within this system. 'You want guns. We've got guns.' Special Tactics and Reconnaissance Squadron was formed in the year 3251 for the purpose of serving galactic peace following a conflict between the Federal and Imperial Fleets in the year 3250. Spectre Squadron is made up of rich pilots, traders and bounty hunters who deserted their oppressive governments' conquests in order to be a part of something greater. A government where all would have say in the actions of leadership. A government that would work to preserve the safety and balance of the galaxy at any cost. Spectres operate out of a weapons manufacturing facility in Tau-1 Eridani, where they develop experimental technologies away from the public. Spectres continue to protect and serve where they are needed, training new pilots, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Spectres act in any way they see fit, either with careful diplomacy or ruthless force, being officially above any law.
Tau-2 Gruis A This system enjoys the patronage of Senator Zemina Torval.

The ancestors of the Sons of the Seven Lords were reputable warriors who obtained their homeland after wandering the galaxy. Their descendants formed the Sons of the Seven Lords Interstellar PLC (in short [SSL Interstellar PLC]), to provide an organised and legal framework for their organisation as a paramilitary faction investing in a wide range of research, including biotechnology.
Te Uira This small high tech system is building a name for itself in innovation from corporations like Evans Computation Co-operative. 'We're there when life is shaped like a pear.'

A group of pilots renowned for their altruistic, cooperative and innovative response to galaxy-wide calls for assistance. They first came to prominence when responding to the Cerberus Plague outbreak of 3301. Inspired by their success, they settled in the Teaka system, where they found support from the local population. The galaxy remains a dangerous place, but together they help protect the weak, spread harmony, fun and cooperation. And distribute tea.

The Iron Dragoon Merchants Guild is based in this system. They are known to be fair and decisive. They are said to treat friends with equity and enemies with caution. Caution, instead of aggression simply because they could bring business to their merchant guild in the future. The Guild shouldn't be taken for pacifists, as they are willing to respond in kind to any aggression.

Toby's Independent Traders is a predominantly trade focused organisation of pilots, with a simple goal of creating a sustained, sizeable and secure Trust fund for the benefit of their future prot? Toby and all those who wish to associate with him on a friendly basis.
Thalarctos Cold and far away.

A cabal of former entrepreneurs looking to expand the interests of the Empire as well as their own. The Rogue Traders operate with no direct oversight and each individual member is free to act as they see fit for the glory of the Empire.
Themiscrya Between March and April 3301 there was conflict between the system and the forces of Imperial senator Denton Patreus.

The Galactic Academic Training Group is based in this system. "Citizens of the Empire, Peoples of the Federation, the Alliance and those from the independent worlds - welcome to our system. The training group has been forged for the purposes of educating novice and intermediate commanders as well as flight crew with the intent of improving their skills and bringing about a sophisticated and safer galaxy."
Thule One of the leading Imperial weapons manufacturing corporations, Dead-Eye Defence Systems have their central offices in this system. 'Power and laser tech for missions large and small.'
Thunderbird The Thunderbird Corporation is actually a democratic government, whose goals feature research, science and exploration.
Tilian Poor, low population industrial economy (Federal democracy).
Tionisla This system is very notable for its inhabitants' innate shyness.

Black Omega is a group of associates who understand that life is sometimes is hard. They believe in doing the right things, but worry that we'll all end up enslaved or become a corporate pawns. They enjoy freedom. Freedom sells itself.

The Tjindjin system is famous for the breathtaking landscapes of its natural water-world, and as one of the last high tech outfitter's before the frontier. It is also the adopted home of The Shadow Navy. Little is known about this mysterious organisation aside from its fierce loyalty to the Federation. This was typified during a brief moment in history when the existence of one of their operations around the Volungu and Liaedin systems became public. There are few confirmed members of the Shadow Navy around the galaxy, though many have never been revealed and almost all value their anonymity.

Sent by the Federation to the system Tjiwuar to build an outpost outside the "influence zone" of Zachary Hudson and Felicia Winters, the Federal Rangers' mission was to investigate spy activity by the Empire, and dismantle it. Once the mission was complete they were rewarded with this system to raise a CQ, based on their own legislation. They remained loyal to the Federation, and eventually the Federal Rangers became Axis Republica; a militaristic and scientific nation helping defend the Federation.
Toci A centre for bio-industrial research. Rumoured to have a thriving black market.

EoT is a free coalition of like-minded people with a common goal to pursue exploration. The Explorers on Tour share a passion to uncover the mysteries of the universe and discover unknown worlds. Everyone who is, or was, on a long voyage in space can consider themselves a member of this group.
Tomas Rich in rare minerals and, at times, ravaged by internecine conflict, Tomas is notable for the unique Hernandez-Campillo trinary planets.

The Alliance of Chinese Elite is a group of elite pilots who are descendants of the ancient Chinese kingdoms. Even after humanity has reached the edge of the galaxy, these pilots have not forgotten their origin, their culture and their language. Their mission is to preserve the legacies of their ancestors through their extensive private military and corporate networks established throughout the centuries.
Tpheirset Green Planet is an environmental movement that promotes the blossoming of the human race.

Mesk Corporation BR are a group formed by scientists and military personnel, led by Commander Mesk Rodrik. They research new technologies, currently focusing on the study of secret military weapons. These are usually provided to law enforcement agencies.

A system specialising in high tech output supporting a moderate population. Two of its three gas giants attract scientific interest with water based microbes forming vast spreads in the upper cloud layers.
TZ Arietis

FrogCorp is an influential and diversified corporation specialising in private security and consulting. It was created after the 3rd World War in an ancient country of Earth called France. FrogCorp owns an exclusive contract with the Federation. This system and its asteroid fields are also the main training base for the FrogSquadron, which is the most famous combat unit of FrogCorp, made up exclusively of veteran pilots.



Ugrivirii Noctilucent Dyn's main mission is supporting, and protecting Imperial assets. They accomplish this through running cargo, bounty hunting and recon.

Uibuth is the home system of the 3S Peoples Union, an organisation working under the guidance of Prismatic Imperium officers in the interest of managing the integration of former slaves after the freedom effort in Uibuth in February of 3302.

Humanity has abandoned its instinct for technology. Scipio Corp aims to share its skills for the benefit of the galaxy. They live by the following words, written by Scipione the African: "Maior ignotarum rerum est terror: The terror of the unknown is greater."

The Congressus Tenebris was an independent faction forced to quit its system. Years later, former members reestablished the faction to reclaim what was lost. A corporate government has been established with The Phoenix Consul as its political arm and the Legio X as its military.

Stubbornly independent community founded by settlers originating from central Europe on Earth in 2969. These people are known for their weird sense of humour, the annual beer festival in the colourful crystal caves and their strong dark beer.
Urvane This modest system contains two worlds that interest xenobiologists because of the unusual life found there.

HFR Corp was created by an association of like-minded French entrepreneurs, specialising in the manufacture, assembly and transportation of high tech hardware. Their motto is: "bringing hardware where no one dares." The company later expanded its activities to exploration and has also developed biomorphic mercenary assistants to help protect its assets.
Uszaa Uszaa is noted for its inhabitants' eccentric love for tourists and the Uszaian tree grub.
Uzumeru This modest system supports both extraction and refinery economies. Its central gas giant is often visited by xenobiologists studying the water based life found in its upper cloud layers.



V0972 Herculis At the edge of occupied space, when you feel nowhere is safe from the scum that lurk in the dark corners, turn to Pauline for a safe passage into the occupied zone.
Vaka The First Imperial Fleet faction are based in this system.
van Maanen's Star

This system was given to the Guardians of the Free Spirit religious sect by the Federation in 2480. They believe in maximum hardship and live underground on several of the inner planets of the system. It is forbidden by Federal Law to enter the system without the permission of the Guardians.

The home system for The Canonn. Originally drawn together from the four corners of inhabited space to investigate the unknown artefacts, the Canonn consists of commanders from all professions, all allegiances and all walks of life. One common goal unites them: to seek the truth behind the galaxy's mysteries at any cost.

This system's inhabitants have hearts as big as their star is bright, especially where cute furry animals are concerned. Browncoat Uprising come from Miranda II. Despite being a poor system, the Empire have still exploited it, making slaves of some of the inhabitants. But the Browncoat Uprising aim to misbehave...
Varpet The home system for The Black Fleet - they are the special operations division of the XYZ group whose presence is only announced by the dark, imposing silhouette of their warships.

Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous. Was known in ancient times as 3 Alpha Lyrae.
Vequess Kraken Shield Specialists provide shield systems to both military and civilian ships throughout the Empire. 'Fly with the confidence of Kraken protection.'
Veroa Some of the finest independent fashion is created by Grant's whose core offices are located in this small independent service system. 'Your spacewear - all in one place (onesies our speciality!)'

An unremarkable star system that tends to get congested around Slough during peak holiday season, owing to the bureaucratic nature with which transfers are handled from the Slough Orbital Space Station to the luxury resorts on board the Slough Observer. The home system for the Hammers of Slough.
Vesuvit The home system for Time of Chaos. One cannot shape the galaxy without being reshaped in the process.
Vitri A corporate-backed democratic government, a free popular vote determines government policy and leadership.
Vodnirtama In the year 3300 the brothers Sven and Olaf Svensson discovered the system Vodnirtama and since then the Svenssons have run a lucrative natural resource extraction colony.

The driving force behind the Dengist-style socialist revolution aiming to end the age of entitlement and create a new socialist republic where each citizen is equal. It started the Drakonia uprising when the revolutionary force revolted and captured the city of Drakonia, where the largest interstellar ship factory on the planet is located. Afterward, the People's republic of Drakonia was founded on the planet Vodyanoa 1, attracting workers, farmers, scientists and former imperial slaves.
Vorden TGNO Corp aims to provide resource for resistance. It will use currencies exchange among the other factions in order to sustain the resistance.



Walka A trinary system supporting extraction and industrial concerns. This system is governed by a brutal dictatorship and isn't the most welcoming place for traders.

Under Argon Armrend's leadership, Angeli Imperial Enterprises seeks to counter-balance the cronyism, nepotism and stagnation of the cliens system by ensuring that Imperial corporations are given more control over the day-to-day running of Imperial worlds, thus providing Imperial citizens with the means and opportunity for advancement regardless of wealth, connections or social status.
Wapiya The United German Commanders is based in this system. They are known for maintaining their ancient native German tongue.

A community of miners, traders and smugglers that have learned to co-exist with all other factions by exchanging goods and services by mostly legal means. They earn an honest day's pay the old-fashioned way... they work for it. Whether it's working hard or working smart, they get the job done to put food on the table for their families... pure and simple.
Warnates The famed band 'Darkness Awakes' was formed in this system.
WISE 1800+0134

This is Sicaria's home system. The Sicarians are a warrior race that has spent centuries perfecting the art of war. Preferring to keep to the shadows rather than play in the spotlight of political affairs, the leaders of the Sicarian Empire utilise the elite Sicarian Combat and Logistics Division to achieve its goals and crush its enemies.
Wolf 1230

The "DaVinci Corporation" is an organisation of brave and independent pilots trying to leave its mark on the Galaxy through combat, exploration and commerce. A community that has grown over time, striving to carve out a place within the boundless galaxy. Per Aspera Ad Astra!
Wolf 1301

One of the scrag ends of the galaxy. The home system for E.X.O: As a group, we longed to set out across the stars and forge a new society. A society where a pilot's sweat and blood determined his position in society. A true democratic nation not mired in past glories and hungry for the future. A future of the people, dedicated to the people, and decided by the people. There is but one will: free will.
Wolf 1323 This independent industrial system is home to the Hazardous Filtration Modules corporation. 'Better and cleaner environments for your ship.'
Wolf 1458 Wolf's Bane is an alliance of miners and mercenaries formed on the fringes of Federation space for their own mutual benefit.
Wolf 1515 A small Federal service system where the headquarters for the Aurelius Space Tours corporation can be found. 'Spend your nights with the stars.'
Wolf 406

Homeworld of Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport & Co., a stalwart defender and promoter of peace, prosperity and freedom. Under her guidance, the Elite Diplomatic Corps constantly strive to expand the influence of the Alliance of Independent Systems. Be it through negotiations, humanitarian aid and water purification or, if deemed necessary, force.
Wolf 412 A small agricultural world which is also famous as a popular holiday destination.
Wolf 424 The True Federal Corporation is dedicated to increasing profits through any means possible. Their ultimate purpose is the betterment of the Federation's corporate system.
Wolf 573 This system contains the registered headquarters for the Better Green Developments corporation. 'Keeping your planet green and clean.'

Ternary system consisting of a pair of yellow dwarf stars orbited by a distant white dwarf. The Smiling Dog Crew operate from this system. They're a loose organisation of some of the galaxy's most formidable ex-military and criminal pilots. Their enterprises encompass mercenary contracts, murder for hire and infiltration. If there is a job deemed too dangerous for any other pilots, and if you can find them, then maybe you can hire the Smiling Dog Crew.
Wong Guin

The Legion of the Black Sea is primarily composed of former security members who specialise in hunting down high profile criminals and bringing them to justice. They are led by 'Imperator' Lucretia Brande, but are primarily controlled by specialised 'Legates' who operate individual wings of pilots when performing hunts.

Remus Salvus Mortem is an independent theocracy, which observes ancient and secretive beliefs. Master traders and deadly warriors, their unmarked and unranked ships can be found in all corners of human space.
Woyo Mina Home system of the 104th Phoenix Discovery Group.
Wu Guinagi Once a thriving religious community of industrial importers and exporters, the Lords of the DarkStar Imperium are all that remain of the once great House of DarkStar
Wyrd Rich, high population agricultural economy (independent communist state).



Xi-2 Lupi

Military Militia is a group composed of current and former service men and women. It was brought together by common views and continued support of its respective nation's defence. It serves to protect and defend its systems' integrity and to assist those who cannot defend themselves. Their logo represents the bond that they share as veterans. The Spartan hoplite helmet represents fearlessness, a harsh and cruel life, and endurance. The Greek letters below the helmet spell "Brothers" and represents their support and respect for each other.
Xihe The Space Poultry are based in this system. They are a corporation run by local mercenaries looking to weed out criminal activity and create diverse employment opportunities.




Federal Liberal Command is a corporate organisation that funds and supports the agenda of the Liberal Federal Party throughout the galaxy. It offers private scholarships and medical aid to all Federal systems, new and old alike, and its command centres coordinate deadly strikes on the enemies of the Federation.

Twilight of the Gods Yarrite Corp is based in this star system. Among all confusing, ideological and commercial conflicts, one organisation is now trying to find its way through the cosmos - the Twilight of the Gods. It is an association of people following a common vision in a tough and often inexorable universe.

The home system for the Elysium Corp. which is an influential corporate force that derives the majority of its power from commerce and lobbying, although there has been speculation about more clandestine activities.
Yinjian This well established independent industrial system is home to the Galectric corporation. 'Powering the universe.'

The Alliance Democratic Network is a group of free citizens dedicated to ending the tyranny of dictatorial regimes, anti-democratic governments and hyper-corporations in Alliance space. The faction, led by the `hacktivist' Julia Cross, supports the independence of Alliance systems, but their members believe that dictatorships, crime syndicates and corporation-controlled systems run counter to the values of the Alliance.

The Dreamers of Ys worship the Republic of Achenar, which died with Marlin Duval at the dawning of the Empire. Driven by the belief that Marlin will be reincarnated and birth a new Republic, as prophesised by the first Sibyl in a dream, most worship Aisling Duval. However, the coronation of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has shattered many of their Sibyls' premonitions, dividing the cult. Despite infighting, the Sibyls still seek to seed the dream of a new Republic throughout the Empire.
YZ Ceti A coalition of independent pilots who publically gather new medical technologies for the Federation. Their real purpose is to gather military tech for the Federation.




The ARC is a volunteer organisation created to defend and advance Alliance interests. In keeping with the Alliance's ideals, the ARC is an open-minded, inclusive group with an aim to coordinate the actions of its members. Although generally sympathetic to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon as an individual, the group does not require that its members support him as a power.

The Intergalactic Nova Republic is made up of refugees from a system destroyed eons ago when its main star went super nova. The few that escaped travelled thousands of light years to the system now known as Zaragas, where they trained in combat and engineering to protect themselves from threats both human and extraterrestrial.

Once a hotspot for the tensions between the Empire and the Federation, this system is slowly returning to normal under Federal ownership. Ferngate Plexi was one of the first major corporations to set up in this system. 'Get a clear view with Ferngate.'

Very high humidity and native life forms make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous. Has the ancient name of Marfak.

The G.O.M. Collective is a consortium of pilots from across populated space and from all walks of life - they are traders, explorers, soldiers. They are looking for a way to bring good will and prosperity to a region of space that is in constant flux. The organisation works to uphold and enforce system laws and helps to enable positive trade and growth for their home. They will defend their own and those in friendly systems, and exist to make our worlds a better place.
Zephyrus Lensher Reclamation are based in this system. 'Finished with it? We're just starting.'
Zeta Horologii

The Privateers of VSOP are based in this system. They were initially a specialist pilot organisation flying tailored and specially designed aircraft, delivered by the aeronautical division of VSOP. This tradition dates back to the early 21st century on Earth. Originally it was a small subset of pilots from their black ops unit who later evolved into a privateer organisation. Authorities, civilians or other groups may request assistance for a fee. The VSOP Space Agency mother organisation still upholds their leading edge in space ship design, but due to its secretive nature the number of custom ships operating remains unknown.
Zeta Trianguli

Dead Men Walking are based in this system and are a co-operative group of like-minded combat pilots and traders who decided (over much Gerasian Gueuze Beer and Lavian Brandy) that working together as a team was more social and much safer. This left more time for healthy profit and friendly banter in the deeps of space. Join us and you'll never warp alone.
Zeta Tucanae The mines and other ordnance manufacturer Blast All Inc is based in this small but key system as part of the Federal military-industrial complex. 'Mines. You want 'em, we got them.'