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They are said to be ammonia-carbon based life and to have evolved on a terrestrial ammonia world. These feature vastly different conditions compared to the type of terrestrial world humans inhabit. Though it is not known when or where they came from it is likely that they have been a spacefaring race for much longer than humans. Their technological capabilities seem to surpass the current human level of advancement by quite alot.

Terrestrial Ammonia-Worlds



Insectoid race. Rumoured to be all female. They are about 2m tall, much stronger than humans, have six legs with multiple joints and two arms with claws. (Praying Mantis x Ants?)
They communicate by sound and lightpatterns on their bodies. It was also impliead that they use some kind of shared mind,  though is not known if this link is natural or artificial.
For unkown reasons they seem to prefer lingering in Witchspace and utilize it in a way we don't understand.


Social Structure

Near to nothing is known about Thargoid society except that there are several different "clans".
They are said to have spread across the entire Milky Way Galaxy and maybe other galaxies aswell.



Comparetively peaceful Thargoid-clan. Overall similar in look to other Thargoids but can be identified by specific markings on their thorax and the shape of the fourth joint on the hind legs.

Agressive and expansive Thargoid-clan.





Basicly looks like a luminescent insectoid space jellyfish. Though, supposedly, just a scouting vessel it is quite large, easily outsizing even heavy class ships like the Anaconda, Corvette & Cutter.

There's a large cockpit at the front with two large round structures visible inside. These bear a certain resemblance to the Unknown Probes & Unknown Artefact but are humungous in comparison. This control-segment is surrounded by eight large wings, which are probably the defining feature of this vessel. These feature the largest luminescent areas of the ships entire body. Making it one of the most beautiful, but dangerous, sights an unsuspecting CMDR can come across. Behind it there is a drive/reactor segment. Surrounded by 3 rings of 8 wings which are able to move. The 2 rear rings rotate against each other around the engine part.
There seem to be four "thrusters" for normal-space travel attached to its second-layer wings. While it is preparing to enter hyperspace the wings will fold backwards giving it an even more jellyfish-like appearance.

Thargoid Scout during Hyperdiction

Thargoid Scout Crashsite on HIP 17403


Speculated Ships: Hive (Carrier), Colony (Super-Carrier), Unicorn (Fabulous)


Others - Space (freefloating)

Unknown Artefact

Emits sound and light. Surrounded by a blue aura. Points to Merope (star).
Scans Player Ships and then emits a soundsequence-datastream with this information.

Unknown Probe

Emits sound and light. Surrounded by a red aura. Points to Merope 5c.
If a Discovery Scanner is used near it the probe will charge up, fire an impulse that interferes with the systems of ships in close range, shutting down the HUD, and then emits a soundsequence-datastream.




Others - Groundbased (stationary)

Organic Growth / "Barnacle"

Analysis show that these are likely to be a genetically engineered lifeform based on some previously existing organism. What was observed about its development cycle so far suggests that for a long time of its early stage only a  small sprout like growth can be seen above ground while the main-part of its body lays hidden from sight.

This sprout is accompanied by secondary, spiky, outgrowths. Which have a somewhat different appearance compared to the "Barnacle" itself. They seem to extract minerals from the surrounding soil and use those in the formation of buds, which, in time, develop into a large seeds. So far it could not be determined if these Growths still serve a purpose to the "Barnacle" or are merely a remnant of its original organism. But it is the seeds, or rather the material their protective shell is made of, that were the spark that really ignited the interest in the "Barnacles".

These highly versatile Meta-Alloys are cellular in nature and have a complex lattice structure with large internal voids. As their properties allow for a wide range of applications they have become a highly sought after commodity. Prompting many to call for restraint and the implementation of measures to control the harvest of Meta-Alloys as their basis is a, practically unknown, living organism. This demand exploded when it was discovered that Meta-Alloys could be used to shield off the corrosive effect of the Unknown Artefacts & Unknown Probes.

Due to a combination of different circumstances and despite all calls for restraint by the Galactic Community the Federation began to ruthlessly overexploit the "Barnacles", destroying many of the seed-bearing outgrowths. This led to open conflict between the Galactic Superpowers in the area of the Plaides Nebula, which as of 3303, is still unresolved and in a uneasy and rather volatile stalemate situation.

Organic Growth / "Barnacle" (Stage 1)

Organic Growth / "Barnacle" (Stage 2)




Planetary Base (mature "Barnacle"?)



Encounters with Humanity

coming soon


Event procedure:
This Interdiction in Hyperspace throws the ship back to normal space. For unknown reasons it also to disables the ships systems, rendering it inoperable. The Thargoid Scout will then drop from Hyperspace behind the interdicted vessel.

After slowly drifting infront of the ship it uses some kind of Discovery Scanner to determine its current location. Then it proceeds to scan its target. What it could possibly be looking for is unkown at this point in time.

When it has finished the scan it will drift away and accelerate - which seems to cause the two rear wings to spin. The interdicted vessel will usually regain control at this point.

After reaching some distance, the Thargoid Scout emits some kind of beam that seems to interact with space itself, creating an opening into Hyperspace for it to pass through.

The new FSD introduced by Sirius Corporation in 3278 might interact with witchspace in a new way, maybe coming close to how the Thargoids use it, thus catching their attention again.

It is easy to image how they might wonder what our motivation and itentions might be. The radius of human influence in the galaxy has grown exponentially since the introduction of this new drive technology. Systems that were formely considerd to be distant deep space colonies are now just a stone throw away from the heart of human space.

To the Thargoids this might well seem like reason to worry. One minute humanity crawls around its tiny bubble and suddenly it seems to spread everywhere. After the experiences the Thargoids made in past encounters with humanitiy, which most likely left the impression of hyperaggression and xenophobia against sentient non-human life, it wouldn't come as a suprise if they are closely watching our every move.

The plundering of the Meta Alloys by the Federation and the ensuing conflict in the Pleiades Nebula may well prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back and have provoked the Thargoids to take action.



Tips for Thargoid Encounters!

2. See #1
3. See #2
4. Panic, pee in your spacesuit (you know they like ammonia) and then faint.
5. Seriously... Don't mess with the Thargoids! It's bad for your health!
6. Try complementing them. "Might I be allowed to say that your color pattern shines especially mesmerizing tonight!"
7. Try semi-offensive seduction. "By god, those frontal appendages...! Uh'hum! I would so motorboat those puppies!"
8. Give them a hug! (Which might freeze you to death but will make the Thargoid explode!)