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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!

0001 - Ringed Garden World - 19 Phi-2 Ceti

CMDR Ziljan recommends this tourist destination as "A littke known gem in an inhabited, ringed, Earth-like world, discovered in the heart of the human bubble, orbiting a blue ringed gas giant."










0007 - The Alliance - Alioth

The Alliance of Independent Systems (usually referred to as just 'Alliance') was founded on Alioth in early 3230. Over the next two decades, more than twenty system went on to join. Some were independent, other revolted from Imperial and Federal control. For nearly a thousand years, colonial settlements could only choose between Imperial tyranny or Federal interference. Alioth and the Alliance provided a third way, more supportive and less conditional on cultural alignment.

0008 - Ringed Binaries - Apam Napat

Commander Darius Torkalar recommends this tourist destination for its rare and beautiful ringed binary planets.

0009 - Ammonia Rings - Aucoks OH-D B18-3

This rare treasure of an ammonia planet with a ring system was suggested by Commander Arkadi Kreven.



0010 - Waterside View - BD+22 3878

Commander 5Paxxor states this beautiful system, located inside the Dumbbell Nebula, has a lot to offer. As well as a landable planet and two landable moons, it also contains a terraforming candidate! By far the biggest attraction is the waterworld that offers a stunning view of the stellar nebula istself.


0012 - Lava World - Betelgeuse

Lava worlds are often places of great beauty, and this one orbits close to one of the largest known stars. Commander GTR 2014 rates this as a great location for celeastial sightseeing.




0014 - Neutron Earth-like - BLAE EAEC PM-W E1-205

This ringed Earth-like is the only body rotating around this neutron star. Commander Dragongard states that because it is hard to find, it's one of the few places humanity could hide if there was ever a danger of extinction.

0015 - Nebula's Heart - CD-26 1339

In Commander Alex Traut's opinion, when it comes to near.bubble tourist spots, on of the most scenic is CD-26 1339. Its loacation at the heart of a planetery nebula provides some of the most amazing views found anywhere.



0016 - Celestial Gem - CD-39 6137

Commander Expugnax shared his opinions on this remarkable tourist destination - "Don't miss the amazing views of Barnard's Loop and the other stunning nebulae in this region of space. CD-39 6137 also contains a large number of landable moons and many fine ringed planets, including two incredible ringed stellar dwarves, giving off a soft warming glow to their accompanying moons."


0018 - Beautiful Rings- Choomuia UI-K D8-4692

Here's what Commander Newman1702 says about his beauty spot: "This curious ringed Earth-like moon orbits a local dwarf. It shares its orbit with three other small moons, and you can clearly see the brown dwarf through the rings here."




0020 - Zen Crater - Col 285 Sector NE-G C11-32

Commander Byrne has named this location Zen Crater. He sees this as an ideal place for Zen tourists to sit and watch the galaxy through the ring overhead.

0021 - Hot Jupiter - Col 285 Sector RF-C B14-7

This is a destination for tourists happy to experience some real heat! This example of a hot Jupiter was suggested by Commander Raumfahrer Spiff, and pilots are warned to keep an eye on their hull temperatur when in this area.



0022 - Patchwork Plains - CSI+47-21046

Known to Commander Sand dan Glokta as the Patchwork Plains, this is the only landable planet of a large, bright Wolf Rayet star, which is currently in the process of blowing off its outer layers in a distinctive red and blue pattern. Enjoy a weekend of camping, hiking and dune-bashing in high gravity.





0025 - Neutron World - DRYOI PRI GG-Y E5156

Commander Zapness considers this rare, ringed Earth-like planet orbiting a neutron star an impressive sight.


0027 - Red and Green Glory - EEMBAISK DG-0 E6-2972

The rich red and green colours of this planetary nebula inspired Commander Exar SPIRE to make this a celestial sightseeing location.



0028 - Three Way Dance - EEMBAISK NS-R D5-2857

This trio of Earth-like worlds in an intricate orbital dance is one of Commander Bartizan's wonders of the galaxy.












0036 - Strong G - HD 148937

This huge planet in a system with multiple stars, providing once-in-a-lifetime vistas, was suggested by Commander Red Anders. This destination destination is definitely one for the adventure tourists. The less experienced should be careful of the planet's gravity!





0039 - Jewelled Rings - Hecate

Commander Canonn extols the amazing views within the icy rings of this moon.





0042 - Binary Planet Rings - HIP 38064

This tourist destination was set by Commander OptimusGrind. It showsa stunning scene with a binary planet system orbiting close to an O class star. Both planets have ring systems.





0045 - Fire and Ice - HIP 9571

Commander Iocation describes this world of contrats as "A beautiful planet of ice, with giant lava fissures".




0047 - Ring Close Up - HR 1597

Commander Kintch Dempsey reports that this moon orbits so close to a ring system that the views must be personality to be properly appreciated.

0048 - The View - HR 6164

Commander Mephane shared this tourist destination simply for its amazing views.



0049 - Planetary Nebula View - IC 1805 Sector AV-O C6-6

Experience this stunning view of an unnamed planetary nebula, with the compliments of Commaner Kosh_EG.