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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!







0055 - Rare World - LTT 18046

0056 - The Battle of Lugh - Lugh

Ammonia worlds have fascinated humanity since it first journeyed deep into interstellar space. This is one of the rare examples known to exist within the human bubble and is recommended as a tourist destination by Commander Jak.

The Battle of Lugh. Come and see the great star of the Lugh system, steeped in legend and reputed to be revered by the systems superstitious inhabitants as the solar deity Lugh Lámhfhada himself!

This historical destination was suggested by Commander Ouberos.



0057 - In Memory - Lugh

The Battle of Lugh. Come and pay your respect at the infamous Lugh 4 where countless pilots on both sides of the conflict lost their lives. Crimson State freedom fighters sold their lives dearly here to buy their comrades time to mount an effective defence against the marauding Federation invaders.

This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.

0058 - Last Defence - Lugh

The Battle of Lugh. The revered 'Seega Port'. Both active port and pilgrimage sight of the 'Seega Martyrs', and the site of the great sacrifice for freedom. Thousands here fought and lost their lives in a last ditch attempt to buy time and distract Federation forces from the real threat of the counterattack being mounted by Crimson State commands at Hartsfield Market. Ordered to hold out as long as possible, the defenders dug deep in the hope of wearing out the attackers' supplies. The defenders here were slaughtered but not before completing their mission - overstretching the Federation's ability to wage war within the system. The Federation committed too many of their ground weapons and ammunition here leaving them exposed later in the conflict.

This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.

0059 - Lugh Victory - Lugh

Hartsfield Market is the place where the war for Lugh was won. Inciting the population onboard the station to revolt, forces led by Cormac Uí Laoghaire secured the station and set up admirable defences where they repelled the Federation boarding parties. After the satellite defence system was secured the Federation fleet was forced to retreat the system.

This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.




0061 - Maia Black Hole - Maia

Maia B... the infamous Black Hole in Maia. According to Commander VampyreGTX it puts on a great show when observing the gravitational lensing effect on the surrounding nebula and stars.




0063 - Ice Canyons - Millcayac

Commander Baton invites you to visit the huge ice canyons on Milcayac 1 a. Some of them are a staggering 8km deep. The region also provides some excellent terrain for canyon racing.

0064 - Blue Light - Mintaka

This system contains a black hole, and beautiful ring systems, all cast within what Commander Old Boar describes as 'an almost magical blue light'.










0070 - Distant Worlds Expedition 3302 - Pallaeni

This system is famed as the starting point for the Distant Worlds Expedition 3302. This expedition was a collaborate journey to Beagle Point, on the far side of the galaxy.

0071 - Black Hole Core - PHROEA PLOE SO-Z E5374

This destination, picked by Commander Geldemon, is a small black hole in the centre of a planetary nebula, with an icy belt illuminated only by the nebula. A simply incredible sight.




0073 - Epic Mountain Range - Pomeche


Commander Barking Mad suggests this magnificent mountain range, with peaks of 35km, nearby canyons and other geological features that are equally impressive. A destination for those who love close flying or SRV driving in extreme conditions.










0080 - Changing Sky - Ross 1057

Commander Theian suggests this tourist destination on the strength of its short orbit period, meaning that its sky is constantly changing with some amazing views.




0082 - The Centre - Sagittarius A*


Sagittarius A* is a popular destination for explorers and travellers. It is a supermassive black hole of the type found in most spiral and elliptical galaxies. Radio transmissions indicating its existence were first discovered by Karl Jansky.



0084 - Black in Green - Shrogea MH-V E2-1763

The delightful view of a black hole within a green nebula was suggested by Commander DragoCubX.

0085 - Collection of Wonders - Skaude AA-A H294

Mike V Zoo Tourist Airlines are proud to announce a new tour to the Skaude AA-A H294! Planning a vacation in the galactic core? Visit Skaude AA-A H294! Commander Halfmuh recommends this destination and believes this to be the largest stellar body with a ring system.




0087 - Cradle of Humanity - Sol

The planet Earth is the cradle of humanity. As such it has experienced times of terrible destruction, through war and ecological disaster. Since the 22nd century humanity has expanded from its hime into the stars, and with much of the damage the planet's ecosphere had suffered has since been repaired. The planet is now a popular travel destination and is a lush and vibrant world.


0089 - Neutron Nebula - Straneou RI-T E3-1149

This small nebula encloses a neutron star, and in Commander Demilikos' opinion, makes a good celestial travel destination.




0091 - Sky of Nebulae - Synuefai LI-Z D1-9

Commander IliteratSqirel invites you to marvel at the sight of the Horsehead, Orion and Barnard's Loop nebulae at this sightseeing location.

0092 - Hind Nebula View - T Tauri

This system has the most amazing views of the Hind Nebula, and is a firm favourite of Commander Kronek.













0099 - Black Treasure - Traikoa FL-P E5-4

Commander MetroViper527 suggests this recent supernova as celestial treasure to visit. The system contains a ~2.7 solar mass black hole that you can get to within about 40km of before overheating. The system is located just on the edge of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm, near Omega Nebula, which is also a beautiful tourist destination.