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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!

0101 - Fiery Sky - V380 Orionis

This planetary nebula recommended by Commander Muetdhiver as a rare mix of fiery colours, making some incredible views from the local planets.

0102 - Maiden's Veil - Veil West Sector GW-W C1-16

Commander Ozric recommends this sight of the Veil West Nebula as an ideal view for celestial sightseeing.





0105 - Gargantuan - VY Canis Majoris

As one of the largest known stars in the galaxy, Commander MonkeyDLuffy considers this as a mustsee for any astronomical sightseer.










0111 - Red Carbon - Y Canum Venaticorum

Commander Muetdhiver reports that this location can have some of the best views of the bright red, giant carbon star.

0112 - Eye of Fire - Zunuae IU-D D13-363

Commander Hallan Chone refers to this location as 'The Eye of Fire'. It's ringed gas giant with what appears to be a very large axial tilt. This results in its rings glowing with light when backlit by the star it orbits.



0113 - Alliance Assembly - Alioth

The Alliance Assembly is the central body for the Alliance as a whole. While parallels can be drawn with the European Union in the 21st century, the Assembly lacks the law making powers of the EU. In the main it functions as a means for establishing common policies and treaties rather than laws.

It also acts as an arbitration body between member states and depending on Assembly votes can enforce sanctions or corrective measures. However the politics of the member states often makes this a tricky process.

0114 - Alliance Defence Force - Alioth

Barring the small Alliance Defence Force for defending key components of the Alliance Navy to compare with the other major powers. Instead a headquarters organisation exists staffed by the Council of Admirals and their staff.

The Alliance Defence Force is essentially a small rapid deployment force made up of ships from the member navies, and is maintained under the command of the Council of Admirals to respond to any crisis - humanitarian and military.

In an emergency additional forces would be provided by member navies if the Council of Admirals makes an emergency appeal to the Assembly.

0115 - Alioth History -Alioth

After the war between Achenar and the Federation concluded in 2380, the Federation looked to find new resources elsewhere. In 2398, the first of a new wave of colonial missions was sent to the outermost sectors in the opposite direction to the Empire and Lave.

Alioth was colonised in 2452. Survey data and reports had already indicated the rich resources of the system before settlement, but he resources proved richer than expected.

The first colonial settlement in the system was known as 'Fruitcake', the name given owing to the loamy consistency of the planetary surface and its propensity for small mineral deposits.



0116 - Alliance Council Members - Alioth

Each Alliance Member State has a number of Council Members within the Alliance Assembly, based on the size of their respective populations. Some only have one. The Prime Minister is elected by the Members, and it is his or her job to corral them into some sort of consensus; generally a slow process. There is much less traition than in the other powers, and processes within the Alliance Assembly are still subject to change - generally when arguments break out, as they frequently do. In practice the Alliance is largely run by Civil Servants - salaried officials that look after day to day running of the Alliance, generally not getting involved in the political struggles.

The Alliance Defence Force is run by the six member Council of Admirals, independently from the Council of Members, but reporting to it after the event, to facilitate rapid decision-making. Each of the Admirals is from a key contributing navy.

0117 - Everichon Hijack - Alioth

In 2559, the tourist liner Everichon, full of Imperial nobles was hijacked by a Caker group who planned to crash it into one of the gas giants. The attempt was thwarted by the Imperial commandos. The holo-vid broadcast and subsequent fictional dramatisation 'Rebel Madness', went some way to diverting popular opinion from the insurrection.

0118 - Tom Quaterson Death - Alioth

Having smuggled weapons into the system, the tension between the Cakers and the authorities was always going to spill over eventually. In 2617, the death of Tom Quaterson, a munitions worker who had been convicted of selling food coupons to the poor, was the spark that lit the flame of revolt. Workers on the gas platforms seized control of the facilities and planetside, the general populace stormed the Governor's residence.

Quentin Deviseses wasn't just a revolutionary. He had a long term strategy for the system and as soon as the planet was secure, used every means he could to get the word out that Alioth would become a free trade port.

The resource implication of Alioth's independence was too much for either the Empire or the Federation to take.



0119 - Caker Coup - Alioth

in 2853, the science research outpost of Nesbitt Landing was founded. Initially this was to be a joint venture between the Empire and Federation, but when a detailed study into the genetic problems on New California linked the issue with the terraforming of the planet in 2612, the Imperials withdrew from the project.

The matter remained a local issue until, in 2854, responding to pressure from Achenar, Imperial soldiers instigated martial law and attempted to impose a genetic correction programme on the planet. This was precented by a coup against the military garrison vy a new Caker sect. Within days, the planet had been secured and an appreal was sent to the Federation for assistance.

A fierce battle ensued; Imperial forces from the orbital refineries began a planetary bombardment, but the arrival of a Federal fleet escalated the conflict. Eventually, the Imperial ships pulled back and Admiral Kracer landed with his marines to cheering crowds in the capital. Kracer retired three years later, settling in New California and later became the colony leader.

0120 - Riley Dain Murder - Alioth

In 3184, the election of Federation President Loric Trander saw a renewal of hostilities over Alioth. This time, conflict was instigated by corporate rivalry in the sysstem's vast gas mining sector. After the discovery of a murdered official named Riley Dain who was investigating the abuse of permitted quotas, the situation quickly escalated. Trander authorised a force off privateers. In response Hesketh Duval sent in the Imerial XV fleet.

The conflict avoided the settlement of New California owing to the previous treaty, but the settlers there found themselves all but cut off until a further ceasefire was established in 3198. Neither side achieved anything but line the pockets of the industries who fuelled and powered their fleets. It also served to stir further resentment amongst the settlers. At this time, the Caker insurrection became more organised and received substantial financial support from unknown sources.

0121 - Mic Turner History - Alioth

Born in 3205, Mic Turner grew uo in Jones Colony in the Essafa system. After graduating with honours from the civilian Pilots school, he moved to New California in Alioth, just before the rebellion started.

In 3228, when the Federal corporations supplying New California attempted to raise their prices again, the citizens revolted, taking over the ships berthed in the space station and riding out to the gas mining station to assault the corporate workers. Federal and Imperial forces arrived within days, but fighters from Alioth and several neighbouring independent systems joined forces to repel them.

Turner's pilot skills saw him amongst the first to fly out to the orbital platforms and he won a great deal of respect from his peers for his efforts. It was here the met Meredith Argent, a scientiest who led one of the Caker cells on the gas platforms and was direct descendant of Walter Argent, a wealthy industrial from Ayethi in the the 27th century. Argent and Turner were to become partners for life.



0122 - Reorte Reclaimed - Reorte

After three weeks of fighting in the Lave Cluster, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) managed to reclaim Reorte from a pirate insurgency. Early in April 3301, a local pirate group had tried to rename the cluster "New Caribbean", but undercover AEDC agents worked with local groups to retake control of Davies High.

0123 - Highliner Antares Lost - Luyten 205-128

In 3251 the Antares, a technologically revolutionary passenger liner designed and built by the Sirius Corporation, disappeared during its first hyperspace jump. In 3301 Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation's governmental division, launced a search for the ship. Sirius Corporation confirmed discovery of the ship's remains in 3302.

0124 - Gateway History - Gateway

Gateway was originally known as Oltiqu, but renamed when the Alliance was founded in 3230. The system had originally been under Federation jurisdiction after being colonised in 2473 to be used as a military staging area for a further invasion of Alioth. Over time, the military bases became more permanent colonies and settlements. The system achievend full federal membership in 2561, but remained relatively unimportant and in the shadow of Alioth for many centuries.

When Alioth finally achieved independence in 3230, Oltiqu might have been a place where the Federation forces could rally and return. However a coordinated peaceful coup by sympathetic federal officials allowed the system to be united under the banner of the Alliance.



0125 - Holiacan History - Holiacan

Relatively late to joining the original Alliance group in 3244, Holiacan was not contested by Federation forces as the systems assets were relatively small. The bloodless revolution is a complete contrast to its partner and robotic manufacturing rival Alioth, whose industry in this area had been expanded into the system in 3229.

Sine this time, robotics manufacturing and output within the Holiacan has increased. Several other prominent political figures in Alliance politics have emerged from this system, most notably Lucinda Kallis, who wields considerable influence amongst the system group.

0126 - Indaol History - Indaol

This minor system in notable only because of its early membership of the Alliance, joining in 3232. This membership granted the colonists significant technological improvement on their existing lot.

0127 - Olgrea History - Olgrea

Mic Turner, the intergalactic Explorer, ship designer and founder of the Alliance, led the Federation expenditionary team tha brought colonists to Olgrea in 3224.

Terraforming operations began almost immediately as the Federation could see that further population growth in the region would require room to accommodate.

In 3239, Alliance warships and Turner's command return to the system and after a short altercation with Federal forces won control of Fortress Jung and New Casablanca. After this it was only a matter of time before the rest of the system surrendered and the Federation withdrew.

By 3250, the Olgrea system had become a massive part of the Alliance infrastructure. The Planet New Gotham became the centre of agricultural production for the entire Alliance sector. The system population had grown to approach 100 million inhabitants, one of the fastest system migrations in interstellar history.



0128 - Origins of the Empire - Achenar

The origins of the Empire date back to the colonisation of the Achenar system in the middle of the 23rd century. Marlin Duval was a wealthy woman from Earth, who, disenchanted with their administration and authorities, set off with her own colonising fleet to Achenar 6d because it was so far from Earth. Her leadership ended abruptly when her brother Henson oversaw a flying 'accident' in which she perished. The democratic government changed abruptly to one of strict imperial rule and from then on the family assumed leadership. Female children in the family were prevented with genetic techniques, such was the hatred of Marlin Duval's principles and vision of a world in peace. This restriction was gradually phased out over the years, but the succession of Emperors has remained along the male line until recently.

0129 - War with the Federation - Achenar

Achenar drew the irritation of the Federation at the start of 2323, when reports reached Earth that the colonists had wiped out a sentient race on the planet. This, coupled with the refusal of Achenar to become a member, caused the Federation to send a battle group to take control of the system by force.

The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenar system at the start of 2324. Gathered intelligence meant the Imperial forces ambushed the Federal forces as they jumped into the system. What they hadn't predicted was the enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.

0130 - Failed Invasion - Achenar

For the rest of 2324. Federation ships tried to establish a beach head in the furthest reaches of the system, but with no breathable atmosphere amongst the far planets, they struggled to maintain for the war effort.

Eventually in 2325 Henson Duval decided Federal forces had been weakened sufficiently to strike. Achenar's own small fleet was mobilised, the Duval family commandeering nearly every vessel in the system to fall upon the weakened Federal forces where they clustered on the edge of the system. This became know as the Great Battle of Liberation.



0131 - Hall of Martyrs  - Achenar

At the end of the war, in the great palace of the Duvals on Capitol, Henson Duval ordered a great hall to be filled with obsidian pillars. These unadorned blocks of black stone represent each brave soul who has died for Achenar. Sixteen thousand and thrity two pillars were constructed for its opening in 2381. this tomb remains underneath the Imperial palace on Capitol. The highest memorial for an Imperial citizen is to be entombed in the Hall.

It is rumoured that some of the later martyrs were encased in their stones alive...

0132 - Lanner's Privateers - Ackwada

in 2865, a request from the Rockforth Corporation reached the Emperor for assistance in the Ackwada system against the Federation. At the promise of substantial financial reward a battlegroup was assembled to respond.

Officially, the appointed leader of this flotilla, one Samuel Lanner, was an independent trader and privateer.

The clash between the Federation and Lanner's forces remained limited and the Federal fleet withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid up as promised and signed a contract with Lanner's privateers to guarantee the defence of the system.

0133 - Lanner's Victory - Ackwada

Seven years later, in 2872 the fleet returned. A clash with Lanner's forces resulted in a stalemate. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre the larger Federal battle group, forcing another retreat. In 2873, Lanner was summoned back to Achenar, Records indicate he departed from Ackwada, but he was never heard from again. A memorial stone was erected in the Hall of Martyrs in his honour.



0134 - Wrekcht's Raid - Andceeth

0135 - Battlegroup's Disappearance - Alioth

0136 - Genetic Research Cleansed - Fawaol

In 2913, former Imperial Commander Maximillian Wrekcht attempted to raid the banking vaults on the Trouble in the Andceeth system. Whilst Wrekcht was a retired Commander of the Fifth Imperial fleet, his actions under an Imperial letter of marque left no doubts to his affiliation. Working from an Imperial cruiser with a prototype engine mask, Wrekcht's audacious attempt to bombard the planet with asteroids was foiled by Federal defence forces. He was believed to have died in the ensuing battle.

In 2924, a further conflict started up in the Alioth system, initiated by a squabble over its hydrocarbon resources. The Durn and Resnar Corporation applied for Imperial assistance to enforce its claim over a large swathe of the system's mining rights. A small force of Imperial cruisers and their support ships arrived in the system and rapidly deployed to enforce these claims. They vastly outnumbered the mustered Federal units, and forced them out of the entire system within a year. But then, withouth warning in 2925, the Imperial battle group disappeared. Federal vessels returned and Hassoni-Kruger appropriated the system's mining rights. Within month all assets of the Durn and Resner Corporation were seized by the Emperor. The reson for the strange events has never been discovered. Federal intelligence sources were later to accuse the Duvals of instigating a cloning programme to breed specialised infantry units.

In 2934, acting on the information of concerned locals, Imperial forces arrived in the Fawaol system to wipe out the experimental genetic research facilities of the Darious Foundation.



0137 - The Empire's Loss - Zeessze

0138 - Olban's Succession - Liaedin

0139 - Olban's Diplomacy - Zeaex

in 2942, New America in the Zeessze system revolted over the harsh working conditions imposed more than a century before. Suprisingly the Imperial fleet was not deployed and the system gradually reverted to Federation rule.

In 2943, at the age of one hundred and fourteen, Trasken Duval III died. His son Olban Hensard Duval succeeded him.

Olban's first action on the interstellar political stage marked a different approach to his father. Imperial involvement in the disputes in the Liaedin system, beginning in 2945, were subtle rather then heavy-handed.

Further evidence of Olban Duval's subtle approach occured in 2951 when the Empire elected to act through agents in the Zeaex system, empowering Erronsa and Francis Ashfield in their conflict over mining right with Grambourne Cambridge of the Federeation.



0140 - The Emperor's Own - Laedla

The Emperor's willingness to use force was proven when in 2959, an Imperial strike force invaded the Laedia system and overwhelmed the Federation garrison on Mansfield on 'Lighting Thursday'. This was the first recorded deployment of 'The Emperor's Own', an elite military corps.

0141 - Yorkville Patriots - Ackwada

in 2974, the Federation pushed further. Another invasion began in the Ackwada system. This time, instead of sending a 'privateer' battlegroup, the Empire supllied ships and equipment directly to the system's residents. The 'Yorkville Partriots' rose up and defeated the Federation fleet six weeks after they arrived.

0142 - Ashfield's Death - Zeaex

In 2976, the death of Francis Ashfield in the Zeaex system, allegedly at the hands of Federal assassins, prompted only the second major military assembly of Olban Hensard Duval's reign. However, conflict was averted when the settlers of Newtown in the system sent a personal appeal to both the Federation and the Empire, which resolved the matter of mining rights and established an uneasy truce.



0143 - Gaylen's Ascension - Quince

The ascension of Gaylen Trasken Duval was marked with chaotic celebrations in the Achenar and Quince systems. With a new Emperor on the throne, the Imperial political agenda changed again. Gaylen proved to ma more prickly and temperamental character than his predecessor. Hostilities at Alioth were renewed in 2994, whilst a Federation  supported coup in the Ackwada system was ruthlessly suppressed by the Imperial backed forces in 2996.

0144 - Imperial Palace Expands - Achenar

Gaylen Trasken Duval's first act as Emperor, was to expand the Imperial palace on Capitol, transforming the building into the glowing pink glass structure we know today. To complete his vision, the Emperor hired thousands of the galaxy's best designers and architects to work on the structure. The result is one of the great manufactured interstellar marvels of our age.

0145 - Terraforming - Cemiess

The Emperor's passion for the arts and very high standards of living saw a rapid population increase in Imperial systems. Massive migration from independent, Galcop and Federation worlds saw an accompanying increase in prosperity.

To deal with the rapid rise in population across many worlds, the Empire began terraforming of Cemiess 2 in 3080. This put paid to Federal ambitions in the system. A colonial charter had been established since 3055, but lack of funds had prevented any expansion. The act of approving the Imperial settlement proved to be the last of Gaylen Trasken Duval who dies shortly afterwards, he was 109 years of age.



0146 - Atticus Ascension - Exioce

Atticus Obellan Duval ascended to the Imperial throne in 3081. His arrival triggered noticeably less celebration and the man's dour and bitter countenance was quickly noted as a contrast to the theatrically inclined Gaylen. In 3082 a second mission was sent to Exioce, terraforming the planet Experiment and establishing a permanent presence there, putting an end to Federal ambitions in the system.

0147 - Faveol Hostilities - Liaedin

3094 saw an outbreak of further hostilities in the Liadedin system. The Faveol family offered a substantive financial investment to the Empire if it would intervene in in continual dispute with the Blossom family over a specific territorial issue.

0148 - Governor Santorini's Assassination - Tau Ceti

In 3098 Governor Santorini of Tau Ceti was assassinated. Popular Federal press sources pinned the blame on the Empire, citing several quotes from 'Proxmire' Santorini's speeches that would make him an imperial target. Unusually, the Emperor elected to make a personal rebuttal of the accusation, but three years later, Imperial colonists escorted by Imperial warships, settled on Emeral. The Federation responded by sending Admiral O'Biren with a heavily armed battlegroup, who also dropped a military force onto the planet. Over the next thirty years, botn sides would battle to gain control of the planet and the system.



0149 - Military Base Established - Facece

In 3104 a permanent military training base was established on Peter's Wreck in the Facece system. Facece had always been known for its strong support and commitment to training the Empire's finest, but the dedicated base signalled a new fervour for military renewal. This renewal was tested when in 3114, the scientists of Nesbitt Landing in Alioth began demonstrating substantial innovations in robotic manufacture and production.

0150 - Hender's Ascension - Facece

Hender Saik Duval took the throne quietly. Ascending at the age of twenty two, he was the youngest to attain the throne.

The new Emperor was a cautious man and his initial action on the political stage reflected this. The development of the Imperial Courier in 3145, the first Imperially funded ship design (designed without to much regard to cost) to appear in several hundred years prompted a large scale effort of renewal that had started with the establishment of the Facece Military Academy in 3104. Ship trials the previous year had suggested the Courier would exceed expectations and so further finance was ploughed into the area of spaceship design.