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0151 - Hengist's Ascension - Achenar

In 3233, Hengist Duval ascended to the throne. His coronation, broadcast throughout the Empire, gave the impression of a serene transition. However, behind the veneer lay tensions. The Imperial Senate had gained considerable power in the last years of Hesketh's reign. The first decade of Hengist's rule was tense as the new Emperor struggled to assert himself and repopulate his court with individuals he considered personally loyal.

0152 - Innitu's Ascension - Beta Hydri

In 3251, the publication of "The Thargoids: Truth and Fiction" by Dr Joreb Innitu of the Alien Studies Department of the Ghandi Institute based on Wicca's World (Alioth) inflamed tension between the Alliance and other political powers. He was ambushed and assassinated whilst leaving the Beta Hydri system after a scientific conference.

0153 - Civil War - Tiliala

In 3251, civil war broke out in Tiliala. The Dictator and leader of the Valhallan Democratic Peace Party, Augustus Checkin, under threat from the Valhallan Liberation Front. 'Friends' of the ruling party put out a contract on the leader of the Valhallan Liberation Army (the armed wing of the VLF), Dentara Rast.

Over the next few months, the conflict gradually petered out, moving towards a diplomatic solution until other members of the VLA were assassinated. In response, Dentara Rast took to the holo-vid channels and swore revenge.

The chance discovery of Tantalum (a rare and valuable metal) on the planet drew Imperial interest to the situation. A covert force of Imperial ships were detected by local police, who appealed for Federal assistance and a battlegroup was despatched.



0154 - Dentara Rast's Assassination - Tiliala

Later in 3251, the assassination of Dentara Rast, began a chain of de-stabilising events that would lead, in 3262, to an interstellar proxy war in the system. Imperial agents were blamed for Rast's death as were INRA and the Federation. The cancellation of the elections and lack of a clear perpetrator turned the once peaceful and wealthy Tiliala on its head. Both the Federation and Empire saw the valuable metal as something they could not pass up, Publically the Federation claimed it was 'supporting the stable government', whilst the Empire claimed to be 'assisting in the liberation of an oppresssed populace'.

0155 - Chancellor Blaine - Facece

In 3283, Anders Blaine, Senator of Facece was secretly invited to Achenar. It was clear, Hengist Duval's interest in politics had waned. Blaine was made Chancellor by Imperial decree.

0156 - Sorbago Slave Rebellion - Sorbago

In 3300 a slave rebellion was sparked in the Sorbago system. Senator Zemina Torval responded by sending two Majestic Class-Interdictors to "keep the peace", and offered generous payments to those who helped her.



0157 - Durius Defaults - Durius

In December 3300, the impoverished Durius system defaulted on the loan granted it by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus. Talks with Governor Malachai were to no avail and war was declared. Despite facing devastating odds, the Durius system fought back valiantly. Senator Patreus  was ultimately victorious, despite facing a desperate opposition, and subsequently brought Durius into the fold as an Imperial system.

0158 - Volungu Blight - Furbaide

Reports began in February 3301 that despite the valiant efforts of medical staff in Liaedin, LHS 3505 and Furbaide the illness known as the Volungu Blight was spreading unchecked. Hundreds died in just 24 hours from the disease. A rapid-response medical team was sent to Effinger Port in the Furbaide system in an attempt to contain the spread.

Aisling Duval arrived at Effinger Port to offer her assistance along with dozens of trained medical staff. Despite this intervention, the death toll reached thousands within a few days.

By the end of the month the blight was contained after the pathogen was identified by Aisling Duval's team. By the time the cure was distributed, 3,505 people had lost their lives.

0159 - The Line of the Duvals - Achenar

The Line of the Duvals

Marlin Duval
Henson Duval (2320 - 2402)
Saik Duval (2402 - 2483)
Trasken Duval (2483 - 2541)
Hennick Duval (2541 - 2604)
Lucius Duval (2604 - 2684)
Anders Duval (2684 - 2739)
Hender Duval (2739 - 2799)
Trasken Duval II (2799 - 2858)
Trasken Duval III (2858 - 2943)
Olban Hensard Duval (2943 - 2991)
Gaylen Trasken Duval (2991 - 3061)
Atticus Obellan Duval (3061 - 3132)
Hender Saik Duval (3132 - 3182)
Hesketh Duval (3182 - 3233)
Hengist Duval (3233 - 3301)
Arrisa Lavigny-Duval (3301 - present)



0160 - Imperial Palace - Achenar

Tourists, once they have amassed the documents required to visit the Achenar system, flock to see the Emperor's palace on Capitol. The building is a vast structure of a pink glass-like material which shimmers in the sun and glows as it re-emits the energy at night. Foreign visitors are welcomed by palace staff who use subtle pro-Empire propaganda in an attempt tp undermine the Federation. This greeting is not extended outside the palace grounds, where a person with a Federation accent is met with scorn unless money can be made out of them. The accent of the Empire has evolved out of Achenarians trying to mock the standard Federation diction by accentuating certain vowels. To the foreigner their speech sounds rather like a whine.

0161 - Federal Congress - Sol

Federal Congress is made up of 500 Congressmen (the term for both men and women). They sit in Congress, which is in Olympus Village on Mars - which replaced its location in Washington DC early in the previous millenium.

Congressmen are elected for an eight year term, along with a President, with a 'vote of no confidence' after four years. If the vote if no confidence succeeds then a full election takes place. A Congressman (or President) cannot serve multiple consecutive terms.

Every Federation system has representation in Congress, but generally a Congressman represents multiple systems, except a few (like Sol) that have more than one Congressional representative, based loosely on historic population. Phenomenal growth in the outer systems has meant that they have have little representation in the Congress, and there is frequent discussion about creating many new Congressmen to address this balance, but the various power blocks realise it will change the balance of power away from the core systems, the very people who would have to vote it through - so many agree it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

0162 - Federal Constitution - Sol

Federal law is based on an agreed Constitution. People have rights and freedoms, enshrined by this agreement. A great many things are illegal, like slavery, cloning and certain narcotics. Local 'State' law prohibits other trafficking to a greater or lesser degree. Things like ship-based weapons, personal weapons, other milder drugs and alcohol are banned in some systems.

Federal law is controlled by the Mars goevernment, and the sheer size of the Federation makes it very hard for a System to have any influence on changing it.



0163 - Church of Kum-Byar - Arexack

The Church of Kum-Byar is a zealot faith in the Arexack system. A civil war between two sects of the church raged for more than one hundred years before an uneasy truce was called in 2361. The religious values of the church are austerity and the removal of all body hair.

0164 - Revised Catholic Mission - Aymiay

Based in Aymiay at a Unniversity, with two further institutions on Mars and Beta Hydri, the Revised Catholic Mission grew out of one of a select few older religions and has tried to update its tenets to reflect the changing nature of interstellar society. The old religious values of pre-space-travel Earth could not cope with the scientific progress of the 3rd and 4th millennium. The 'revised mission', to bring an understanding of moral living, repentance and the need to earn a place in heaven became a more inclusive set of values that could be promoted throughout human interstellar society.

0165 - Ancient History - Sol

Mankind's first ventures into space were tentative and gradual. The early part of the 21st century saw the first manned spaceflights beyond the moon, but it took major population and economic problems to stimulate enough commercial commeitment to start settlements beyond Earth.

The Third World War saw this exploration expenditure dragged back again and it wasn't until the very end of the 21st century that colonies on Mars and the Moon became truly permanent and viable.

After the war, the dominant power was the United States of the Americas, and as the remaining other countries joined it over the next few decades, it was renamed the Federation of the United States and later "The Federation" as the implied reference to one of the pre-war powers was a block to the remaining countries joining it. It had a constitution and laws derived from the earlier powers, but much simplified.



0166 - Early Hyperspace - Tau Ceti

The 22nd century saw early pioneering projects begin to take shape. The discovery of a workable hyperspace theory and the design of the first unreliable, inefficient and slow 'faster than light' drive (compared to those we are used to in 3300) opened the possibility of exploration and settlement. A new frontier of science and engineering opened, confirmed by the first detailed messages and system scans t o be received back to Earth from an interstellar probe sent to the Tau Ceti system years earlier. This led to a corporate race-for-the-stars as massive colony projects were founded, funded, built and launched, together with hundreds of automated probes sent to all the nearby systems.

0167 - First Interstellar Colony - Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti was the first colony established outside of Sol. Tau Ceti 3 (now called Taylor Colony) had long been determined viable for habitation with life already present (due to free oxygen detected in the atmosphere absorption spectra) - though observation and probe data confirmed this. By 2159, the settlement was largely self-sufficient and able to elect a civilian administrator.

0168 - Early Colonies  - Delta Pavonis

Other colonies followed soon after. Delta Pavonis, Beta Hydri and Altair were all explored and settled between 2190 and 2230, and an uncontrolled expansion followed, with corporations and all sorts of groups of private individuals heading off into the stars. There was a 'wild west gold rush' atmosphere to it all, as news of vast tracts of land, huge wealth, giant dinosaur-like beast, and heroic acts filtered back to Earth, with the romance of the process causing many to want to leave the mother planet.



0169 - Ecological Loss - Tau Ceti

The issue of what to do about alien life became a queston of real significance the day humans first set foot on Tau Ceti 3. The early colony found itself battling to survive and adapt in a challending environment. The priority of preserving the indigneuous life was secondary to preserving the lives of the colonists themselves, and indigenous life was suffering due to being out-competed by imported but feral Earth life forms (bot intentionally (pets, crops) and accidentally (disease etc.) imported). This hardy 'survival' attitude did not abate as things grew easier and the colonist, led by John Taylor, saw the environment as something to master. When automated agricultural systems came online, hunting, which had been a necessity, became a trade. Taylor was elected civilian administrator in 2161 and immediately pushed for the colony to become fully independent from Earth. In repsonse and at the behest of the mission's corporate backers, Earth sent a delegation to Tau Ceti 3 to scrutinise its practices. What they found was widespread active destruction of the planet's native ecosystem. The Authority for Ecological Control issued guideleines for habitat conservation and recommended a second mission be sent in twelve months to judge if any improvements had been made. When this arrived in 2163 and found the situation had grown worse, trade sanctions were recommended and imposed. This further strengthened the hand of Taylor who in 2165 proposed a referendum on independence, which was narrowly defeated in the colonial forum.

0170 - Accidental Extinction - Delta Pavonis

In 2182, fragile indigenous life, still at an early stage of its evolution, was discovered in the Delta Pavonis system and through a bacteriological accident, completely wiped out in the same year. When further alien ecologies were discovered in the Beta Hydri and Altair systems, and with the failure of the project to terraform Mars, it looked like humanity would bring the cosmos to its knees, much as it had managed to do to its own planet.

0171 - New Leadership - Sol

However, the 23rd century saw new leadership and initiative. The Earth Environmental Recovery Programme to restore the polluted and radioactive regions of the planet was much more successful.



0172 - New Agreements - Altair

0173 - Alien Transgressions - Tau Ceti

0174 - Federal Accord - Tau Ceti

The renewed sense of purpose this strategy brought to the planet extended outwards to the interstellar colonies. Agreements were reached with Beta-Hydri and Altair. In exchange for further self-determination each system agreed to maintain and preserve the natural habitats of indigenous life in their star systems. Shortly after this, Delta Pavonis also joined this agreement to act with restraint should any further life be discovered in the system.

Further ecological transgression by Tau Ceti colonists was uncovered in 2228 when an undercover documentary found its way back to Earth. In it, Tau Ceti colonists were seen flouting Earth decrees and guidelines on a variety of matters, most notably native ecological preservation and the exploitation of natural resources. Mindful of the failure on Mars and the continual infammatory role played by John Taylor, now well into his eighties. Earth sent a military task force to the system with order to revoke its colonial charter.

In early 2240, hours before the Earth fleet arrived in Tau Ceti, the main settlement changed its name to Taylor Colony and voted for independence from Earth. Without the starships to give battle, the colonists targeted the Earth fleet dropships as they attempted to land. Neither side could could an advantage and so diplomacy resumed. With some bitterness on both sides, a negotiated settlement was reached and in 2242, the Federal Accord was announced. This was effectively an extension of the consitution of the Federation, which briefly changed its name to the "Federation of Star Systems" - but this did not stick, and the term "Federation" returned.

The Federal Accord granted independent rights and membership to each system that signed it, provided they met certain development goals. Initially each of the signatories (including Earth) did not meet the goals, as the core principle of the agreement made at Tau Ceti was to eliminate the political games that had been played in the previous century.



0175 - Non-Human Relic - Sol

0176 - Second Terraforming Attempt - Sol

0177 - Logistical Nightmare - Beta Hydri

in 2280, the first nun-human relic was found in space. The object was found buried on Mars; it was no bigger than a child's hand and is still surrounded in secrecy, even in 3300. No information has ever been circulated as to the properties of this item or its origin, other than it is non-human.

In 2291, the second attempt to terraform Mars was eventually successful. The techniques employed were crude by later standards and the project had taken nearly a hundred years, but finally, humans could walk on the surface and breathe without the need for oxygen suits or respirators.

In the fall of 2323, the fleet journeyed from its staging area at Beta Hydri towards the Achenar system over a period of several weeks. The systems between Achenar and Beta Hydri were largely unexplored at the time, with only a few embryonic colonies at the beginning of the journey incapable of supplying the Federal fleet other than by scooping fuel. This caused Admiral Morgan considerable logistical difficulties and forced him to move only as fast as the slowest ship, with many turning back.

The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenaar system at the start of 2324. Morgan had anticipated resistance and judging his supplies of fuel, he elected to confront the enemy on one decisive battle on the edge of the system. He didn't have a great deal of choice. Smuggled intelligence allow the defending forces to anticipate the arrival position and the defenders were expecting a fight. What they hadn't predicted was their enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.



0178 - Relocation - Sol

The Achenar crisis had far reaching consequences for the Federal Council. Earth's leadership had been unquestioned, but the mother planet was already undergoing a difficult period with the climate and radiatio problems on Earth not improving, and yet Mars appearing ever more verdant and a more confortable place to live, there was a general exodus of the rich and influential. The prospect of war with Achenar required a strong hand. In time, the Federal Congress moved from Washington on Earth, to Olympus Village on Mars, and this helped ease friction with other Federation members - as there was a consultation period where other systems were considered.

Nevertheless, the next sixty years saw several fledgling colonies opt out of their colonial charter obligations once they arrived on their chosen world and accept the rulership of the Duvals. The Emperor played the politics skillfully. The massive natural resources being offered and exported from Achenar countered the benefits of then superior Federal technology, whilst the Duval emphasis on subjugating Alien ecology to the needs of the colonies, made them a popular benefactor for struggling settlements.

0179 - Sirius Corporation Founding - Sirius

By 2200 corporations had a stranglehold on a great many aspects of life, and this didn't stop during colonisation, though there was quite a delay before the first wholly corporate system was settled. The colonisation of Sirius by a solely corporate mission in 2339 and its rapid to rise to become the premier supplier of drive fuel to first the Federation and then the Empire led to much corporate profiteering between the two powers. Throughout this period, conflicts of interest were raised by congressmen backedby corporate interests. However, eventually Sirius Corporation delegates were also responsible for initiating negotiations between the two powers.

0180 - Congressional Streamlining - Sol

Federal colonies continued to mature into Congressional members and became accepted as Federal States throughout the next two centuries. However, the ratification of each colonial charter and approval of membership made the governing body of the Federation more and more unwieldy. This meant getting decisions made became more and more of a laborious and time consuming process, increasingly relying on Presidential Influence. Eventually in 2594, Congress passend an Act reducing the total number of congressmen dramatically at the subsequent election round, amid much controversy.

In parallel, the President's fixed four year term was extended to a single eight year term, with a Vote of Confidence by the people after four years. This was to adress the problem that increasingly the Presidents were serving two consecutive terms (their limit - a historical limit dating back to pre Federation days), and few credible candidates would stand against them in what increasingly were referred to as the 'mid-term' election.



0181 - The Birthright Wars - Sol

0182 - Argent's Departure - Ayethi

0183 - Birthright Final Act - Anlave

Between 2621 and 2735, Federal member systems underwent a period of societal change. The original colonial charters of many settlements granted hereditary land and position to families descended from their original settlers. Many of these birthright claims extended across vast areas of land and encompassed massive resources. The old charters became a hindrance especially to corporations who wanted access to these assets and gradually more and more pressure came to bear on the presidential administration to take action against this 'stifling anachrinism'.

The Birthright Wars were the name given to a series of conflicts that resulted in the forced acquisition or redistribution of hereditary rights (depending on your viewpoint) from colonial pioneers to corporations who had necessary technology to exploit these regions. It was generally blamed on corporate greed at the time, but notably the Federal Navy stood by.

One notable power struggle in the Ayethi system was between the Federal military and the Argent family, resulting in Walter Argent leaving the system with as much of the family wealth as he could, and re-settling his family in Alioth.

The Birthright Wars were often cited as a primary reason for former member systems susequently leaving the Federation, and, much later, the formation of the Independent Alliance.

The commercial race in starship innovation together with increased funding from the Birthright Wars allowed the Federation to renew and centralise its military power. In the past, mobilising a fleet had required mustering resources from each member system, but generous corporate charters authorised different corporations to build an maintain centralised fleets. The first of this was commissioned and trained at Anlave in 2702, providing a much needed new purpose for the ruined agricultural system. These could be deployed much more efficiently against the Federation's enemies.

Anlave was the site for the final act in the Birthright Wars. Exiled descendants of displaced original colonists, invaded the system in 2708, and bombarded the Naval Academy at Anderton, obliterating it. A battlefleet of privateers descended on the system, but were beaten back by a spirited and shrewd tactician; Admiral Ghenkis B'nami. It was believed at the time that Imperial finance had sponsored the coup, but no link was ever proven, and this is now seen as scaremongering.



0184 - First Thargoid Contact - Lave

0185 - The Gellan Administration - Ackwada

0186 - Gellan Scandal - Sol

2849 is the first recorded contact between Human and Targoid ships in the Galactic Cooperative sectors, though it was suspected there had been many eralier encounters, just with no human survivors or witnesses. There was a short holo clip of part of the encounter, where the alien ship briefly passed through the field of view before the human ship managed to successfully jump clear. It required a great deal of magnification and in the blurred image there appeared to be the word "THARG" - but though different people could see different things in the combinations of what might be a shadow, surface scarring or a logo. Nevertheless in the absence of another name, it has stuck ever since, extended to 'Thargoid' by most commentators.

Encounters continued with many years. Some were just disappearances where no wreckage was found in the vast tracts of space, and may have had nothing to do with aliens, but more the reliability of jump drives of the period, prone to misjumps.

In 2862, the Presidential election was won by Isaach Gellan, whose administration marked a new turn for the Federation in interstellar politics. Within months, agents of the Gellan administration were sent to the Ackwada system to repay substantial unofficial (and illegal) loans made to the presidential campaign. The main creditor was the Rockforth Corporation, who refused a negotiated settlement, holding out for precisely the deal agreed in the election race. In 2864, Gellan and his advisers appeared to have withdrawn from these negotiations, because, instead of agreeing the terms, the Federal Navy was mobilised to invade the system on an unrelated pretext.

In 2866 lost his mid-term Vote of Confidence, and the extent of his corruption and corporate links were brought to light shortly afterwards, bringing down a number of Congressmen too, and exposing a seedy sub-culture of corporate entertainment and abuse of Federal power on a massive scale. No on on the corporate side was ever prosecuted, but a period of scrutiny followed and most corporations wisely back off interference with Federal politics for several years.



0187 - Ships Lost in Space - Zelada

0188 - The Black Prince - Zelada

0189 - Gellan's Humiliation - Ackwada

In 2867, disappearances of several traders near Zelada prompted a Federal Navy response under the new President Olaf Smith. The task force soon found itself with more to do when further ships disappeared in Ququve and Aymiay in the same year, totalling thirteen ships in three months. In response, the Federation bolstered forces on Laedia rapidly and militarised the system as a base in response to this alien threat.

It has never been determined that these disappearances could be attributed to the Thargoids and little documentation has emerged about the Federal battlegroup's activities in this sector in this period. Nevertheless, Smith made much of his show of strength 'driving away the alien threat' and was popular as a result, further enhancing naval forces and drawing a line under the Gellan incident and the taint it had delivered to the Presidential office.

Many decades later the infamous cinemativ biography of the pirate calling himself "The Black Prince" claimed responsibility for all these atatacks, unsing what grew to a highly mobile smal fleet of well-equipped matt black Anacondas acting together, each carrying a smal, nimble one-man fighter. The attacks stopped not because of the Federal fleet, but because the Black Prince and his brothers in piracy retired to the outer systems on the wealth they had acquired. Many doubt his story as most of the facts do not check out - but others claimed he had simply exaggerated what was a basically true but far more seedy story.

In 2872, now out of Federal prison and with the numerous enquiries that followed the incidents over, Gellan, still a wealthy man, attempted to resolve the matter with the Rockforth Corporation, this time using a mercenary fleet. However, Lanner had remained on retainer and his forces were modern and well equipped. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre Gellan's battle group, forcing another retreat. This second humiliating defeat cost Gellan dearly.



0190 - Peacekeeping Failure - Phekda

In 2876, after a period of economic instability and civil war between its corporate colonists, the Phekda system had descended into chaos. The Federation under President Jeremy Tann launced an offensive to take contril of it. For a period of twenty years, a military governor was imposed and attempts were made to repatriate the system under a new colonial charter, but when new elections drove Tann from office at the end of his term and rebel insurrections began to take their toll and later in 2897, the entire effort was abadoned.

0191 - Maurice Grant's Death - Ross 128

In 2905, the Federation answered a plea to restore order in Ross 128. Maurice Grant, the would-be leader of the colony there, had been assassinated in 2903. A Federal task force took charge of the colony and the rest of the system, then enforced a new colonial charter on its citizens, re-classifying it as a penal and correction facility.

0192 - Grant Keller's Election - Ackwada

The election of Grant Keller in 2976 saw a change tp Federal policy. Under Keller's administration, corporate investment and involvement in all aspects of Federation society increased dramatically. Recognising the need to restore the financial reserves to the administration which had been utterly exhausted by the previous military expenditures of the last century.

Keller's tenure came to and end in 2984 and Federal policy returned to previous ways. A Federally-supported coup in the Ackwada system was ruthlessly suppressed by the Imperial fifth fleet in 2986.



0193 - Tyrell Biggs' Election - Sol

The election of Tyrell Biggs from Mars to the office of President in 3008, saw another change in approach. Biggs had been a Congressman for Mars for a long time, and made extensive use of his diplomatic connections throughout his tenure. During his election, he talked a great deal about the use of diplomacy rather than force.

In 3008 during a lull in the fighting in Alioth, Federal diplomats secretly approached the Imperial court with a proposition that Achenar and its subsidiary systems join the Federation as full members.

This had been attempted before, and had been met with Imperial derision. The proposition included clauses and amendments that would have allowed the Imperial system to qualify for membership despite the differences between Federal and Imperial law on several matters. However, the leak of the documents by Federal spies to other Imperial systems caused widespread unrest, which might have been Biggs' intention all along. For the next decade, this cooled Imperial/Federal realtions and caused distrust on both sides.

0194 - 'Proxmire' - Cemiess

In 3022, Raul Santorini became Governor of Tau Ceti and through his Corporate connections, controlled the system's congressional seat. Santorini, nicknamed 'Proxmire' due to an obscure historical reference, was one of the very few Federal politicians to achieve significant interstellar status. He achieved substantial popularity during his early tenure as Governor by winning a significant tax rebate for the system from Congress, but also championed deep cuts in the Federal Nacy and throughout government, remaining as governor for an astonishing 76 years up until his assassination in 3098.

0195 - O'Briens War - Cemiess

In 3098 Governor Santorini of Tau Ceti, was assassinated. The Federal press pinned the blame on the Empire, citing several quotes form 'Proxmire' Santorini's speeches that would make him an Imperial target. Unusually, the Emperor chose to make a personal rebuttal of the accusation. Nevertheless, three years later Imperial colonists escorted by Imperial warships, settled on Emerald in the Cemiess system. The Federation responded by sending Admiral O'Brien with a task force, who also dropped a military force onto the planet. Over the next thirty years, both sides backed local forces (with occasional direct naval confrontation) to gain control of the planet and the system, though ultimaterly Imperial defenders prevailed with the Empire basing the VI Fleet in the system. O'Brien's efforts were popularised in the fictional holo-vid series "O'Brien's War".



0196 - The Coming of Kum Byar - Arexack

0197 - Onionhead Banned - Kappa Fornacis

0198 - Cerberus Plague - BD-02 4304

In 3126, the Federal media's attention turned to the Arexack system. Zack Blackbeam, the interstellar celebrity, socialite and playboy staged a holoprohected light show in the system, called 'The Coming of Kum Byar'. Tens of millions of Federal citizens watched as the naive monks of the hermit like settlements were taken in by the spectacle and led to believe they would be prevented from 'ascending to the Highest Level of Paradise', owing to the 'displeasing shave' of their leader His Magnificence the Right Holy Ssord Rettu III. The comic farce quickly became serious when Rettu's acolytes assassinated him live on interstellar television and the system descended into a violent, religious, civil war.

In late 3300 President Jasmina Halsey declared the rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space. Onionhead is the fruit of on alien plant on Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system.

Geogio Algeria, spokesman for the Farmer's Cooperative in the Kappa Fornacis system, accused the President of victimisation.

Tensions between the Onionhead cultivators and the Federation continued to rise, culminating in the bombing of Panem by the Federal Navy. This action seemed to have little effect as a brand new strain of Onionhead was subsequently discovered in markets, having been cultivated somewhere on Luca in the Tanmark system.

A mystery outbreak began on Newton Dock in BD-02 4304 in June 3301. The disease, which came to be known as the Cerberus Plague, soon spread to the neighbouring Bast, Una, Santjalan, Bastes, Maheou Ti and Ochoeng systems. A breakthrough was made in July when a cure was found.

Officials at Hart Station comissioned a memorial to commemorate more than 100,000 people who lost their lives to the plague.



0199 - Professor Palin - Nganji

Late in 3301 Professor Ishmael Palin began an independent research programme, based at Christian Dock in the Nganji System, to study anomalous extraterrestrial objects discovered earlier in the year.

In December he issued a request for help in establishing a new research base on Maia b1ba in order to safely study the artefacts. The request was positively received by the galactic community and Palin's team was soon ready to start work on their new base of operations.

By January 3302 he had announced a dramatic breakthrough in his research into meta-alloys. He confirmed that technical issues at the Obsidian Orbital were a direct result of interference from the artefacts. They also had the ability to repair themself using resources from other ships and machinery.

0200 - Obsidian Orbital Contructed - Maia

Work on a new Ocellus starport began in the Kaushpoos system of the Pleiades Nebula on 28'th October 3301. Within a day, pirates began congregating in Kaushpoos, preying on traders and contractors travelling to and from the system. A request for aid was sent out and the pirates were repelled in short order. Later the starport was named Obsidian Orbital via public vote.

On 19th December it was reported that the new station had been affected ny technical issues plagueing the galaxy, but personnel were determined to keep it running.