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0201 - Notable Presidents - Sol

The complete list of Presidents is too numerous to mention here, so only those who made a name for themselves in intergalactic affairs are listed.

Sadig Kessler (Federal President in 2599 - 2607)
Isaac Gellan (Federal President in 2862 - 2866 (disgraced - lost VoNC))
Olaf Smith (Federal President in 2866 - 2874)
Jeremy Tann (Federal President in 2874 - 2882)
Verity Campbell (Federal President in 2956 - 2960 (lost VoNC))
Ulrich Vale (Federal President in 2968 - 2976)
Grant Keller (Federal President in 2976 - 2984)
Tyrell Biggs (Federal President in 3008 - 3016)
Loric Trander (Federal President in 3184 - 3192)
Eugene Cooper (Federal President in 3260 - 3264 (unpopular - lost VoNC))
Antonia Madison (Federal President in 3264 - 3272)
Jasmina Halsey (Federal President in 3300 - 3301 (disappeared))
Zachary Hudson ((Federal President in 3301 - present)

0202 - Sirius Colonisation - Sirius

In 2339 a commercial colonial expedition reached the unusual binary Sirius system. The colonisation was the first solely corporate colonial mission and the company rapidly rose to become the premier supplier of drive fuel throughout human space. The on-off war between the two major powers over the following centuries financed the initial expansion of the company into an interstellar giant as it supplied both sides. Initially just fuel, but as it became a large interstellar conglomerate, also providing drive technologies and moving into many more fields.

Before it was a hundred years old, the Sirius corporation and its products were thoroughly integrated into civillian and military production throughout human space. It became a trusted partner even during times of conflict, and the organisation took great care to implement 'Chinese walls' between confidential information of its many customers, and put in place a strict protocol so no single customer would be favoured over another, as it fully appreciated its future business depended on it.

0203 - The Sirius Convention - Sirius

The Sirius Corporation operated under its own strict laws, governing workers rights, privileges etc., and also put in place conventions whereby in dealings with customers for large projects it voluntarily operated under a special hybrid of local law and Sirius law - where the strictest provision was deemed to be in place. This became known as 'The Sirius Convention' - and was often applied in treaties between independent systems.

The Sirius Corporation developed a strong reputation for fair dealing too. It would never refer to rival jurisdictions or deal terms in a negotiation with a government, and would keep such negotiations strictly to the scope of the deal - not using any of the many levers less scrupulous organisations would frequently call upon. Such delas were said to be conducted 'under the Sirius Rule' - another term that effectively entered the language, much like the 'Chatham House Rule' a millennium earlier.



0204 - The Dog Star - Sirius

Sirius was known as the 'Dog Star' in some ancient cultures, and is the brightest star in Earth's night sky.

0205 - New Drive Technology - Sirius

In 3278, the Corporation saw a turnaround in its decline with the introduction of a new, faster drive system. Any similarities to the system in the Antares incident were denied at the time, though acknowledgements decades later revealed it was based on the results of the same research program. In the following years further improvements were made available both by Sirius and by its rivals, each dramatically reducing jump tomes, eventually resulted in very rapid hyperspace travel - journeys that previously took days could now be made in seconds - triggering a further age of expansion.

Not only did this success trigger a new period of galactic expansion, but expansion of the Corporation itself. It has expanded into other fields, with offices throughout human space.

0206 - Sirius Subsidiaries - Sirius

The Sirius Corporation has a great many subsidiaries, but its main business centres around fusion reactors of all sorts - it makes and sells hyperdrive fuels, hyperdrives, power plants large and small, luxury surface transports, waste processing reactors, atmospheric processing units, industrial facilities for smelting, refining, and a wide range of mining equipment. It has cemented its position by using standardised parts for its power plants - whether it is at the heart of an industrial smelter, a luxury highliner or a surface city.

The Sirius Corporation now runs several dozen systems. These have a stricht legal system, their own penal code (based on Federal law), and their own law enforcement. They even have their own navy.



0207 - Sirius Industrial - Luyten's Star

Sirius Industrial makes a broad range of bespoke heavy industrial installations for smelting, refining, processing and manufacturing. There are largely automaed and easily assembled on site, using local materials for key elements of the construction where possible. All are centred around large Sirius power reactors - often multiple 100GW units are used in a single plant.

0208 - Sirius Atmospherics - Sothis

The early terraforming tended to use genetically engineered biological processes that would change the atmosphere of a suitable world over many decades to a breathable atmosphere using energy captured from the star via biological processes. This process was both slow, expensive (it was made up of many stages) and only a narrow set of worlds were suitable. The idea of doing direct chemical conversion on a vast scale was there, but not practical because of the vast power requirements.

0209 - Sirius Navy - Te Kaha

Sirius Navy is a large organisation, providing vigorous protection for all Sirius Corporation interests. It owns its own cruisers built by Imerpial Gutamaya yards, and built under license in Sirius' own naval yards, branded in the Sirius Corporation's own royal blue livery, but much of their naval force comes from a large number of Cutters built under license and by Imperial Gutamaya, operating as patrol ships, and a great many fighters.



0210 - WorldCraft History - Epsilon Eridani

Previously known as the Cisco Corporation, WorldCraft is based in the Epsilon Eridani system and has been the Federation's favourite tourist resort for more then three hundred years.

For centuries Woldcraft (then Cisco) was a major tourist corporation, running tourist resorts throughout human space. It was a big customer of Free World Ventures 'Worldcraft' atmospheric processing units as it began to create whole tourist resort planets in the early part of the 33rd century. To exclude its competitors from this market, it bought FMV in a hostile takeover in 3260 via a leveraged buyout - doubling the size of the corporation in one step, and renamed the whole corporation to 'WorldCraft' (with a capital 'C' in the middle) based on this operation, as at that point Cisco was associated with a broad range of holidays, including the seedier end of the market - something that had prevented Cisco from sucessfully entering the Imperial market. The 'WorldCraft' brand was highly respected, including in Imperial space, and the change was made in the hope of being more acceptable to the Empire.

0211 - Competition from Sirius - Epsilon Eridani

WorldCraft is a giant Corporation, but still has very high debt levels due to the acquisition, and has been seen to be quite unscrupulous in many of its dealings. This has since damaged the WorldCraft brand somewhat, and is not so warmly embraced by the Empire as a result (though some Imperial worlds still have Worldcraft atmospheric processors built by FMV, but now served by WorldCraft in an uneasy relationship). This made way for the creation of Sirius Atmospherics - that has since taken a big slice of the terraforming business from WorldCraft - which WorldCraft has been powerless to stop as they remain a big customer of Sirius as at the core of their terraforming units is a 100GW Sirius power plant.

WorldCraft operates two major business areas; terraforming and tourism/entertainment, making them a direct competitor to the Rockforth Corporation in one and Sirius in the other.

0212 - More WorldCraft History - Epsilon Eridani

WorldCraft also operates behind a great many smaller businesses. It has always been very acquisitive, but has also been known to asset strip those businesses it takes over, often letting them fail without honouring customer contracts.

The corporation does not operate in the Empire at all, as much of its business is seen as being unsavoury by Imperial patricians - both some of its 'holidy products' and also business practices.

WorldCraft operate their own Navy, owning a number of branded Federal Cruisers. It also runs a fleet of passenger ships, large and small on 'package tours' to WorldCraft worlds for holiday packages, which are occasionally escorted by their own naval vessels.



0213 - WorldCraft Theme Park - Epsilon Eridani

Most come here for the WorldCraft Theme Park which was set up with no expense spared and costs s small fotrune to visit. It is well worth it though, because you can live in a world of almost any fantasy you wish (something that has given it a reputation for seediness). If you want a break from the lushness outside, you can elect to stay for a day at the Ancient London Earth World of 1960 (where every effort has been made to make it as authentic as possible, it even has the stench of pollution).

Every fantasy theme has its own complex which is self contained, with actors to help tourists play a part in adventures and feel that it is real.

There are more wholesome themes on offer too. The War Veterans Trust maintains offices at Oliverport and runs the famous Museum of Armour and Ballistics on New California.

0214 - Rockforth Corporation - Ackwada

The Rockforth Corporation was founded on Ackwada by the Rockforth Family in 2673, the family that first settled the world.

The Rockforth Corporation began by running Ackwada earning significant foreign exchange from tourism and 'genuine ground-grown food' which it sold far and wide, making very significant revenues. It has since grown into a powerful interstellar corporation, still specialising in agriculture and tourism, with the corporation running giant corporate farms on habitable worlds across especially Federal human space. It has also become quite acquisitive, buying up many of its client companies.

0215 - The Dien W'rit Estate - Ackwada

In the early part of 3241, Dien W'rit, a powerful interstellar entrepeneur, died in unusual circumstances while on holiday in Yorksville, Thompson's Planet (Ackwada). The matter was complicated when it was revealed that he had died leaving behind a recently modified Last WIll and Testament which made Thompson , CEO of the Rockforth Corporation, sole heir to the entire W'rit estate. The W'rit family alleged corruption, though they had no evidence othen than the fact of the change in the will.

Then, in July 3251, there was a terrorist attack, launched from unindentified starships, which attacked one of the headquarter buildings in Yorksville. A Federal Senator, several Imperial barristers, and many Rockforth legal staff were killed, not none of the W'rit family, who had left on a trip to see the local wildlife.

The case was dropped, but the attackers were never found. However, in 3273, several members of the W'rit family were present during an explosion at an agricultural facility on Altair.



0216 - Ackwada Discovery - Ackwada

The official discovery of this system and its habitable planet is nowadays sccredited to Augustus Brenquith, although the Rockforth Corporation claim the land deeds and development rights to the system. Thirty nine years after the Corporation declared the system its own; an ancient message capsule (a common way for sending messages at the time) was recovered from outside the orbit of Jupiter in the Sol syste,.

The discovery aroused considerable interest amongst archeologists on Earth at the time while the capsule was in transit to the New Delhi University there was heated debate as to whether the artefact should be opened or not. When the capsule was studied, the seal was seen to be broken, so the matter was resolved. Inside the capsule was a message crystal with the log of the second five years of Augustus Brenquith's solitary search for new worlds, his 'glittering lagacy', included in the list of planetary systems that he had stumbled upon was that of Ackwada.

0217 - Wreaken Construction History - Zearla

Employing over a quarter of a million full time staff and owning sole mineral rights to some forty nine planets, the Wreaken Corporation can be found throughout most of the frontier and Federation Worlds.

Tobias Wreaken was a coal miner from old Earth. His company adopted a cautious and steady approach to its work and this won them a large number of contracts in the early space industry. Wreaken's descendants saw massive opportunities in the Colonial Charter policy of the Federation and few Colonial missions set off without a Wreaken representative and Wreaken equipment.

0218 - Wreaken Business - Zearla

Wrealem facilities exist on many worlds, but their contracts are primarily with the Federation, Independent and Alliance systems. Mining stations extract natural resources and transport them to vast industrial refineries, or with the larger deposits, refine them on site. The company is aggressive in its acquisitions as it strives to maintain its position in the face of direct competition from Mastopolos Mining Incorporated.

The recent discoveries of Tantalum in several systems, including Tiliala during the last century have led to several new contracts for Wreaken. Massive mining operations have been oragnised in the system during the last decade as jurisdictional wrangling between the Federation and the Empire continues. The Corporation hold contracts with both sides in the system and can mine the ore without prejudice. Who the ore is supplied to afterwards, remains a problem.



0219 - Wreaken Defence Force - Zearla

WCM is a major customer of Sirius Mining, making exclusive use of their equipment, under a long term mutually beneficial deal.

Wreaken operate their own fleet of Federal Cutters and smaller ships to provide protection to their many installations, but in extreme cases can call for backup from the Sirius Navy under its commercial relationship - so it is not unheard of for a Sirius battlefleet to back up a Wreaken defence force. Wreaken pays for this service, but it has decided die to the distributed nature of their installations, it is not cost effective to operate its own cruisers.

Many of the ores WCM mines are refined on site, so sale of refined alloys is a big part of their business.

0220 - Mastopolos Family - Enayex

The Mastopolos family were originally from Achenaar and several members rose to positions of significant Senatorial power in the syste,. However, in 2951, the major interest of Giya Mastopolos lay in solving an Imperial resource crisis and so he financed an expeditionary flotilla into the Zeaex system, empowering Erronsa and Francis Ashfield in their conflict over mining rights with Grambourne Cambridge of the Federation.

After the death of her husband, Gabriella Mastopolos assumed control of the Corporation and guided it to new prosperity. Duke's frivolous ways were quicly forgotten as the organisation ventured out of the Imperial heartlands and courted new contracts with Alliance affiliated systems, even winning business tenders in Alioth.

0221 - Gabriella Mastopolos' Leadership - Enayex

Mastopolos has recently lost out to Wreaken Mining and Construction over the Tantalum extraction rights in Tiliala. They have, however, taken over administration of Jenning's Hollow in Enayex, where Imperial prisoners operate Tantalum mines. There were some concerns over the Corporation's ability to manage the unruly prison workforce, but following a direct presentation by Gabriella herself, conditions improved dramatically.

Mastopolos Mining has grown to be a major mining force, particularly in Imperial space, occasionally competing directly with WCM. It has its own force of loyal slaves who are treated very well according to Imperial rules (something that Gabriella Mastopolos, now in her 90s, widely insisted upon, and regularly visits installations to do personal spot checks). Slave leave at the end of their assigned terms with a generous bonus (calculated based on their productivity during their term), over and above their required payout under Imperial law. This means the workforce work hard and diligently - and also increases the number of people signing up for such service.



0222 - Mastopolos Mining Interests

Mastopolos Mining is highly rated to do business with. Despite its name, the corporation has broad interests, mostly in and around Imperial space. It operates a fleet of large transport ships - initially to transport its own raw materials around and to supply its mining installations, but it has extended this to carry other goods too. It now runs three whole systems as corporate states, operating its own law (close to Imperial Law), and policed by its own security service. It also has a large number of outposts dotted around, covered by the same security service.

It operates its own navy based around its security service, using a small number of Imperial cruisers in company cokours, together with a fleet of cutters. These tend to deal with pirate incursions, and escort its transport when outside 'civilised' space, while the security service deals with personal issues 'on the ground'.

0223 - Faulcon Delacy's Beginnings - Reorte

One of the most famous names in the history of interstellar exploration. The corporation began life as a much smaller organisation. Faulcon Manspace, a military supply organisation based on Reorte. They first rose to prominencse when they developed a new fighter craft they christined the Viper.

In this new era of the emerging interstellar privateer, Faulcon Manspace devoted its production to Vipers, but worked on a number of other designs too.

Faulcon Manspace merged with deLacy ShipWorks in 3034, one of the many shipyards building Faulcon ships under license.

One of the first new products from the merged company was the troubled Cobra MkII. This was an upgraded version of the now very dated Cobra MkI, but was not especially successful and was soon withdrawn.

Despite this, the new company grew into a corporate behemoth, and went from strength to strength, launching the Cobra MkIII to great acclaim in 3100.

0224 - Faulcon Delacy's Prowess - Reorte

In 3300, Faulcon deLacy stands as the largest independent ship manufacturer in colonised space. The interstellar powers recognise the quality of the work done by the corporation and often recognise this above any concerns over retaining technological exclusivity. It has both grown organically, and by acquisition, swallowing a great many of its smaller competitors and client yards over the years.

Faulcon deLacy is a major corporation, with shipyards dotted around human space, and many more sales offices. It has a wide range of ships available for sale, and an extremely long heritage from its progenitor companies going back over half a millennium. It has manufactured more than a million ships over that period, and a great many are still in use. It sells into all markets, though is widely known and has the highest sales in the vast number of independent systems.



0225 - Faulcon Delacy's Business Relations - Reorte

Faulcon deLacy manufactures many of the smaller components in its own ships, and has a well established relationship with the Sirius Corporation, for its hyperdrives and power plants. It is also a big customer of the WCM Corporation - buying its hull alloys from them as raw material.

It still operates a modular system for the construction, which operates throughout their range of products, and all ships are built to a standardised grid system. It has also innovated too - allowing its competitors to use the same system - which has benefitted Faulcon deLacy greatly, and ironically makes acquisition a straigtfoward process.

0226 - Saud Kruger's Formation - Bedaho

The Saud Kruger Corporation is relatively new on the corporate stage, but built on much earlier foundations. It was a small, specialist yacht manufacturer that had been very successful as a family business in a small niche. Stanislav Kruger took over the family firm from this father in 3270.

A luxury ship manufacturer, and interstellar tourism business, the Asrogator Corporation prided itself on delivering the most stylish of holiday experiences. It claims the legedary explorer Augustus Brenquith as its long dead patron and bought up all image rughts to the man's legacy several hundred years ago.

The Corporation was based in Bedaho, but maintains office facilities in 80% of all colonised systems and through its contractual support programm, helps local tourist attractions develop their portfolio for the discerning interstellar explorer.

0227 - Saud Kruger's Growth - Bedaho

Saud Kruger has gone from strength to strength, and has turned around the flagging Astrogator Corporation. It now makes a range of luxury ships under its own brand name, and still competes in the tourism business under the Astrogator name, and in the star chart area too.

Astrogator cruises always used their own custom-built ships, and they continue to do so under Saud Kruger ownership, though of course now although the holidays still go under the Astrogator brand, the ships carry the Saud Kruger name.

These cruises are seen by many as once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those that would otherwise never get to see space.



0228 - Saud Kruger Luxury - Bedaho

Saud Kruger is a popular luxury brand, making passenger ships and yachts for the wealthy under its main brand name, and selling luxury holidays (using luxuriously equipped Saud Kruger vessels) to the less wealthy. It also has a thriving star chart and exploration business.

Saud Kruger ships are made under license in a great many shipyards, including the Imperial Gutamaya yards. It runs its own shipyards too, with its main yards in Bedaho, but with ither yards mostly in Independent and Imperial space, with many especially valued and super-rich Imperial clients.

Astrogator holidays range from cruises around groups of local systems, to the more extreme, and Astrogator Extreme holidays carry the image of the legendary explorer Augustus Brenquith. The holidays tend to include extreme, and frequently quite dangerous, activities in distant locations, like atmospheric wave-riding, volcano diving and magnetic surfing. Trusted intrepid pilots take these adventurers 'to the edge' for 'life-changing experiences'.

0229 - Trouble Banking and Welfare Investments - Andceeth

A relatively new organisation. Trouble Banking and Welfare investments is based in Andceeth. In the early days of the Deferation, Diamond star por was a major centre for commercial transactions between planetary governments. Before the days of the Universal Bulletin Board and guaranteed transfer, the worlds of Andceeth were the banking centre for the Federation.

Since the middle of the 31st century, when the system lost its significance, a group of banking entrepreneurs got together with the custodians of the vaults of Andceeth 2, also known as Trouble and began developing an investment company, using the facilities and security abandoned by the Federation.

0230 - TBW Loans - Andceeth

In 3300, TBW Investments provides loans and saving oppurtunities for individuals and businesses. It specialises in clients that prefer their assets to remain 'off the grid'. The rates of return are good and the vaults remain secure. They also specialise in the storage of high value items, in private, individual strongboxes, stored in deep underground vaults. Many suspect much of these contents are illegal, ans simply 'cooling off' - though of course the bank would strongly contest that.

TBW also trade in precious stones, both on behalf of clients, and running private markets around human space, but particularly withtin the Federation. They are well known as the best gemstone traders in human space.

TBW maintain their own security fleet. These are mostly fast, and well-equipped, using Fer de Lance craft mostly as comfortable executive transports, carrying small cargoes very securely with perhaps one or two clients only.



0231 - FCI Information - Sol

The Federal Criminal Investigations agency is the Federation's primary domestic security and law enforcement agency. They are numerically inferior to the state police but are better trained and equipped, and cross internal State boundaries.

They are primarily an investigative unit, although they do maintain significant enforcement units. The provide specialist operational support and police backup (like SWAT teams and undercover units) as well as more traditional support for state police forces.

There is a traditional rivalry between the FCI and the State police, but that doesn't prevent them working effectively together.

Its history goes back over a millennium, evolving out of the various security bureaus on Earth. Some rituals still remain, for example the ceremonies when its members are promoted retain an ancient, martial feel, relating to the FBI and FSB - organisations dating to a pre-Federation era - though in fact they don't really relate to them.

0232 - FIA Responsibilities - Sol

The Federal Intelligence Agency is a secretive organisation that looks after Federal interests outside the Federation. It runs both espionage and counter-espionage operations, and provides covert support for Federal diplomats abroad, providing intelligence relating to foreign operations in addition to protection. It has also been pro-active on many occassions. It has been implicated in destabilising foreign governments, and helping those wíth which the Federal Government is sympathetic or when their causes are aligned. Its operations have gone as far as providing arms and training directly to rebels, assassinations, rigged elections, all done in a clandestine and deniable way.

The FIA also follows up on major interstellar crimes within the Federation, where the crome crosses outside Federal space. It is a secretive organisation (paralleling the Imperial IISS) specialising in corruption and high level crime, and is considered not very accountable.

0233 - Imperial Internal Security Service Duties - Vequess

The Imperial Internal Security Service (or IISS "Double I, Double S") reports directly to the Emperor and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire.

In some respects they act as a coutner balance to the Imerpial Navy and have the authority to investigate any individual, unit or organisation. They oprate in quite a secretive fashion as the nature of their investigations tend to be for corruption or abuse of power. and they are generally feared, as by some they are seen as unaccountable. It has, from time to time, been associated with espionage within the Empire. They act on behalf of the Emperorm and that is their allegiance. They do the Emperor's bidding. On occassion that has been to investigate the IDC.



0234 - IDC - Keeping the Empire Safe - Facece

The Imperial Diplomatic Coprs (or IDC) reports to the Senate. Officially it operates embassies in most foreign sysems, but the IDC has far-reaching powers too and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire. It can support Senators and Ambassadors abroad.

The Ambassadors are the visible members of the IDC; high-ranking Imperial officials usually reporting directly to a specific Senator with an interest in their area, but also reporting directly to the Senate. Each Ambassador has a significant staff and budget to project Imperial influence. This staff is said to include secret agents that operate covertly within foreign powers and corporations, but reporting back ultimaterly to the Ambassadors, then on to the Senate.

0235 - What is Interpol? - Kuk

Interpol provides multi-jurisdictional investigation. particularly across Alliance worlds, but also when an investigation strays beyond. In addition it provides support assets for individual Alliance forces when heavy backup is required.

Internal affairs investigations for Alliance organisations are also conducted by Interpol and upon request for member systems too.

Numerically, Interpol is smaller than most systems police forces, but is well trained, well equipped and well respected, Interpol also acts as a direct intervention force on behalf of the Assembly.

It is named after a long defunct organisation dating back more than a millennium from Earth.

0236 - History of Lave - Lave

One of the oldest colonies of the sector, Colonial Deep Space Cruisers Herschel and Oberon reached the system then designated L-453 in 2412. Lave has been a Dictatorship from before the fall of the Galactic Cooperative. In 3174, Dr. Hans Walden came to power.

Walden established an authoritarian Dictatorship. The previous economic hardship brought about by the fall of the Galactic Cooperative were still remembered. Under Walden there was stability, just not prosperity.

Walden's rule was very long, and rumoured to involve genetic manipulation as he greatly extended his own life, with his eventual death at the hands of an assassin triggering a revolution.



0237 - Walden's Dictatorship - Lave

Walden's dictatorship in post-GalCop decades was a study in the use of propaganda to further the illusion of contentment. The public face of Lave was a progressive culture with an enlightened leadership that was remodelling itself as an independent power in the wake of a corrupt and self-serving organisation that had based itself there. Slowly, though, the populace saw where Walden's policies were leading and began to speak up, only to be quietly dealt with.

The revolution in 3265 finally saw the end of Walden's reign of terror but saw Lave relegated to a backwater world too wrapped up in its own troubles to amount to anything on the galactic stage. Its former importance meant that Lave has becone a key tourist venue, with numerous tributes to the GalCop era in terms of museums and artefacts.

0238 - Diso's History - Diso

First explored in 2422 by an exploratory mission from Lave, Diso was found to contain a rich indigenous ecosystem, topped by an dominant species of rotund feline-like creatures with rich, black fur called delines.

Human settlement began around the equatorial regions and within ten years, colonists had discovered the planet's potential for agriculture. Inhabitans quickly settled into the planet's rural way of life, adjusting to a slower pace than the more industrial economies nearby.

0239 - Diso Delines - Diso

The indigenous delines were driven from the equatorial regions by human settlement, but are still common in the colder, higher latitudes, where they prey predominantly on various ground-dwelling  scavengers known as 'drats' - a collective name for the various rat-like creatures, hated by humans for their effects on their crops.

In the early days of Diso settlement, the delines were hunted, as they had attacked and killed human children from time to time, and in some areas they were very nearly wiped out. In the following years, the resulting drat plague destroyed crops over vast areas, so humans decided to tolerate the delines, and fence them out of human settlements instead.

Today, deline pelts are highly prized, particularly the rich pure-white pelt of the much rarer polar deline, an almost bear-like animal, but nevertheless closely related to the temperate delines.  Delines are still hunted for sport, but this is controlled, and such hunting has become a profitable tourist activity.



0240 - History of Waterloo - Riedquat

The planet Waterloo (simpley called Riedquat until about 3190) started life as a promising colony world when it was first colonised in 2631. Though Riedquat had indigenpous life, its was right on the margins, and the little life that existed there was tough enough to survive the harsh environment. This was the primary reason it took so long for it to be colonised.

When it was settled, the introduction of powerful fertilisers allowed crops to be grown on the hard soil, but wihtin a few decades human-introduced rodents (introduced accidently - reputedly from some pet mice) began to destroy crops en masse, and the rodent problem persists to this day, explaining the local name for Waterloo - 'Rat Hole'.

0241 - Chaos in Riedquat - Riedquat

By 2679 the situation on Riedquat was dire - the whole world seemed to be in conflict and the continental governments stood on the brink of toppling. At the end of 2680 that indeed happened. Civil war persisted until there were no vestiges of government left.

Somehow, the world's economy has survived, as trade remained a common, essential goal to the inhabitants of the world. Starports are classes as safe areas, as all Riedquat's population understood that the trade with other worlds was now the colony's only access to the things the world needed to stay alive. If anyone threatens these lifelines then that is one of the rare times the Riedquatiens can be seen to cooperate.

20242 - Leesti's History - Leesti

The first colony fleet arrived in 2413, setting up mining facilities, processing plants and domes to protect the workers. As time passend and the colony expanded, the volume  of useful metals promoted organisations to locate some manufacturing plants on Leesti. By the end of the 2400s Leesti had become a popular  source for the fruits of both the mining and manufacturing industries there.

By the 2700s the wild west feel of Leesti was beginning to recede. Corporations took over the mining interests, and with the corporations came the strict security or corporate rule. Mastopolos Mining bacame the main corporation operating in the system by the 3100s, as it scquired many of the smaller mining interests.

Leesti became a popular waypoint during the 3100s for novice traders to find their space legs. The moderately profitable Leesti-Diso run provided the tripartite conglomerate with more than adequate food and agricultural supplies, whilst the return journey provided Diso's populace with computers and cpmponents.



0243 - The Bank of Zaonce - Zaonce

0244 - Pilot Federation Origins - Shinrarta Dezhra

0245 - The Elite - Shinrarta Dezhra

Early in Zaonce's colonial history, in 2682, a former Federation banking executive named Herschel Derrey moved to the colony and set up a family banking business. He and his extended family spread their usiness around the world in only a decade and by 2693 they had earned a reputation as a level headed and reliable financial establishment. Derrey's daughter Emily brokered a loan on an undiclosed but sizeable sum of credits to an up and coming spacecraft manufacturer named Faulcon Manspace in exchange for stock options. Six years later, when the Viper was unveiled, profit rolled in and the stock options for Faulcon Manspace suddenly became vastly profitable to her family. Buoyed by this financial victory, Derrey took over several other banking concers on the world until his corporation was the sole financial establishment on the planet, although operating under different brands. They adopted the name Bank of Zoance in 2718.

The Pilots Federation has existed for a very long time. It was founded in 2805 during the great surge of private ownership of small starships enabled by the hugely competitive modular ship designs made available during the previous decades.

It was founded as much as a way of agreeing prices for ship parts en masse (where member benefit from group discounts), but soon becane much more, providing a system where trusted pilots could share route information and protect each other from a new scourge - also enabled ny the proliferation of small starships - of interstellar piracy. Over the years an unofficial tally of pirate kills amongst some members began as 'bragging rights' but soon members started showing their kills on their online IDs, and before long those without such a rating were referred to as 'Harmless' - and by implication not so desirable to provide cover on a route known for pirate attacks.

Gradually, the Pilots Federation grew to encompass a great many pilot-owners and their ships. It also provided an element of respectability as the itinerant nature of their lifestyles had started to bring suspicion amongst planet-siders - where the lack of accountability of space farers brought about by their ability to simply move on to a different system before the law caught up with them gave them a bit of a reputation as cowboys or as thieves in certain places. The Pilots Federation would not tolerate dishonourable behaviour among its members, and so such members would wear the PF's logo with pride - earning them a little respect in their dealings, and an antidote to the cowboy image.

In 3100 the Pilots Federation began issuing modified version of its 'wings' badge that included the pilot's rating written across it in capitals, and made official the names of these ratings, starting with 'Harmless, then 'Mostly Harmless', all the way to 'Elite'. The most coveted was the 'Elite' badge, and the first of these was awarded to Commander Peter Jameson, who wore it on the rear of his Cobra MkIII for the rest of his life.

Before long this small and highly respected group of pilots with these coveted badges became known as 'The Elite'. They received all sorts of offers - both commercial and personal - (including offer of marriage!). The commercial side became valuable - whether it was transporting royalty or taking unknown items 'no questions asked'. The group was considered utterly trustworty, with the confidentiality assured, and its members took this very seriously.



0246 - The Elite Federation of Pilots - Shinrarta Dezhra

As their reputation spread, the small group became overwhelmed. There was no way they could satisfy anything like all the demands on them, so the formed 'The Elite Federation of Pilots'. This was a sub-group of the Pilots Federation and it ran its own system to exchange offers between its members. It was quite secretive, and hugely respected, and there was a high demand for their services. Their main problem was how few 'Elite' pilots there were. Many pilots would get rich and retire long before they attained the coveted 'Elite' status; the fundamental problem was that the rating was a kill count. Wise members of the group realised that, in fact, they were no better pilots than some younger pilots with much lower ratings - they had just been doing it for longer - though others outside the group didn't see it like that. They wanted the cachet of employing an 'Elite' pilot. They were also aware that the pirates were getting better. They were better organised than in the early days, and better equipped.

It is rumoured they run secret bases and have their own technologies, but what is known for certain is they are highly respected, and get generous discounts throughout human space. In practice the aura of secrecy proved a great strength. The EFP now has representatives throughout human space and beyond, and it is an organisation to which every pilot aspires to be a member.

0247 - Pilots Federation Secrecy - Shinrarta Dezhra

The Pilots Federation in many ways is a secretive organisation. This in part reinforces its status of neutrality. It exists to support pilots, not nationalities or political factions. Over the years this has led to its acceptance (albeit grudging in some cases) in practically all human domain.

Despite its ubiquitous presence it has very little direct dealings with the public. Even member pilots tend to interact via the networked rankings and bounties system. The prime exception to this is registration. A pilot has to register in person for their PF license. Registration is performent at offices throughout human habitted space.

The PF represents the nearest thing to law in uncontrolled and ungoverned space. Their existence provides a safely net for human expansion in space beyond the major factions.

The Elite Federation of Pilots (EFP) continues as a select and extremely secretive group within the larger organisation.

0248 - Pilot Federation Interests - Shinrarta Dezhra

The Pilots Federation as an organisation controls a vast financial empire. This is not public knowledge, although the major intelligence services are aware of the fact. However for the most part these financial resources are used to improve safety for pilots and for funding bounties used to improve safety for pilots and for funding bounties where local authorities do not (or in uncontrolled space), some governments have been known to take advantage of this.

The Pilots Federation also takes a private interest in the independent venture with new colonies, this will typically be masked by front companies. In only one known case has the PF taken control of a world or system - see the Founders' World section below.

As well as providing fund for bounties it also receives transaction fees for completed bounties that are processed through the PF bounty system - and in many cases retains unclaimed bounties where, for whatever reason, the pilot who has earned it doesn't claim it.

By far the most significant contribution to the PF's finances is the near monopoly it has for the embedded ship and station systems.



0249 - Pilots Federation's Near Monopoly - Shinrarta Dezhra

Historically the Pilots Federation has been a trusted soure of information for pilots. As humanity expanded into space that need for informatiuon continued to grow.

Before 3100 they provided data for many ship and station manufacturers. After 3100 in an understated, but effective campaign of acqusitions and mergers they came the dominant provider of this data as well as the hardware and software solutions serving that data.

From star chart data, ship data and bounty management systems the Pilots Federation expanded their data sources to include markets, newsfeeds and communication systems.

In 3300 the Pilots Federation's GalNet system has a near monopoly on all shipboard and station embedded systems. The systems are fitted as standard on nearly all independent ships and even some militaries. It's a testament to the trusted nature of the PF that his monopoly has occured with the little resistance bar some back room negotiations.

0250 - Pilots Federation's Influence - Shinrarta Dezhra

Officially, the Pilots Federation is apolitical: as an organisation it does not interfere with the internal workings of systems or factions. However this official stance is a misnomer. The PF wields considerable power through its web of political contacts as well as the application of the bounty system and control of the ship and station embedded systems.

It also uses a lot of soft power by providing pilot safety support throughout human space.

There are also known cliques within the PF (The Darl Wheel is probably the most famous) that have their own agendas. Officially these are discouraged, but in an organisation so large they are tolerated as long as they don't overstep the mark.