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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!

0251 - Pilots Federation's Secrecy - Shinrarta Dezhra

Much of what the Pilots Federation does revolves around secrecy; and this has many layers. Within the Pilots Federation, the Elite Federation of Pilots is even more mysterious and secretive, and at the centre of that is the elusive 'Founders World'.

It is the only system directly controlled by the EFP, and even its location is closely guarded. The secrecy is maintained by the EFP using 'misinformation' - there are a great many rumours of its rough location - and they all contradict each other. Only a select few - the members of the EFP - know the truth.

The system is governed by the EFP and it is here that the organisation's headquarters is based.

EFP members are allowed to retire here in relative anonymity.


0253 - Degenerate Trio - EOR AUG EW-W F1-228

Commander WR3ND considers this as an ideal location for scientific investigation. Its a black hole, white dwarf, and neutron star system which contains the three main know endphases of star evolution, so likely a very old system that has been through quite a lot. It is just 2 million years under being 13 billion years old according to the system data, so nearly the age of the universe itself - with two terraformable terrestrial waterworlds with carbon-water based life, one with a moon.

What kind of life could live and evolve there and sustained itself in that kind of environment for so long? Perhaps some form of life more advanced than we can comprehend dwells within the watery depths of these worlds.



0254 - Earth-Like Dance With Giant - IC 1396 Sector RU-F D11-7

This delightful Earth-like planet orbiting a gas giant was suggested by Commander PEARCY.

0255 - Impressive Rings - Alnitak

The glorious ring system around the class L dwarf star in this system was suggested by Commander Adidane as a celestial sightseeing spot.





0258 - Carbon Star Close - HIP 43123

Commander Gradis recommends this interesting planet orbiting close to a carbon star. It's on the periphery of the sun's exclusion zone, yet can be landed. Due to the massive size of the star a limit of .33 ls will be encountered for the majority of the travel and this will lead to a build up of heat. Most craft will not be able to land but for the tourist who seeks danger, and the unique sight of having a star fill the entire horizon, it may be worth the risk.

0259 - Incredible Rings - Kathans

This close up view of the parent body's rings was enough for Commander AlexVII to recommend it for celestial sightseers.



0260 - Glorious Nebula - HEN 2-23

A rare Wolf-Rayet star within a glorious nebula is an amazing sight recommended by Commander A lot.

0261 - Stunning Waterworld - 17 Beta Piscis Austrini

The stunning waterworld, and trio of stars support the local tourist economy.

0262 - Hell World - 17 Cygni

This extreme hell world, along with two terraformed garden worlds, and a water world provide plenty for celestial tourists.

0263 - Ringed Planet - 18 Puppis

This system's tourist economy stems from the rined high-metal world orbiting the primary star. The companion star also has a terraformed world, and another terraforming candidate.

0264 - Dancing Pair - 36 Andromedae

Tourists come to this system to see the interesting binary pair of high-metal content worlds, as well as the terraformed planet, and an unusual water world.

0265 - Bountiful System - 39 Serpentis

This bountiful system contains two natural Earth-like worlds, and an additional terraforming candidate.



0266 - Blue Giant - 47 Ceti

There are a variety of interesting sights to see in this system - from the large blue gas giant, to the collection of garden world, and terraforming candidates around the companion star.

0267 - 49 Serpentis Visitor Beacon - 49 Serpentis

This collection of varied terrestrial worlds provides a number of places for the space tourist to visit.

0268 - 69 G. Carinae Visitor Beacon - 69 G. Carinae

The binary ice worlds are just one of the features that makes this systen an attractive destination for tourists.



0269 - Agastani Visitor Beacon - Agastani

Ammonia worlds are relatively rare in colonized space, and this pristine example provides one of many attractions for this star system.

0270 - Akonito Visitor Beacon - Akonito

The tourism for this system is supported by a number of interesting planets, including a binary paif of heavy metal worlds, a terraformed planet, and a large waterworld.

0271 - Akualanu Visitor Beacon - Akualanu

The spectacular purple tinged gar giant is a popular destination for tourists in this system.



0272 - Amenili Visitor Beacon - Amenili

Water worlds are always a popular destination for sightseers, and this one orbiting the barycentre of two binary stars is a superb example.

0273 - Amsitia Visitor Beacon - Amsitia

This terraforming candidate attracts many sightseers to the system. One world has already been terraformed around this star.

0274 - Antanyamai Visitor Beacon - Antanyamai

There is a range of different worlds for visitors to experience in this system - ranging from a terraformed Earth-like, to a frozen iceworld out on the fringes of the system.



0275 - Any Na Visitor Beacon - Any Na

[bugged beacon with no text displayed]

0276 - Anyayahui Visitor Beacon - Anyayahui

Visitors to this system are greated with a beautiful duo of waterworlds.

0277 - Apisulfr Visitor Beacon - Apisulfr

There's a treasure trove of planets to see in this system, including three sets of binary planets! The inner three planets are all populated outdoor worlds.



0278 - Assinda Visitor Beacon - Assinda

The purple gas giant at the furthest regions of this system has proven to be a popular tourist destination ever since the local legend of a ghost ship sometimes seen in orbit of the nearby moon began to circulate.

0279 - Balaa Visitor Beacon - Balaa

The ammonia world with known non-sentient life has been a popular tourist attraction for many years.

0280 - Banki Visitor Beacon -Banki

The carbon based lifeforms in the gas giant's atmosphere attract not just scientific expeditions, but many tourists as well.

0281 - BD+22 3579 Visitor Beacon - BD+22 3579

As well as the outdoor world and the waterworld, this system boasts a ringed ice planet - popular with orbital as well as suface explorers.

0282 - BD+34 1378 Visitor Beacon - BD+34 1378

This terraformed outdoor world is the highlight of this star system.

0283 - BD+40 2208 Visitor Beacon - BD+40 2208

The unusual marine animals on this waterworld are a significant source for the system's traffic.



0284 - BD+65 210 Visitor Beacon - BD+65 210

Tourism is growing in this system thanks to a number of different planets. It contains an outdoor world, with an additional terraforming candidate, as well as a suite of other terrestrial and gas giant planets.

0285 - BD+69 530 Visitor Beacon - BD+69 530

This terraforming candidate is popular with tourists in the region. There are also two other outdoor worlds in this system.

0286 - BD+74 526 Visitor Beacon - BD+74 526

The unusual lifelorms found in the atmosphere of this gas giant, can also be found in another gas giant further out in the system. Life can also be found on the terrestrial water world forming a binary pair with this planet.



0287 - BD-00 632 Visitor Beacon - BD-00 632

The bountiful nature of this system is clear from the five different planets supporting various forms of water based life. There's even a gas giant in the outer reaches with primitive ammonia based life.

0288 - Beditjari Visitor Beacon - Beditjari

This binary system is a popular destination for travellers.

0289 - Biamebitoto Visitor Beacon - Biamebitoto

Legends of infamous pirates attract many visitors to this star system.



0290 - Binar Visitor Beacon - Binar

Visitors flock to this system for the variety of terrestrial planets that can be explored. They include two terraforming candidates, but the outermost planet, with its icy rings, is considered a site of particular beauty.

0291 - Brulenjan Visitor Beacon - Brulenjan

Many scientists come to research the ammonia based life found on this planet. Tourists seeking to see alien life (no matter how primitive) come here as well.

0292 - Bunuson Visitor Beacon - Bunuson

With two outdoor worlds this planet supports a great variety of life, making it popular with many visitors.



0293 - Buzhang Ku Visitor - Buzhang Ku

This system was said to contain a lost ship, supposedly drifting through space. Rumours of treasure have attracted hunters, even now.

0294 - Caleta Visitor Beacon - Caleta

This planetary binary is just one of the highlights for this system's tourism economy.

0295 - Carverda Visitor Beacon - Carverda

Despite its size, this system has a remarkable range of terrestrial planets, almost half of which are capable of supporting water-based life.



0296 - CD-31 1974 Visitor Beacon - CD-31 1974

This remote gas giant was believed to be the source of a mysterious radio signal during the 32rd century. Some still come to try and find the source.

0297 - CD-33 8748 Visitor Beacon - CD-33 8748

It's unusual for a system to contain just a single planet, especially for that lone planet to be a water world with known life forms.

0298 - CD-39 4830 Visitor Beacon - CD-39 4930

The stars in this multiple system provide some stunning sights from the terraformed outdoor world here.



0299 - CD-52 557 Visitor Beacon - CD-52 557

This unusual water world with an argon rich atmosphere supports some unique types of life, not only fascinating scientists, but adventure tourists as well.

0300 - CD-58 4207 Visitor Beacon - CD-58 4207

Three different worlds in this system support life in a different forms. Although unconfirmed, attention has been focused on this world after reports of signs of a new type of organism.