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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!

0301 - CD-61 1439 Visitor Beacon - CD-61 1439

The companion star in this system contains three worlds capable of supporting life, but also some interesting high metal content worlds, such as this one.

0302 - CD-75 661 Visitor Beacon - CD-75 661

This binary pair of ice planets occupies the outer regions of this system, and is a form favourite of those who enjoy a chilly climate.

0303 - Ch'eng Visitor Beacon - Ch'eng

This moon provides some awesome views of the gas giant it orbits. Traces of ammonia based life have been recorded in the upper atmosphere of this plant.



0304 - Cheng Den Visitor Beacon - Cheng Den

This small collection of terrestrial planets orbit a close binary pair of suns. Incredibly, three of these planets support water based life.

0305 - Chick Ek Visitor Beacon - Chick Ek

In this binary pair of planets there is one of two water worlds that can be found in this system. They are a popular destination for celestial tourists and scientists alike.

0306 - Chul Visitor Beacon - Chul

Ammonia worlds, such as this one, are a popular destination for alien life enthusiasts.



0307 - CL Poenicis Visitor Beacon - CL Phoenicis

Although this system is already popular because of the water world in the inner system, it's the small gas giant in the outer regions that has received the most attention. There are tales of alien visitors on this planet, although no actual proof has even been reported.

0308 - Clayakarma Vistor Beacon - Clayakarma

This system is a popular destination because of its abundance of life supporting worlds - including two outdoor worlds and two waterworlds.

0309 - Coelatuvean Visitor Beacon - Coelatuvean

The water world orbiting this system's companion star makes it a favourite destination for many tourists.



0310 - Cofan Visitor Beacon - Cofan

There are a number of impressive sights to be enjoyed in this system. Among the most spectacular is this gas giant's ring system.

0311 - Dassareti Visitor Beacon - Dassareti

While the two ammonia worlds attract many visitors, the recent reports of unusual readings from the outermost ice planet has lured a certain type of traveller.

0312 - Dimoco Visitor Beacon - Dimoco

The outdoor world and water water worlds are the common destination for tourists in this system, but the speculation of possible life under the ice caps on the third planet has generated interest recently.



0313 - Djalibara Visitor Beacon - Djalibara

The sole outdoor world is the principal destination for visitors in this system. Its neighbouring water world is a terraforming candidate, so some future development is likely there.

0314 - Djuhti Visitor Beacon - Djuhti

This binary star system contains mostly icy worlds, however the single exception is a water world with some interesting water based life.

0315 - Ejagham Visitor Beacon - Ejagham

This binary icy moon orbiting the outermost gas giant in this  star system is considered a romantic hotspot for lovers visiting the system.



0316 - Jaques Visitor Beacon - Colonia

Jaques is probably the most well known cyborg in history. After decades of running a bar he bought the space station and after fitting it for deep space travel, departed into the black. His most recent adventure saw him severely damaged and stranded in this far flung system. Commanders from all over the galaxy are now supporting efforts to bring humanity's light there.

0317 - Exioce Visitor Beacon - Exioce

Tourists flock to this system mainly because of the outdoor and water worlds, but also for the range of gas giants with some awesome views from their neighbouring moons.

0318 - Flech Visitor Beacon - Flech

This system enjoys a number of life bearing terrestrial worlds, including two outdoor worlds, a water world and two ammonia worlds.

0319 - Fortuna Visitor Beacon - Fortuna

This lava world makes for an awe inspiring sight for visitors looking for the more deadly planets on their travels.

0320 - G 123-16 Visitor Beacon - G 123-16

Helium-rich gas giants are relatively rare in the galaxy, and this system contains four!

0321 - G 203-47 Visitor Beacon - G 203-47

This binary pair of gas giants has raised a lot of interest in this star system.



0322 - G 69-11 Visitor Beacon - G 69-11

The famed explorer Talla Banquess lost her life while mapping this planet. Since then this planet has become a pilgrimage site for many following in her path.

0323 - Gabraceni Visitor Beacon - Gabraceni

[bugged beacon with no text displayed]

0324 - Gamma Leporis Visitor Beacon - Gamma Leporis

A lone water world orbits the primary star in this binary system. Some say that this is a sign of its uniqueness, others are not so convinced.



0325 - GCRV 3204 Visitor Beacon - GCRV 3204

Travellers have long visited this system for the varied planets, and abundance of habitable planets.

0326 - Gliese 105.2 Visitor Beacon - Gliese 105.2

Binary planets are always a popular tourist destination, and this one contains a life bearing water world. It's one of two habitable planets in the system.

0327 - Gliese 3002 Visitor Beacon - Gliese 3002

This rare binary pair of outdoor worlds are not the only attraction to this system - a water world is also present.



0328 - Gliese 3528 Visitor Beacon - Gliese 3258

The variety of life in this binary systen is its main attraction for tourists. There are two terraforming candidates, two water worlds, and a gas giant with ammonia based life in its upper atmosphere.

0329 - Gliese 3299 Visitor Beacon - Gliese 3299

The water world is the typical tourist destination for travellers to this compact, triple star system. Although both gas giants with their impressive ring systems are popular for sightseeing.

0330 - Gliese 3371 Visitor Beacon - Gliese 3371

The tourist economy in this system is driven by visitors to the outdoor world, although the neighbouring water world is also a popular destination.



0331 - Gluscheimr Visitor Beacon - Gluscheimr

When his system was first colonised, an attempt was made to terraform this planet with experimental technology. This attempt failed, although others were more successful using normal methods on two worlds in the system.

0332 - Grabrigpa Vistor Beacon - Grabrigpa

The view from this moon includes the spectacular mix of the rocky and icy rings of its parent gas giant.

0333 - Gui Xian Visitor Beacon - Gui Xian

The outdoor world is the prime reason that tourists visit the system.



0334 - Guttors Visitor Beacon - Guttors

This baked planet shows some amazing views of the close binary in this trinary system.

0335 - Gyvatices Visitor Beacon - Gyvatices

With two life-bearing worlds, this is a popular destination for sightseers.

0336 - Hajangai Visitor Beacon - Hajangai

Although most visitors come to the system to visit the outdoor and water world, a few come in search of the mystery of the 'Rose Truffle'. The ship disappeared without trace during a honeymoon cruise over twenty years ago.



0337 - Hariates Visitor Beacon - Hariates

There's plenty for space tourists to see and do on this star system. Not everyone flocks to the inhabited worlds, some visit to see the final resting place of General Max Baxter, the hero who saved the system grom a pirate gang over a century ago.

0338 - Haritanis Visitor Beacon - Haritanis

This system has been blessed with many worlds capable of supporting life. With such an abundance it's difficult to pick the best location to visit, but the Tourist Board recommends this binary pair.

0339 -Hau Ku Visitor Beacon - Hau Ku

The two water worlds are the biggest attraction for this system, but his planet is also visited a lot thanks to some unusual ruins found on its surface. They are estimated to be over a million years old!



0340 - He Qiong Visitor Beacon - He Qiong

This icy moon is the site for a local mystery. A miner was discovered dead on the surface, but the autopsy was unable to reveal why. The data recordings on her SRV revealed a burst of radiation, but without any reference to its source. The case remains unsolved to this day.

0341 - HIP 10123 Visitor Beacon - HIP 10123

The outdoor and water worlds in this system are a popular destination for space tourists - all eager to see life on a different world.

0342 - HIP 10175 Visitor Beacon - HIP 10175

This trinary system has a small cluster of terrestrial planets orbiting the close binary in the outer part of this system. This produces some amazing vistas from the outdoor world, and this planet, which is currently being terraformed.



0343 - HIP 111755 Visitor Center - HIP 111755

This icy moon is the traditional sight for lovers to propose within sight of the gas giant's glorious ring system. This tradition is still popular today.

0344 - HIP 112002 Visitor Beacon - HIP 112002

Most visitors to this system head for outdoor or water worlds closer to the star, but some prefer to visit this lesser known planet. It's  said that a wedding barge was lost when it attempted an aero-braking manoeuvre, with the loss of all onboard.

0345 - HIP 11263 Visitor Beacon - HIP 11263

Of the four terrestrial planets orbiting the companion star in this binary system, this is the only planet not capable of supporting life.



0346 - HIP 113100 Visitor Beacon - HIP 113100

Most visitors head for the tourist traps on the outdoor world or the water world.

0347 - HIP 11693 Visitor Beacon - HIP 11693

This majestic ringed ice world orbits the barycentre of the binary system, affording some glorious views of the star.

0348 - HIP 118311 Visitor Beacon - HIP 118311

The views from the icy moon of it's parent's mixed rocky and ice rings are one of the highlights for tourists in this star system.

0349 - HIP 14619 Visitor Beacon - HIP 14619

The high proportion of life bearing worlds, and those capable of supporting life, makes this a popular place to visit.

0350 - HIP 16094 Visitor Beacon - HIP 16094

Traditionally, many a romantic cruise has visited this beautifully ringed ice planet. No one knows how or why the tradition started, but now it is accepted as the done thing.