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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!

0351 - HIP 16365 Visitor Beacon - HIP 16365

This binary pair of planets is actually the second binary pair in this system.

0352 - HIP 22395 Visitor Beacon - HIP 22395

The multiple life supporting planets in this system make this an ideal holiday destination.

0353 - HIP 33287 Visitor Beacon - HIP 33287

The populated outdoor world is a firm favourite with holidaymakers travelling to this system. The two terraforming candidates provide possible future destinations as well.



0354 - HIP 35755 Visitor Beacon - HIP 35755

This rocky moon provides great views of the gas giant it orbits, and the ring system. The gas giant is also a popular site for research into the organnisms living in its atmosphere.

0355 - HIP 35803 Visitor Beacon - HIP 35803

This binary pair of water worlds provides the bulk of tourist destinations for holidaymakers in this system.

0356 - HIP 41181 Visitor Beacon - HIP 41181

From here you can see the first of two gas giants within the system that are known to harbor life in their atmospheres.



0357 - HIP 41184 Visitor Beacon - HIP 41184

The outdoor world and water world are the more gamous holiday destinations in this system. There is a growing passion for SRV racing on this planet's surface though.

0358 - HIP 42455 Visitor Beacon - HIP 42455

There are a number of interesting planets in this system, but his particular moon is considered a hidden gem. At the right time the view of the mixed rock and ice rings are simply stunning.

0359 - HIP 44811 Visitor Beacon - HIP 44811

Here is one of a precious few ammonia worlds that can be found within colonised space.



0360 - HIP 493 Visitor Beacon - HIP 493

This terraforming candidate in one of four planets capable of supporting life in this system, and all of them are binary planets, making for a rare combination.

0361 - HIP 5623 Visitor Beacon - HIP 5623

The bulk of all visitors for this system come to this outdoor world. It is famed for its extravagant beach resorts.

0362 - HIP 6978 Visitor Beacon - HIP 6978

The warm seas of this outdoor world make an ideal holiday destination.



0363 - HIP 75762 Visitor Beacon - HIP 75762

A mysterious ship was once seen by an explorer near this planet. It hasn't been seen since, but many people still come to try and see if they can spot it.

0364 - HIP 80243 Visitor Beacon - HIP 80243

The bars on this outdoor world are famous for their infinite blend cocktails. Some have suggested that Onionhead is one of their secret ingridients.

0365 - HIP 88617 Visitor Becon - HIP 88617

Visitors from all over colonised space flock to this praradise outdoor world to enjoy the fine weather, and plentiful resorts that it offers.



0366 - HIP 90246 Visitor Beacon - HIP 90246

Despite the rumours of sinister black ships operating near this moon, it remains a popular destination for travellers. To see the gas giant from this moon is considered lucky.

0367 - Hofada Visitor Beacon - Hofada

The terraformed outdoor world is the main cause for tourism in this system, but the outermost gas giant also has its fans.

0368 - Hoji Visitor Beacon - Hoji

Visitors to the system are encouraged to see this unusual terrestrial planet. It was once the site of a terraforming experiment that didn't work as planned and has left unusual patterns in the planet's weather system.



0369 - HR 5156 Visitor Beacon - HR 5156

The ringed planet isn't the main attraction for this system, but this is a recommended sight by the local tourism board.

0370 - HR 5529 Visitor Beacon - HR 5529

Water worlds are often a boon for a system's tourism economy, and some of the spectacular marine life on this world make it more attractive than most.

0371 - HR 7221 Visitor Beacon - HR 7221

This rare ringed waterworld is a core contributor to this system's tourism.



0372 - HR 7451 Visitor Beacon - HR 7451

Visitors flock to this system because of the six planets it contains, that are capable of supporting life. The locals emphasise this by spreading entertainment across the different worlds.

0373 - HR 7925 Visitor Beacon - HR 7925

Many travellers visit this water world (also part of a binary pair) when visiting the system. The sailing holidays on the great ocean are particularly popular.

0374 - HR 8472 Visitor Beacon - HR 8472

With a quintary system like this you can expect some glorious stellar views - and that's exactly what you get.



0375 - Huveang De Visitor Beacon - Huveang De

Many visitors enjoy the true alien nature of the life that can be seen on this rare ammonia world.

0376 - Ienpalang Visitor Beacon - Ienpalang

Water sports are especially popular on this water world (the other is famed for more relaxing pursuits), although some come to just enjoy the cold!

0377 - Ikpenones Visitor Beacon - Ikpenones

A binary pair of terraformed outdoor worlds (and a water world as well) provides a strong base for this system's tourism.



0378 - Ilya Nigh Visitor Beacon - Ilya Nigh

Ammonia-worlds are always a popular destination, for scientists and tourists.

0379 - Irandan Nigh Visitor Beacon - Irandan Nigh

The alien nature of ammonia worlds has long drawn people to admire them. Around this world a whole tourist industry has formed because of it.

0380 - Ither Visitor Beacon - Ither

The unusual marine life on this water world has driven tourism in this system for many years. There is also an ammonia world for visitors to appreciate.



0381 - Jambin Visitor Beacon - Jambin

Ammonia worlds like this one are rare enough within colonised space that they provide a significant boot to any system's economy.

0382 - Jardonnere Visitor Beacon - Jardonnere

Away from this system's star attraction of a trinary planet system which includes two water worlds, this icy world is a gem away from the hordes of typical sightseers.

0383 - Juipedun Visitor Beacon - Juipedun

This moderately large system contains a number of gems for visitors, but this out of the way icy moon is one of the least known.



0384 - Jupanisage Visitor Beacon - Jupanisage

Compared to the inner outdoor world and terraforming candidate, this doesn't seem like the obvious tourist trap, and that's what makes it a place to visit.

0385 - Kambila Visitor Beacon - Kambila

The myriad of life forms on this water world make it a favourite destination for many sightseers looking for alien life.

0386 - Kelie Visitor Beacon - Kelie

This trinary system offers a variety of terrestrial worlds to visit for the celestial sightseer. This icy moon is one of the lesser known sights available.



0387 - Kholhou Vistor Beacon - Kholhou

This remarkable system contains three terraforming candidates, as well as a waterworld. One world has already been terraformed and caters for a wide range of leisure ativities.

0388 - Kikapu Visitor Beacon - Kikapu

Admirers of marine life love this water world!

0389 - Kokowar Visitor Beacon - Kokowar

This outdoor world is partnered with a terraforming candidate in this binary system. It's a cool planet and caters for those liking a more alpine environment.



0390 - Koyerif Visitor Beacon - Koyerif

The specialist wildlife tours on this waterworld are one of many attractions that bring visitors to this system.

0391 - K'uanele Visitor Beacon

This binary planetary system hosts an outdoor world and a water world, Both are popular destinations for visitors and contribute heavily to the local economy.

0392 - Ladabalbasa Visitor Beacon - Ladabalbasa

This icy moon is a haunt for adeventurous lovers who declare their feelings under the shadow of the gas giant. The source of this behaviour is unknown - perhaps there is something in the water.



0393 - Laklano Visitor Beacon - Laklano

For those who like extreme winter sports, this moon is the place for you!

0394 - Lalande 46867 Visitor Beacon - Lalande

This binary planetary system provides some interesting views, but generally only as a short stopping point before the inhabited worlds further out in the system.

0395 - LFT 367 Visitor Beacon - LFT 367

Winter sports are the favoured pastime on this cold outdoor world. Their facilities are amongst the highest rated in the galaxy!



0396 - LFT 601 Visitor Beacon - LFT 601

The varied selection of holiday activities on this outdoor world make it one of the busier destinations for visitors to this system.

0397 - LHS 1944 Visitor Beacon - LHS 1944

Although the two outdoor worlds are more famous for their sightseeing opportunities, there are a number who make the trek to this planet to remember Jacob Stantier - one of the famous aero-surfers who died when trying to surf a storm front during a local competition.

0398 - LHS 199 Visitor Beacon - LHS 199

This dwarf star is of a quaternary system that offers some spectacular views for space tourists.



0399 - LHS 2265 Visitor Beacon - LHS 2265

See the marine life, take part in exciting watersports, or just chill on a cruise on the trendy holiday waterworld.

0400 - LHS 2405 Visitor Beacon - LHS 2405

Visitors from all over the galaxy come to this varied gas giants. The view from this ice moon provides some glorious views of the gas giant's ring system.