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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!



0401 - LHS 278 Visitor Beacon - LHS 278

0402 - LHS 2813 Vistor Beacon - LHS 2813

0403 - LHS 3167 Vistor Beacon - LHS 3167

Ring systems are always a favourite with sightseers, and this system contains some fine examples. The view from this icy moon is one of the most popular.

There is only the lone outdoor world in the quarternary system, and its unusual landscape provides many places for visitors to explore and amdire.

This system is blessed with an abundance of outdoor worlds, which support a wide variety of climates and activites. This particular planet is famed for its beach resorts.



0404 - LHS 3675 Vistor Beacon - LHS 3675

0405 - LHS 3781 Vistor Beacon - LHS 3781

0406 - LHS 3931 Vistor Beacon - LHS 3931

A binary pair of outdor worlds provides a vast range of holiday opportunities. It is the unique life forms here that draw the most attention.

There are many treasures in this system for visitors to appreciate - one of them is this gas giant with its impressive ring system. Some of the best views are from this closely orbiting ice moon.

Come and enjoy the sights in the deep oceans of this water world - the wildlife has to be seen to be believed!



0407 - LHS 6050 Vistor Beacon - LHS 6050

0408 - Louguala Vistor Beacon - Vistor Beacon

0409 - LP 102-320 Vistor Beacon - LP 102-320

The three planets orbiting the innermost binary stars in this quintary system are all capable of supporting life. This rocky moon orbits on that has been terraformed, the others will likely be terraformed in the near future.

The outdoor world orbiting the primary star offers most of the usual holiday activities, but this lone hell world orbiting one of the companion stars is a firm favourite for extremophiles.

Ice worlds aren't always the most exciting places to visit, but this one does have some interesting features for those visitors desiring chillier climes.



0410 - LP 131-66 Visitor Beacon - LP 131-66

0411 - LP 244-47 Visitor Beacon - LP 244-47

0412 - LP 499-54 Visitor Beacon - LP 499-54

This lowly starport has developed a thriving tourist economy around one of the more accessible white dwarf stars in colonized space.

The legend of the pirate lord calling herself the "Star Widow" attracts visitor to this moon. It is said that she buried her loot under the frozen wasteland. It has never been recovered.

The inhabitants of this terraformed outdoor world invite visitors to enjoy a relaxing vacation at one of its many beauty spots.



0413 - LP 542-33 Visitor Beacon - LP 542-33

0414 - LP 581-36 Visitor Beacon - LP 581-36

0415 - LP 825-559 Visitor Beacon- LP 825-559

There's something glorious about seeing white dwarf stars up close, and this is a rare example of a binary pair of these dying stars.

With an overwhelming choice of planetary gems to visit, most sightseers will miss this planet. Locals will tell you of a ghost ship 'The Traveller' which is said to appear in orbit every ten years.

The locals describe this planet as a joy for the senses because of the seas of flowers that grow in all seasons.



0416 - LTT 13094 Visitor Beacon - LTT 13094

0417 - LTT 4599 Visitor Beacon - LTT 4599

0418 - LTT 9164 Visitor Beacon - LTT 9164

This moon orbiting a terraforming candidate provides some good views, but also a place to rest away from the bustle of inhabited worlds.

Water worlds often attract wildlife tourists, and the deep ocean submersibles operating on this planet show tourists the strangest life forms in the galaxy.

The lone planet in this system is a water world with some amazing views thanks to its two suns.



0419 - Makum Visitor Beacon - Makum

0420 - Malina Visitor Beacon - Malina

0421 - Manissyet Visitor Beacon - Manissyet

Away from the hustle and bustle of the two inner habitable worlds, this planet offers something a liitle different to tourists seekings a real challenge. All manner of extreme sports are held on this world, and hazardous environment suits are required to take part!

The views of the icy rings from this moon's parent gas giant are one of the many spectacular views in this popular travel destination.

The planet marks the end of Josh Troulier's grand voyage. He was supposed to reach the outermost regions of the galaxy, but instead suffered the indignity of crashing on this planet.



0422 - Marki Visitor Beacon - Marki

Hidden somewhere amongst the ice wastes of this moon is the cache of the infamous smuggler Laurie Cooper. Even though a local hotelier admitted it was a hoax, people keep coming here to find the non-existent treasure.

0423 - Mayang Visitor Beacon - Mayang

Sometimes it's nice to just admire the stars in their nuclear glory - and there are four to choose from in this system.

0424 - Meenates Visitor Beacon - Meenates

Wildlife tourism is popular at this waterworld. Its great seas contain an amazing variety of life to delight visitors.



0425 - Miromi Visitor Beacon - Miromi

0426 - Miskai Visitor Beacon - Miskai

0427 - Miwobogi Visitor Beacon - Miwobogi

Water worlds like this one, are always a popular destination for tourists. The cruise ships on these seas take visitors on a trek across the whole world, including the frozen ice caps.

The mysteries of alien life are apparent on ammonia worlds like this one, and that always attracts people hoping to look deeper into such life.

This unusual water world with an ammonia atmosphere has evolved life that is very different from its competitors, and so attracts the more discerning wildlife tourists.



0428 - Moanza Visitor Beacon -Moanza

0429 - Mokusa Visitor Beacon - Mokusa

0430 - Mu Horolongii Visitor Beacon - Mu Horolongii

A local cult describes this unusually coloured gas giant as the dwelling place of the Great Spirit that protects them.

This binary planet is part of a pair of terraforming candidates. The strange variety of microorganisms on both worlds attracts a lot of interest.

This outdoor world prides itself on the range of experiences it provides to holidaymakers. All are welcome, as long as they have enoug credits!



0431 - Mulayo Visitor Beacon - Mulayo

0432 - Ndjabog Visitor Beacon - Ndjabog

0433 - Neritus Visitor Beacon - Neritus

To truly appreciate how alien life on an ammonia world can be, this system provides a range of experiences for visitors.

This small waterworld hasn't retained much heat from its evolution, and that has spawned some very interesting lifeforms. Make sure to wrap up warm when you visit!

Tourism is big business for this terraformed outdoor world. With so much competition it has really pushed to make its holiday experience something special.



0434 - Nespel Visitor Beacon - Nespel

0435 - Ngardinja Visitor Beacon - Ngardinja

0436 - Ngbatobii Visitor Beacon - Ngbatobii

A pink planet is always a popular place to visit.

Visitors to this terraformed outdoor world can expect to relax in luxurious natural health spas and participate in a wide range of sports that they offer.

This system enjoys several planetary wonders for space tourists to visit, but perhaps the jewel in their crown is this ammonia world.



0437 - Ngeri Visitor Beacon - Ngeri

0438 - Ngun Visitor Beacon - Ngun

0439 - Niju Visitor Beacon - Niju

Orbiting this binary star system is this gas giant, known to harbour ammonia-basel lifeforms in its atmosphere. The blooms of the organisms appeal to many travellers.

The weird and wonderful life in the seas of this waterworld attracts visitors from all over the galaxy.

Visit the ammonia-world to see real alien life. Thargoids not guaranteed!



0440 - Njorovices Visitor Beacon - Njorovices

0441 -  NLTT 21088 Visitor Beacon - NLTT 21088

0442 - NLTT 46621 Visitor Beacon - NLTT 46621

This chilly water world harbours some fascinating lifeforms, which makes it a favourite for alien wildlife tourists.

This binary planet system contains two waterworlds, both featuring a vast range of different life forms. The holiday facilities on this planet are slightly more advanced than the other as it doesn't enjoy the protected status, allowing the visitors to interact with the local wildlife.

This hot world has long lost its atmosphere from the constant battering of the stellar wind.



0443 - NLTT 6667 Visitor Beacon - NLT 6667

0444 - Nortes Visitor Beacon - Visitor

0445 - Nu-1 Columbae Visitor Beacon - Nu-1 Columbae

A handsome waterworld attracts many visitors to this system with its exotic life forms and highly rated pleasure cruises.

In the outer regions of this system, far away from the tourist traps of the inner planets, is an ice moon. This moon is known as the Lovers' Moon, and it is said to be lucky to propose while visiting here.

This exotic looking planet greets visitors t othis system before they travel onto the nearby inhabited worlds.



0446 - Obambivas Visitor Beacon - Obambivas

0447 - Oppidavasti Visitor Beacon - Oppidavasti

0448 - Pachanwen Visitor Beacon - Pachanwen

Journey to this terraformed outdoor world for the holiday of a lifetime! All tastes catered for, and the only limits are your imagination and the credits in your wallet.

Visitors to this system enjoy the pair of waterworlds, each with very different ecologies, making them both fascinating destinations for those who enjoy seeing alien life close up.

While in the process of being terraformed, this planet makes a very different type of holiday. The changing climate is one feature many express surprise at.



0449 - Pangluya Visitor Beacon - Pangluya

0450 - Phekda Visitor Beacon - Phekda

This world forms a third of a rare trinary planet system.

This planet is considered by some as a good place to escape the busier parts of the system, and tourists are starting to do the same.