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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!



0451 - Phracani Visitor Beacon - Phracani

0452 - Pictavul Visitor Beacon - Pictavul

0453 - Popontia Visitor Beacon - Popontia

This planet is famed for its outdoor pursuits.

If you love the cold then this world might just be the holiday destination for you.

The resorts on this planet accomodate some 'unusual' tastes, and the locals are happy to keep your secrets.



0454 - Procyon Visitor Beacon - Procyon

0455 - Punuri Visitor Beacon - Punuri

0456 - Qetesh Visitor Beacon - Qetesh

With four outdoor worlds, and a huge variety of resorts and facilities, there truly is something here for everyone!

Visit one of the rare ammonia worlds here, and see life in a different light.

This cold waterworld contains some very odd organisms, so much so that it is a popular destination for alien life watchers.




0458 - Rhea Visitor Beacon - Rhea



There are many delights to be experienced in this famed holiday world.




0460 - Ross 467 Visitor Beacon - Ross 467

0461 - Sali'naman Visitor Beacon - Sali'naman

0462 - Sesuyar Visitor Beacon - Sesuyar

This beautiful ringed outdoor world is a popular honeymoon destination.

Local legend tells of a stash from a local pirate gang on this world. Many people have searched for it, but none have found it. Most sensible travellers claim that it doesn't exist.

This lone waterworld enjoys sunsets with two suns, a stunning sight across its vast oceans.



0463 - Shanhauls Visitor Beacon - Shanhauls

0464 - Siksikas Visitor Beacon - Siksikas

0465 - Smethells 173 Visitor Beacon - Smethells

A strange world that the locals claim is the home of an alien life form. No science teams have managed to record its existence yet.

The aquatic life on this waterworld attracts many visitors to the system. Their beautifully crafted sailing ships for the water safaris  are spectacular in their own right.

This planet is just one of two waterworlds in this system. This planet enjoys a more developed ecosystem, and so attracts more tourists.



0466 - Sotuki Visitor Beacon - Sotuki

0467 - STKM 1-1341 Visitor Beacon - STKM 1-1341


Most visitors to the system head straight for the outdoor world, or the waterworld, and indeed they are more tourist friendly. Those seeking something a little different, maybe even a little dangerous, come here.

Visitors to this waterworld can enjoy the luxurious cruises, or the more exciting deep canyon tours to see some extreme alien life.



0469 - Synteini Visitor Beacon - Synteini

0470 - Tauni Visitor Beacon - Tauni

0471 - Tchernobog Visitor Beacon - Tchernobog

This extremely hot world provides a nice contrast to the neighbouring outdoor world that most visitors go to.

This water world is part of a binary pair, and draws as many visitors to the system as the outdoor world present.

The ice caps on this planet are most impressive.




0473 - Thraskias Visitor Beacon - Thraskias

0474 - Tocorii Visitor Beacon - Tocorii

Many visitors come to see the strange life on this ammonia world. Warning! Strict measures are in place to prevent contamination.

Visitors to this system rarely see this planet with all the other treasures it has on offer. The locals don't mind that too much though!



0475 - Tpheirset Visitor Beacon - Tpheirset

0476 - Tphen Slata Visitor Beacon - Visitor Beacon

0477 - Tsu Visitor Beacon

This world of extreme heat is the welcoming commitee for visitors to this system on their way to the populated worlds further out from the star.

This binary pair of planets is part of the sightseeing tour that is popular around this system.

Forming part of a are trinary planet system, this water world is one of two in this star system. As the warmer of the two, and with an argon atmosphere, it has evolved some peculiar forms of life.



0478 - Tujing Visitor Beacon - Tujing

0479 - Tupa Visitor Beacon - Tupa

0480 - Upsilon Phoenics Visitor Beacon - Upsilon Phoenics

This site is an infamous tourist spot for those with more ghoulish temperaments - only three years ago a cruise liner was lost with complete loss of life to what was believed to be a pirate attack.

This waterworld orbits around the barycentre of a close binary pair of stars, that are part of a quarternary star system. The sky views from the cruise ships of this planet are simply magnificent.

A wedding barge was tragically lost while travelling to the ceremony, and it has become tradition for visitors to pay their respects while passing through the system.



0481- V492 Lyrae Visitor Beacon - V492 Lyrae

0482 - V711 Tauri Visitor Beacon - V711 Tauri

0483 - Vamm Visitor Beacon - Vamm

This lone water world in this quaternary star system is a popular destination for holidaymakers.

There are many fun destinations in this system for travellers to visit. One of the most popular is this waterworld, with its top class sea cruises and diving adventures.

A binary pair of water worlds is a rare treasure, and these have boosted the system's tourism economy. Part of that success is driven by the locals highlighting the differences between both worlds, and so compelling tourists to visit both.



0484 - Velnambang Visitor Beacon - Velnambang

0485 - Velnambe Visitor Beacon - Velnambe

0486 - Vish Visitor Beacon - Vish

This planet's claim to fame is that is was the site of an illegal racing group. They were disbanded after most were arrested by local security forces, but die hard fans still visit the site, although they no longer race here.

This outdoor world has everything for visiting tourists. Top class hotels cater for the very rich, but even the low cost holiday camps are noted for their quantity. Big game safaris are also popular here because of the local mega fauna.

The life found on this waterworld attracts many visitors interested in exploring life's diversity.



0487 - Vishtha Visitor Beacon - Vishtha

0488 - Vistaenis Visitor Beacon - Vistaenis

0489 - VVO 19 Visitor Beacon - VVO 19

Even though this isn't an inviting world for humans, the marine life attracts many wildlife tourists.

All manner of diversions can be found on this terraformed outdoor world. The locals are very welcoming to visitors, so much so that you might not want to leave!

This little known planet receives a lot of visitors, which is strange considering the more obvious attractions elsewhere in the system.



0490 - Wabayo Visitor Beacon - Wabayo


0492 - Wolf 1438 Visitor Beacon - Wolf 1438

This is the site of the terrible crash of 3301 when twelve competitors collided while racing aournd the star system. A memorial is now held every year.

The tourism economy in this system relies upon this waterworld and the activities it supports.





0495 - Xbalamana Visitor Beacon - Xbalamana

This world is in the process of being terraformed, and such worlds are a magnet for certain holidaymakers who love to see such planet-scale engineering in progress.



0496 - Xuanebuth Visitor Beacon - Xuanebuth

0497 - Yaque Visitor Beacon - Yaque

0498 - Zenus Visitor Beacon - Zenus

This chilly waterworld hosts both water and winter sports competitions that attract visitors from all over the galaxy.

This outdoor world and its diverse range of resorts and places for holidaymakers to relas is a big draw for visitors to this system.

Local legend has it that a Thargoid ship crashed on this planet. The body is displayed in a museum on the populated world. Experts agree that is actually a mutand creature from a nearby waterworld.



0499 - Zvoruna Visitor Beacon - Zvoruna

0500 - Octavia Quinton's Derelict Asteroid Base - Suijin

This balmy terraformed world appeals to travellers for its no nonsense approach to catering for their desires. If you can afford it, then you can do it.

A ruined base left over from events in 3300. The base was rumoured to be a stronghold of notorious pirate lord Octavia Quinton, who was killed in mid 3300 when she became involved in the Reclamation of the Prism system. Today it is a ruin and visitors are warned no to venture within. Rumours abound that it is heavily booby-trapped.