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Should you find Tourist Beacons not listed in CMDR Lucienn's Spreadsheet please take a Screenshot and post it in this thread on the official Forums!



0501 - Children of Raxxla Staging Post - Eafots BP-I D9-35

In mid-3302 the Children of Raxxla set up an outpost near the Heart and Soul Nebula in order to support investigations into a mysterious area of space known as the 'Formidine Rift'.

0502 - Slough Orbital 'The Cheese Wheel Bar'  -  Vesper-M4

Morbid true-crime tourists will enjoy the dark and moody ambiance of this bar and fine-cheese dispensary, the scene of the most grisly murder to happen in the system in living memory. The owner was found dead, his head sawed in two by one of his own cheese slicers. No proof of who, or what, committed the crime was ever discovered. The murderer remains at large. / The murder was first reported in the Slough Observer by rookie reporter, Jack Nova.

0503 - Battle of Chione - Prism

In 3300 a major conflict between Federal and Imperial forces took place in the Prism system, above the Chione moon. The conflict was precipitated by the exiled Senator of Prism, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, partly in response to the Chione 'Reclamation', a rebellion, which took place on the moon below. The Prism system was restored to Imperial jurisdiction as a direct result of the battle.



0504 - Remains of Imbrium City - Brohman

Here is the site of what was once Imbrium City, now a mass grave which marks the bombing of Villist.

0505 - Battle of Villist - Brohman

The Battle of Villist took place in orbit around the planet, and was really a series of smaller battles. Many pilots lost their lives in the engagements.

0506 - Rohini - Nyeajaae FO-T C6-9

This Earth-like world was discovered by the Chapterhouse of Inquisition's Long Range Aid Convoy mission to Jaques Station in August 3302. It has been earmarked for future investigation by the group's xenobiologists, and if settled could one day act as a way-point base facilitating transit to and from the Colonia Nebula. Rohini in Hindu mythology is one of the children of the goddess Kamadhenu (the Empire system of Kamadhenu is home to the Chapterhouse of Inquisition). / This location was suggested by Commander Edgar Starwalker.



0507 - Freeholm Victory - Artemis

In 3301 Freeholm successfully defeated an invasion from the planet Laphria's forces.

0508 - Secret Base - Soontill

This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here.

0509 - Ringed Sapphire - 38 Lyncis

The heavenly sight of a rare ringed Earth-like planet.



0510 - Gandharvi - STUELOU LT-F D12-1754

Commander Edgar Starwalker suggested visiting this Earth-like world discovered during the Chapterhouse's August 3302 Repair mission to Jaques. The group hopes that this world and system could one day play host to a stepping stone base towards Colonia, as well as a staging ground for wider Imperial exploration efforts of this region of the Sctutum-Crux Arm. Gandharvi is another of the children of Kamadhenu in Hindu mythology.

0511 - Kashyapa - EOCH FLYUAE HA-W B32-41

Commander Edgar Starwalker recommends this spectacular Ringed Earth-like world with exactly 1G. When this spectacle was discovered by the Chapterhouse Mission to Jaques and news broke back on Kamadhenu, a local sect of sadhus interpreted this as fulfilment of a prophecy. They saw the ringed ELW as "Kashyapa" - the legendary consort of Mother Kamadhenu, a fabled paradise - and are now fixated on one day establishing a religious retreat in this system. In parallel to this the Chapterhouse themselves hope this place will one day act as a gateway to the new frontier of the Colonia Nebula for settlers and freight.

0512 - Voyager - Sol

The Voyager probes were the first man-made objects to leave the Solar System. They were launched from ancient Earth in 1977.



0513 - Treaty of Cartoi - Cartoi

Commander Lance 'Spacecat' D. invites you to visit Cartoi! In the weeks following Emperor Hengist's passing in mid 3301 the backroom politics of the Empire turned vitriolic. In particular the race for the throne caused conflicts to erupt between followers of Arissa Lavigny-Duval and those of Aisling Duval. Cartoi was a system heavily disputed during that period, and was also where diplomacy won the day: The Treaty of Cartoi averted civil war and laid the groundwork for greater cooperation between Imperial powers in the months that followed.

0514 - Neutron Bloom - Praea Euq RD-R D5-9

Commander Kittyhawke considers the glorious sight of a neutron star one of the galaxy's greatest treasures.

0515 - Amazing Sky - FROARSTS MY-R E4-75

Commander Kronek recommends this view as one of the most beautiful in the sky of any world.



0516 - Little Blue - BD+30 623

Commander TyDale considers this their favourite little one system nebula.





0519 - Storm Cloud - Firdaus

Commander Chroot reports that the view of the gas giant's storm clouds is quite the sight for lovers of space tourism.

0520 - Driver's Paradise - HR 4062

Commander Grimelinho was quite taken by this location.

After doing your business at the refinery facilities, why not take a few hours off before boarding your space ship again?

Drop into your SRV at our starport built right at the edge of a chasm. Prove your driving skills by descending down the steep, rought and dark slope into the valley. Once there, reward yourself by going full throttle and enjoy the geology this planet seems to have created just for you. Move up the gentle slope on the other side, take a few breaks here and there, and let the view sink into your soul.

After recalling your ship and returning to the base, our spa services will be more than happy to prep your ship before you leave.

0521 - The Colosseum - Yalura

Commander Astirian highlights this location for space travellers. It has a great view of its rings, star and super-massive crater. For hundreds of years combat has taken place here to resolve blood-feuds within the ruling families of the Yalura system. The 1.21g gravity ensures fast and brutal combat. Only the toughest survive.




0523 - The Great Annihilator - TrA X-1

This is the largest known black hole in the galaxy (not including the supermassive Sagittarius A* at the core).

0524 - Aquatic Safari - Aapelinja

Commander Nazdakka invites you to this system.

For a long time Aapelinja was a quiet backwater system on the frontier of human space. That was until intrepid scouts visited the seas of the system's water world, Aapelinja 2, where they discovered that the planet was home to some of the galaxy's most astounding aquatic megafauna. Subsequently this system has developed a thriving aquatic safari industry to satisfy the demands of tourists desperate for a chance to see these magnificent beasts in their natural, unaltered habitat before the effects of terraforming kick in.



0525 - Discover Discovery - Exphiay

Commander Aaron Wineberg has this to say about this tourist destination: "Do you want to visit a luxurious, pristine world away from the fuss of the bubble? If so, Exphiay's Discovery planet is for you. Relax by the blue waters, or hike on the snowy mountains. Anything is possible on Discovery. Also, you'll never hear anything about the superpowers there. Over 300ly from Sol, it is an amazing destination."

0526 - Grey Sector - Eol Prou JM-W f1-751

Commander Rhyis Greywing invites you to imagine a system almost utterly devoid of light and warmth, lit only by the light from stars far, far away. That's the "Grey Sector". It is a system with no stars; all the celestial bodies orbit a black hole. There are a few gas giants, all of which are a deep purple colour, and one of which has dark, pitch-black rings surrounding it. The planets are desolate but support surface exploration, and the sensation of being on one can fill peoples' souls with so much bleakness and dread that they'll wonder why such a place even exists.

0527 - Nebula Sight - IC 289 Sector DL-Y D17

Commander Erik Marcaigh extols that this is the closest system to get a great view of the planetary nebula emanating from NSV 1056. The nebula's teal and burnt orange colours are beautiful against the black universe all by itself.



0528 - Cerberus - PYRAMIO GO-K C24-28

Commander Imperator offers this dramatic system as a standout tourist destination. "Cerberus! This five-star jewel of Pyramio sector, conveniently located between the human bubble and the core, features that rarest of rarities; an Earth-like world orbiting no less than three stars! Just be careful on the way in, that contact binary can make for a pretty warm reception..."

0529 - Cupid's Arrow - S171 34

Commander Ray Mobula says this about this tourist destination: "S171 34, better known as the gate to the beautiful NGC 7822 Nebula, is a famous system among lovers and the premier place to spend a honeymoon. Why? The beautiful NGC 7822 Nebula is pierced by a line of O-stars - therefore it has been compared to Cupid's arrow piercing a heart. Approaching this nebula is an experience in its own, with each jump the bright band of O-stars becomes clearer and clearer as well as the Nebula unfolds its colourful beauty. Once arrived, this area is filled with black holes and vibrant stars. On top of this, a cruise to S171-34 provides the unique opportunity to take a stop in the Maia system and visit one of the nearby Barnacles."

0530 - Movement of Four - Struve's Lost Sector NN-T c3-1

Commander SpecialCircumstances claims that the majestic motion of the four close stars is hypnotic and captivating.

Rumour has it that the soothing motion of the stars is good for those of a nervous disposition, however, we should warn all potential passengers that arrival into the system may at times pose some risks.



0531 - The Holy Twins - BLUA HYPUE QI-Z D1-4516

From Commander Evoflsh: "Huge magnetic fields protect both of these tourist attractions (so called "Evo" and "Flash") from the otherwise lethal radiation emitted by the nearby Neutron Star.

Both planets exhibit stunning vistas with beautiful sky shots of their sister planet. Relax and enjoy silky indigenous wines on Evo, and maybe hop over to Flash for the breathtaking water rapids that stretch for miles and miles. Indulge the locals in their fantastical tales of mythology and intrigue about the history of the two planets or simply take that once in a lifetime picture."




0533 - Double Blue Mountain - HD 1740

Commander Whitezephyr admired the view of the blue gas giant from this mountain.



0534 - Sky Motion - XEEHAEI BE-E D13-7

0535 - Huge Ring - GREAE PHIO DL-Y E9

0536 - Up Close Dwarf - Aurgel

Commander Hrdina says that this tiny world orbits less than 2 LS from a White Dwarf. Its rotation period is so short that you can watch the sun move at dawn and dusk, and see the terminator cross the ground beneath you.

Commander Zenith Ddraiglas states that nestling deep within the Greae Phio Stellar Forge, this is truly one of the unique sights in the galaxy. A ring system so wide that you could fit 44 Sols in a row across its diameter and it would still have a quarter of a million kilometres of ring on either side!

Commander Thund3rnuns admires the view of the Brown Dwarf star from its neighbouring planet.



0537 - For The Mug! - Alpha Centauri

Many commanders see it as a right of passage to visit Hutton Orbital. Make sure to buy a souvenir mug while you're there!

0538 - Blue Jewel - Vak

Commander Astirian calls this his blue jewel of Vak.

0539 - Paired Moons - Guanangu

Commander Astirian loves the sight of this pair of striking moons orbiting each other.



0540 - My Clementine - Bloder

According to Commander Astirian this planet looks like a moulty clementine!

0541 - Sol's True North Star - Wregoe TV-L c24-0

According to Commander Virgil Kyle, this tiny system, which lies far 'north' of the human-inhabited galactic 'bubble' would be of little note to anyone (save the odd wildcatting space miner) were it not for its remarkable location. WREGOE TV-L C24-0 lies over 1,200 light-years due 'north' of Sol's vertical position in the galactic plane, yet less than a light year from Sol's position otherwise. It is these unique coordinates that led its discoverer to call the tiny M-class dwarf 'Sol's True North Star,' as Polaris is located directly north of Sol only when viewed from Earth's northern pole. Visitors to this system are guaranteed a spectacular view of the Milky Way Galaxy, a view only made more poignant by the system's special connection with Humanity's birthplace.

0542 - Hottest Terraformed World - Osira

From Commander Virgil Kyle, this system is located on the outskirts of the human-inhabited galactic 'bubble'. The Osira system is most notable for hosting the hottest terraformed planet in human space. Osira A 3, which lies far closer to its hot, A-class parent star many observers feel is prudent for human habitation, also has a co-orbiting neighbor which was once slated for terraforming as well. The company responsible for terraforming the third planet allegedly sold investors on the project claiming the planet would purposely be kept dry and arid, using the now-infamous tagline 'It's not the heat, it's the humidity!' Records show the terraforming company went bankrupt shortly after the planet's colonization. Osira A 3's climate has been charitably described by non-residents as an 'acquired taste', and plans to terraform its sister world are said to be on an indefinite hold.



0543 - BD+65 210 7 A Ice Geysers - BD+65 210

Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.

0544 - G 203-47 6 A Ice Geyser - G 203-47

Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.

0545 - Buzhang Ku 5 A Ice Geysers - Buzhang Ku

Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.



0546 - Buzhang Ku 4 A Ice Geysers - Buzhang Ku

Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.

0547 - Beta Hydri 7 C Gas Vents - Beta Hydri

Sometimes a build up of gases will reach a pressure sufficient to burst through a planet's crust, and so creating a gas vent.

0548 - Fortuna AB 1 A Ice Geyser - Fortuna

Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.



0549 - Fortuna AB 1 B Ice Geyser - Fortuna

Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.

0550 - Guttors ABC 2 A Ice Geyser - Guttors

Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.